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Last Update Date: 15 April 2021

We listed some educational games for kids and we sure that your child has fun while playing. You can have a look at those games in the rest of this article, but there are some very important topics that you might want to check first. We prepared a new article that will make you think all the time “that’s really true!” while reading.

For 7-8-year-old children, the requirements of school life and the increasing expectations have become a very big responsibility and a burden. That’s because kids at the age of 7-8 start thinking that being successful is a necessity and an obligation for them. The secret key of the success for children is still hidden in the games. Let us explain this.

educational games for kids

What Are The differences Between Success An Intelligence?

Children who are smarter than other children under the same circumstances (for example, at the same age) are more successful in learning and evaluating what they study. Being more successful is very important in terms of attaining inner peace and reaching a higher level of welfare in both materially and morally. Smart people have the potential to do very useful things not only for themselves but also for the society they live and even for the whole world.


Success is reaching to the reference value. Example: Counting up to 100 in 30 seconds. We can see this as a success. For whom? According to the values we determined for ourselves or according to our own standards.


The potential for being able to success is called intelligence. The person who learns much more quickly than other people under the same circumstances is described as a smarter person. The person who learns in a normal period is smart; the one who can hardly learn at all is considered as mentally disabled. When a child with mental disability counts up to 8 is considered as a success, but it does not show that this child is smart. This is the difference between success and intelligence.

"First intelligence then success, first success then social benefit."

Many countries have some applications to increase the level of social intelligence. Of course, enhancing the intelligence level of a society is only possible with a targeted study starting from childhood. That’s because various intelligence games, intelligence exercises, and edutainment games are performed at schools. School courses are actually considered as intelligence exercises but games or game-like applications make children participate more actively. In many countries around the world, there are some organizations and applications (association, educational curriculum, technological service, etc.) supported by the government for the mental development of children. As an example for the technological applications, MentalUP Brain Training Games are among those.

MentalUP Brain Training Games are designed to support mental development in children with game-like scientific exercises. It has a pedagogical product certificate. Therefore, MentalUP Brain Training Games meet a very important need in the category of educational games for kids. You can subscribe and try the FREE trial.

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We will mention about 5 games but in total, we will be offering 100+ alternatives. What are the educational games for 8-year or 7-year olds? Here it is; the list of the most fun educational games for kids.


How to play Gobblet Strategy Game?

It's a pretty fun, two-player educational game. You have 4 cups in 4 different sizes. You must bring a total of 4 cups together by including 1 cup in every move. All cups have different sizes, so if your opponent put a bigger cup on your cup or if your opponent lift a cup and your little cup is there, these things can change the direction of the game. In Gobblet game, you should estimate the movement of your opponent, be careful while you are moving, and remember which cup was there under the cup you move. Otherwise, you can lose the game.

What Does Gobblet Strategy Game Improve?

  • Strategically thinking
  • Attention and concentration
  • Memory

It is a good choice among educational games for 7-year-olds and all children can play at the age of 7 or older.

Gobblet game


What is Abalone Intelligence Game?

It is a two-player strategy game with very simple rules. In the fact that it is really easy, playing abalone is also fun and mind-developing. It is kind of based on sumo-wrestling. Each player has 14 black or white marbles on a hexagonal board. The point of the game is to push at least 6 marbles of your opponent out off the board. Players can move one, two or maximum three marbles at any one time horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards across the board. In order to push an opponent's marble, the attacking player should have a greater number of marbles in a row than that of his/her opponent. Thus, three marbles can push two, three can push one, or two can push one but not vice versa! By this way, players try to push out their marbles out of the game. The first player who can be able to push at least 6 marbles of his/her opponent will win the game.

What Does Abalone game improve?

  • Logic
  • Attention

Abalone is one of the educational games for 7-year-olds and it is also suitable for elders too.

abalone game


How to Play Ring-up Game?

It is a difficult intelligence game that has a wide variety of versions, with the main principle of getting out a ring from a system. Yeah, it's a tough game! The first impression might be that it is impossible to take out the ring from the start point to the end. It is a game that requires intense concentration.

What Does Ring-Up Game Improve?

  • Concentration ability
  • Visual intelligence
ring up game


How to play Mangala Intelligence Game?

Mangala, which also means transfer, is a Turkish strategy game believed to be first played in the 16th century. Among the all Turkish intelligence games, Mangala is very well known all over the world. It is a two-player game and each player has 6 small wells and 1 big container which is used to collect stones. Each player has 24 stones and the total stones are distributed to the wells as 4 stones for each well. The first player takes 4 stones in any of the wells on his/her side and leaves one of the stones where he/she takes them all. Then, player distributes the rest of the stones one by one on the right direction to the wells and finishes all the stones. The game ends when all the stones of any player are completely over. Mangala provides players to see a few steps forward with its specific rules.

What Does Mangala Game Improve?

  • Prediction
  • Memory development
  • Ability to evaluate opportunities

Mangala is suitable for 7-year-olds but also preferred by adults too.



What are the MentalUP Educational Games?

These are technological applications among educational games for kids that children love the most because it consists of more than 100 games/exercises. You can discover the attention, focusing, memory, visual and verbal intelligence potential of your children. It is a strong and interactive game application among educational games for 7-year-olds. It is not only for 7-year-old children, it is also for pre-school children or 8-year-olds and elders. MentalUP follows a special method in order to support the mental development of your children. It provides exercises which are getting harder and harder as your children progress and make your children start with the most suitable exercises after taking a few tests. Therefore, it is suitable for all children of any ages. Subscribe NOW and try for FREE these totally scientific and fun MentalUP Brain Training Games.

What Do MentalUP Educational Games Improve?

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Visual intelligence
  • Verbal intelligence
7 years educational games