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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

Exams determine the degree of achievements we receive from the trainings we get during our education life. Therefore, exams are very important for every student who wants to prove the knowledge and receive the reward of being educated. Exam success is not only about the exam period, it is actually the result of a long process. For exam success, following three stage processes should be considered. These are;

  1. Things to be done during the exam preparation process.
  2. Things to do before the exam.
  3. Things to do during the exam.

While we are aiming to increase the exam success of children with this article, it is also applicable for adults as well. Here are step-by-step methods for exam success.

what to do for exam success


Exam preparation process refers to a large training period. Evaluating the following suggestions during preparing for exams will ensure you that you are going to be successful.

Get rid of Reverse Motivation: First of all, you have to get rid of the reverse motivation.

  • I study hard, but I cannot do in the exam,
  • I forget what I know in the exam,
  • The exam time is not enough for me,
  • I am very excited during the exam,
  • I study hard but I cannot be successful.

You must put such kinds of thoughts away that makes you upset. For exam success, the first thing to do is getting rid of pessimism. In order to get rid of these thoughts, you need to focus on what you will gain from being successful in the exam.

It is also a kind of motivation to be appreciated by their families for primary school students. The examiners should know what they are aiming and what to expect when they are successful; the result should be focused.

Make a Study Plan: In order to be successful, we should study for the exam topics we are responsible during the learning period with a study program. Studying last day does not bring the success. While adults make daily or weekly work plan for themselves, they need to be guiding their children as well. We already covered in detail this topic in one of our article called Ways to be successful at school, so we can go on to the next topic.

Test yourself: By testing ourselves in the exam preparation process, we can see what we need to study more. Taking tests is important for exam success.

Thanks to the practice exams, we are once again reminded of the correct answer of the questions that we have made wrong. On the test day, we will be able to use the test period quite effectively since we have practiced.

We can also consider the practice exams as a mean of practice that helps to overcome the exam anxiety (which helps us overcome test stress). Also repeating is one of the most powerful ways to make information permanent. Practice exams allow us to repeat the knowledge we have.

Keep Brain Fit: Keeping the brain fit with exercises such as sports and intelligence games will help you to prepare yourself well for the exams. You can do exercise for your brain half an hour in a day with an application you download to your mobile phone or tablet. These exercises always keep your brain fit. Mental UP Brain Exercises developed by specialist academicians are the most assertive application on this subject.

MentalUP has been proven that it is effective on improving children's school success and providing them success in exams, and has been certificated as a PEDAGOGIC PRODUCT by the Mental Health Center. MentalUP brain exercises are designed in a game format, so children have fun while using it, they do not see it as an additional responsibility. Likewise, MentalUP is preferred by adults for attention, memory, and concentration development, and to keep brain fit. More positive effects were observed in children.

Children who use MentalUP develop their problem-solving skills, explore their potential through verbal, mathematical, and visual intelligence exercises. Attention and memory development can be achieved with regular use. Sign up for a FREE trial of MentalUP to get a performance report on your mental skills, compare your results with your peers and get important tips on your intelligence potential.

MentalUP Brain Exercise: Try It Now


We have been getting ready for the exam for a whole period of time. Tomorrow or two days later, we're going to take the exam. So, it's a good idea to know what we need to do before the exam to be successful.

Stop Studying: It is not recommended to continue studying for an exam if 1 or 2 days left. Very little time has left and we should not be confused. That is why it is good to spend these last days for more relaxing or socializing.

Sleep Pattern: Being careful about sleep is not important just for the exam week, but it is always important to become a successful student. Let us remind you that we should be more careful all the time.

We should not be too early or too late for sleep at the exam night. Going to bed too early may cause you to stay in the bed asleep for long time. A sleepless people have difficulties on understanding what they are reading. They may need to read the questions over and over again. This leads to waste of time and we cannot effectively use the exam period.

Nutrition: Consuming exam foods before the exam is one of the factors that increase the success in the exam. It is not recommended to consume heavy meals such as pastry before the exam.

Exam Food

You can consume baked or grilled fish. Fish and fish oil increase the focusing and concentration.

You may consume spinach. Because it contains high amount of potassium, it accelerates the communication between synapses in the brain.

Do not forget to consume plenty of water. Not drinking water for a long period of time causes a decrease in the volume of the brain and a loosing of the concentration ability.

Do not forget to consume walnuts before the exam. Walnut is high in omega and it strengthens the memory.

Have a light breakfast on the exam day. Do not be hungry in the exam.

Take an extra care of your eating habits in the last days of the exam for exam success.


Firstly, remember that this is not the first time of taking this exam. Until today, you have been taking similar kinds of exams. Among the secrets of being successful in exams, “control the excitement” is a very important detail. For exam success, you must have learnt to control your excitement.

Use Time Efficiently: Prioritize the questions that you can proceed without being stuck in order to use the exam period effectively. If you do not have any idea about a question, please do not waste 5-10 questions time for only one question. Just skip that question and go to the next question. If you have time at the end of the exam, you can go back to these questions again.

Rush for the Answer: Do not answer until you have read the entire problem. Do not say "It's definitely asking that." Since we are used to some question patterns and we can give answers when we first read the question, but rushing can sometimes mislead us. The same question may be asked in some different ways. Firstly, make sure you understand what you have been asking.

Related Questions: We often come across related questions in tests. For example, the answer of question 3 can give a clue about the answer of question 5. We can detect such questions and use these clues to answer another question.

“In general, these are the secrets of being successful in exams. As everyone may have different learning methods, different techniques may be used during the period of preparation for exam. Write your own methods to succeed in the exams in the comments panel below. Your comments are very important for all readers."
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