MentalUP is an EdTech platform designed by child development experts, academicians, and professional game designers. It offers a lot more than just games - it supports brain and body development through educational learning games, live events, competitions, tests, and fun fitness workouts.

The platform has received several awards, including the EVIDENCE of IMPACT Award from University College London for its academic contribution, the "Mom's Choice Award," and certification for its pedagogical quality from the Education Alliance Finland.

MentalUP is accessible on all smartphones, tablets, and computers. It offers hundreds of exercises and games with varying difficulty levels, which are tailored to each user's skills using AI. With a wide user base ranging from preschool to adult, MentalUP helps develop attention, memory, logic, and visual and verbal cognitive skills. It is also a safe environment for kids as it has no ads.

MentalUP has its headquarters in the UK and has over 15 million families worldwide as supporters. It has received investments from valuable companies such as Capria, Turk Telekom Ventures, and IDA Capital.

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