Research results show that the individuals starting mental activities at a young age are successful in their academic and social life and they are happier. With this scientifically supported idea, by pointing that "Children are our future" and using scientific and technical expertise together, we developed the MentalUP Brain Exercises program for you.
MentalUP provides entertaining and efficient use of technology for children.

Entertaining and efficient use of technology!

Collaborative Study of Academicians, Doctors and Game Designers.

If the topic is children, it's supposed to be both scientific and entertaining. To provide this, we have created our team from academicians, doctors, software engineers and game designers.

MentalUP includes entertaining and mental developing exercises prepared by experts.

Over 100 Mental Development Exercises Accessible from All Platforms.

We have developed over 100 brain games that will improve children's mental skills such as attention, memory, logical thinking, visual-spatial perception, problem-solving, planning, conceptualization.

We have found a formula for staying mentally fit by having fun in just 20 minutes a day with a software that automatically determines exercises proper to the age and the potential of the user.

MentalUP is on all platforms so that everyone can access it (fully compatible with computers, tablets and phones!)

MentalUP, with over 100 entertaining exercises every moment, everywhere with you.

Both Entertaining and Scientific.

In addition to the positive results we have gained from clinical trials, the wonderful comments we received from parents, teachers and children made us very happy.

MentalUP is an entertaining and scientific mental development tool that children love.

More than 5 million Children Meet with MentalUP in 5 Year.

Users appreciated MentalUP. The children recommended to their friends, teachers recommended to their students, parents recommended to the other parents. We reached 5 million happy users in 5 years. We've seen one of the two end-users bring a new user.

When we saw that some schools teach MentalUP as a course, we said; "We did not even think about this."

We reached 5+ million users.

Meet MentalUP, enjoy this unique world that combines entertainment and science!