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About MentalUP LTD

MentalUP is a Pedagogical Product certified and award-winning education platform that has over 10+ million users in more than 100 countries and it is a participant of the University College London, Institute of Education EDUCATE Program.

MentalUP LTD registered in London UK, has many local and foreign investors, such as Capria VC, Turk Telekom Ventures and Ida Capital.

About MentalUP App

MentalUP is an educational games app that develops children's cognitive skills in a fun way. It also features bodyweight fitness exercises to help children getting active daily.

It is used by millions of kids (age 4 to 13) worldwide to improve their cognitive skills like attention, memory, and problem-solving while also having a healthy body.

Besides, MentalUP is used by adults who want to give their brains a new momentum.

In MentalUP, all the exercises are designed like fun games. Therefore children do not see MentalUP as an additional responsibility, anything, but they find it fun and enjoy playing.

Individuals starting mental activities at a young age are successful in their academic life. With this scientifically supported idea, MentalUP’s web and mobile apps are designed by an experienced team consisting of academicians, child development experts, talented educators, and professional game developers.

Fast Facts

  • Location: HeadQuarters: London, UK & Branch: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Exercises / Games: 150+ Educational Games / 240+ Fitness Exercises
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and Web
  • Users: Over 10+ million users from more than 100 countries
  • Games played: Over 270 million games played
  • Supported Languages: English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Turkish
  • Top 5 Countries: USA, Turkey, UK, Canada and Brazil

How to Reference MentalUP

MentalUP App may be referenced as using its full name: “MentalUP - Educational Games for Kids” or “MentalUP - Learning Games for Kids”. Besides, we’re okay to see just “MentalUP” :)

How to Spell MentalUP

MentalUP should be written as one string of letters. “M” and “UP” are capitalized, but others are lowercase.

  • Correct spelling: MentalUP
  • Examples of misspelling: mentalup, Mentalup, mentalUP, mental up, Mental UP

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Awards for MentalUP

Being one of the leading brands in the EdTech industry, MentalUP has received the following awards:

  • EAF Pedagogical Quality Certificate
  • Mom’s Choice Award
  • Educational App Store Certificate

Award-Winning App (GP)

mom’s choice award certified app academicall proven approved by teachers multi-awarded app

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