MentalUP Premium Plan & Pricing

MentalUP uses a local pricing method to make an affordable Premium plan for everyone who wants to benefit from it. Besides that, prices can be seen as different according to your platform or membership type.

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What Are the Benefits of Using MentalUP?

MentalUP makes it easier to learn new things and make practice thanks to its gamified nature. Students can maximise their cognitive skill potential and be successful in school by improving classroom and exam performances.

Millions of kids use it worldwide to improve their cognitive skills like attention, memory, and problem-solving. In MentalUP, all the exercises are designed like funny games. They’re engaging and fun to play always!

Once you have upgraded to premium, you will be able to track your children’s development, discover their strengths, and make sure they have a balanced mental development.

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Note: You can use MentalUP for free as you wish, but many powerful and helpful features are only available for premium users. You need to upgrade your account to the full version to activate all features.