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Publish Date: 01 July 2022

Parents often observe that their children stand out from the crowd or have different characteristics, and this raises some questions in their minds: do our kids have gifted child characteristics, and how do I know if my child is gifted?

characteristics of highly gifted child

Although high achievements and exceptional grades induce this thought, we can not distinguish gifted kids only from this evidence.

In this blog, we will cover the 50 characteristics of gifted child, such as profound questioning, a fondness for math, a quirky sense of humor, and much more!

Let’s dig into gifted children characteristics!

What Is Giftedness? Recognizing the Characteristics of Gifted Children

Even though the definition of giftedness is still highly controversial, the following definition of the Columbus Group, on which many sources agree, seems quite reasonable:

“Giftedness is asynchronous development in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity combine to create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm. This asynchrony increases with higher intellectual capacity. The uniqueness of the gifted renders them particularly vulnerable and requires modifications in parenting, teaching and counseling in order for them to develop optimally”

Characteristics of gifted children may be expressed differently. But their general behavior reveals itself in accordance with the definition above.

Common Characteristics of Gifted Children

Gifted and talented kids have some common characteristics. Although each has unique traits, the characteristics of a child who is gifted can be easily categorized. Here is our characteristics of a gifted child list.

profoundly gifted child characteristics

General Behavior Characteristics

Characteristics of a gifted child include positive and negative behaviors which may be exhibited. The most important factor in the child's positive or negative behavior is undoubtedly the environment.

Positive Characteristics of a Gifted Child

  • Retentive memory and whip-smart: They have a very strong memory and are quite quick-witted compared to their peers.
  • Quizzical: They have a great curiosity about even the smallest things in nature and their environment.
  • Avid reader: As they are hungry for knowledge, they sometimes read and research so much that they forget the world.
  • Able to solve social problems: Leadership skills are developed, and therefore they can grasp social problems quickly and create quick solutions.
  • Auto-criticism: As they are self-conscious, they are open to criticism.
  • Advanced vocabulary: Their minds grasp information quickly, and they read a lot. Naturally, their vocabulary is broad.
  • Witty sense of humor: If their mood is high, they can make people around them laugh.
  • Self-motivated: They can find the motivation they need to achieve something within themselves. They don't need encouragement from others.

Negative Characteristics of a Gifted Child

  • Pretentious, shows off, or evokes their classmates: They may humiliate the people around them and show off because they can grasp things very quickly.
  • Interferes with other people’s affairs: They tend to know everything very well, which causes them to see their right to poke their nose into relationships.
characteristics of a demotivated gifted child
  • Neglects some of their responsibilities: They may become overly focused on their current desires and ignore their seemingly simple responsibilities.
  • Bullyrags or plays cruel jokes: They can quickly say anything that seems witty to them and make offensive jokes about people.

Learning Characteristics

Characteristics of intellectually gifted child can really make a difference in the learning process. So, what are the characteristics of a gifted child in a learning environment?

  • Long attention span: If they want to learn about something, they won't be distracted for long.
  • Requires minimum direction: They can draw their own direction.
  • Forceful with words, numbers, and science in general: They are proficient in social and physical sciences.

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Creativity Characteristics

  • Creates beyond tasks: They make an effort beyond the tasks they are responsible for and create new things.
  • Thinks independently: They do not tend to create collectively, often acting alone.
gifted and talented characteristics in children
  • Comes up with innovative solutions: They become part of the solution, not the problem.
  • Talent for improvisation: They do not adhere to strict rules, and their ability to act spontaneously is high.

Motivational Characteristics

  • Seeks further assignments: They are never satisfied with the work at hand.
  • Self-sufficient: They are introverts and have a high ability to live on their own.
  • Finishes their work quickly: They're detail-oriented but get the job done quickly.
  • Punctuality: They are committed to their responsibilities and do not delay their work.

Leadership Characteristics

  • Leads their peers: They have a high ability to direct and move their peers.
  • Ability to be a facilitator: They find solutions to problems and facilitate the problems encountered.
  • Goal-oriented: If they have a target in sight, they focus on it.
what are the characteristics of gifted and talented child
  • Has integrity: Sometimes they may seem rude for being frank, but they are honest.
  • Resourceful: They do not give up in the face of a problem and always look for a solution.
  • Persistent: They are persistent in their opinions because they tend to think they are always right.

Social and Emotional Characteristics

  • Heightened sensitivity: They are very delicate and are broken easily.
  • Emotional intensity and reactivity: They experience both their happiness and their unhappiness intensely.
  • Uneven development of intellectual and emotional areas: They are emotionally and mentally advanced compared to their peers.
  • Gets bored easily: Because they are emotionally and mentally advanced, they can quickly get bored with their surroundings.

Visual and Performing Arts Characteristics


  • Has a good sense of rhythm and is well-coordinated: They have a harmonious inwardness, and this is reflected in their musical skills.
  • Discriminates musical and other sounds well: They have a fine ear for music.
characteristics gifted child


  • Demonstrates interest and enjoyment in dramatic activities: They enjoy being on stage because they have a high level of self-confidence and love creating new worlds.
  • Readily shifts into the role of another character, animal, or object: They have a high ability to push the boundaries of reality.


  • Treats art seriously and enjoys it: Art is an important tool for them to reveal their creativity. That's why they take it very seriously.
  • Shows originality in modes of undertaking art: Gifted children are not copycats– they are quite original in their art.

Common Characteristics of Gifted Children in Early Childhood

You may have doubts about how to determine your kid’s giftedness. Here are some common characteristics:

characteristics of young gifted child
  • Early language development: They have advanced language knowledge and skills for their age.
  • Abstract thinking skills: They have high abstract thinking skills, so they lean towards branches of science such as mathematics.
  • Retentive memory: They are quick to remember everything.
  • Crystal clear concentration on tasks: They stick with the tasks they are interested in.
  • Intellectual curiosity: They are hungry for knowledge.
  • Inventing new games, taking responsibilities, and sophisticated behavior in general: They enjoy being at the forefront, and their creativity pushes them to innovate.

Common Characteristics of Gifted Students

So, what are the traits and characteristics of a gifted child in school? Let's examine them now:

some characteristics of a gifted child are
  • Different points of view: They propose opposing views, always pursuing a different perspective.
  • Perfectionism: They want to do everything in the best way possible; therefore they have a perfectionist nature.
  • Advanced language and communication skills: They have advanced language knowledge and skills for their age.
  • Rapid learning: They easily assimilate information.
  • Overexcitability: They experience their emotions intensely and are extraordinarily excited about the topics that interest them.

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Can Gifted Children Have Learning Difficulties?

Can a gifted child have learning difficulties? According to the latest research, the answer is crystal clear: yes, indeed. It was found that 14% of gifted kids also have a learning disability, whereas this ratio is 4% for other children.

characteristics of gifted and talented child

As a consequence, based on the assumption that gifted children learn very quickly, people, especially teachers, label these children as liars or lazy. It causes a lack of motivation, disenchantment with school, and underachievement.

This is another reason why gifted children who also have learning difficulties refuse school. To avoid these, parents and teachers should cooperate with each other. Parents also can consider their children to meet with learning disability-friendly apps like MentalUP.

This misunderstanding is confusing. Some teachers claim that the child has no learning difficulties even if they had this result after a learning difficulties test, because they are gifted. Whereas other teachers try to prove that the child is not genuinely gifted, as they have learning disabilities.

Many parents ask themselves, “What are the characteristics of a gifted child?” For those who are wondering how to know if their children are gifted or not, we have covered the characteristics of gifted and talented children in this blog.

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