How Do I Know If My Child Is Gifted or Just Smart?

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Publish Date: 01 July 2022

Because the distinction is so vague, many families wonder if their young children are gifted or just smart. In this blog, we’ll pursue this question and help you understand which category your child falls into.

how do you know if your child is gifted

The thing is clear: your child needs a special education anyway. As a parent, you must provide them with the right tools. So how do you know if your child is gifted or just smart? Off we go!

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Characteristics and Signs of Gifted Children

How do I know if my child is gifted or just smart? Tracing the signs will help you understand. Although the characteristics and signs seen in gifted children can be seen less intensely in many other children, we have all observed their quirky sense of humor, questioning outlook, restless nature in the classroom, and passionate disposition for reading and research.

Is my 4-year-old gifted

In addition, their emotional depth and ability to solve social problems are easily seen since they are ahead of their peers. Of course, the general behavior patterns of a gifted child are not limited to these.

If you're looking to dive deeper, you can check out our blog post specifically written about the 50 Characteristics of a Gifted Child and learn more about gifted people!

When Do Signs of Giftedness Appear?

Early Signs of Giftedness Include:

Signs of giftedness can be noticed at a fairly early age. Although not every characteristic feature emerges at an early age, these features can be recognized quite easily:

how do I know if my kid is gifted
  • An extraordinary memory: If your child can easily remember even the smallest details, numbers, information, or memories, this is one of the most important indicators of giftedness.
  • Advanced vocabulary: Expressing their thoughts clearly with a wide vocabulary is an indisputable sign of a gifted child.
  • Intellectual profundity: Whether in the classroom, playing a board game, or talking, gifted children grasp ideas more smoothly and experience fewer challenges than their peers.
  • The fondness of math: Many parents may ask themselves, “How do I know if my child is gifted in math?” Since mathematics is an abstract language, average children at an early age do not understand advanced mathematics. If your child has an early knowledge of mathematics, beyond the four operations, you may perceive this as a sign of giftedness.
  • Tendency to not spend time with peers: Gifted children may spend time with adults or alone because they do not enjoy spending time with their peers.

Differences Between Gifted Child vs. Smart Child

There is a distinction between a gifted child and a smart child. All gifted children may be viewed as smart, but not all smart children are gifted.

how do you know if you have a gifted child

To put it briefly, a smart child can answer a question correctly. However, a gifted child grasps the question deeply and goes beyond the answer, one step beyond the question because of their perfectionism.

How to Know If Your Child Is Gifted or Just Smart?

This comparative table will allow you to understand how to know if your child gifted or just smart. Let’s dive in!

Gifted Child Smart Child
Prefers adults Enjoys their peers
Quizzical Grasps concepts easily
Perfectionist Idealist
Abstract thinking skills High intellectual skills
Invents new ideas Answers questions correctly
Loves learning Loves school
Inquisitive Concerned
Goes beyond tasks Sticks with tasks
Autocriticism Criticism

How Does MentalUP Help Recognizing a Gifted Child?

The MentalUP app tests gifted children's strong and improvable skills in memory, reasoning, visualization, attention, and many more. It also offers a personalized exercise program and enriches children's cognitive skills with exercises suitable for their age groups.

how do I know if my 6 year old is gifted

With its detailed analysis tool, it is very easy to follow your child's progress and draw a roadmap accordingly.

Along with brain games that aim to improve children’s visual and verbal intelligence, logical reasoning, attention, concentration, memory, math skills, analytical thinking, and problem-solving, MentalUP recently released its fitness feature to support the physical development of children.

In MentalUP Fitness, there are 240+ exercises, including strength, stretching, cardio, balance, and fun exercises.

This is especially important because gifted children, who often don't enjoy spending time with their peers, can be pretty inactive. With MentalUP's fitness exercises, they can easily contribute to their physical development on their own or with their families.

FAQ About to Know If Your Child Is Gifted

How do you know if you have a gifted child? We have explored and answered this question. But this question brings up a series of questions. Now it's time to further satisfy your curiosity.

how do you know if you have a gifted child

When Can My Child Be Tested for Giftedness?

“How do I know if my 6-year-old is gifted?” You may ask yourself questions like this. Although you can test your kid as early as 2 years and 6 months of age, you can not achieve accurate results at this age. Between the ages of 5 and 8 is the best time to understand your child’s giftedness. That’s why it can be useful to analyze your kids with the best apps for 6 year olds and older.

Where Can I Get My Child Tested for Giftedness?

A lot of schools offer IQ tests that help you understand giftedness in school to place students in gifted and talented programs. Also, you may prefer universal testing to gain your kid’s access to high-end learning opportunities.

How Do You Test Your Child for Giftedness?

The National Association for Gifted Children would be the best option, as they are professional and are able to guide you in the best way. Besides, you can contact your kid’s school district.

What Is Gifted Education?

Gifted kids need gifted education programs that improve their skills and requirements so they can make progress without interruption in school.

They have to be appropriately challenged in an academic environment that can help maximize their potential. Basically, gifted education focuses on three basic components: enrichment, acceleration, and an advanced curriculum.

What Are the Most Common Characteristics of Gifted Children?

The most famous signs include hitting developmental milestones earlier than their peers, such as ultra-sensitivity to sounds and sights, fondness for discovery, investigation, and ability to solve social problems.

How to Create an Environment that Nurtures Your Kid’s Talent?

First of all, do not put pressure on them in any way. Just because they can do things doesn't mean they want to do them. What you need to do as a parent is providing them with the necessary resources such as apps, materials, books, and more.

What Are the Benefits of IQ Tests for School-Age Kids?

IQ tests can provide important information about how a child is functioning in relation to different cognitive processes. This can help professionals identify children's individual areas of strength, as well as areas where they are comparatively not as strong.

Understanding at an early age whether your child is gifted will ensure that you are treating them accordingly. Otherwise, you will not be able to provide them with the suitable education that they need during their developmental process. 🌳

Supporting your child with the right resources to foster their intelligence is the best you can do as a parent in order to support your gifted child. You can provide them with a safe learning environment with MentalUP, which is designed by academicians! 🎮

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