Every parent wants to know if their children are gifted or have special needs. IQ tests are one of the best ways to measure their intelligence and adjust their learning requirements according to their IQ scores. Let’s have an answer to the “How do I know if my child is gifted?” question that almost all the parents ask together.

IQ Tests for Kids

There are various IQ tests for kids out there. Unfortunately, not all of them can be taken online. Luckily, MentalUP's IQ test is designed individually for all ages and can be taken online!

All you need to do is choose an online IQ test below, then select your child's age and start the IQ test.

Quick IQ Test

Quick IQ Test

Quick IQ test gives reliable results based on reference values. You'll get your IQ Score, detailed reports, and certificate at the end of the test.
advanced IQ Test

Advanced IQ Test

Advanced IQ test gives strong results based on reference values. You'll get your IQ score, detailed reports, and certificate at the end of the test.

After you've completed the iq test, you may read the following of our post. We have shared essential things about intelligence tests and how to increase IQ scores.

NOTE: A real IQ test can only be carried out in a special environment, with expert guidance and reliable, proven tests.

Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, Mensa IQ Test and Leiter are some tests conducted under expert supervision. For this reason, the tests you find online by searching "take online IQ test" may not give realistic results.

If you want to test your child's or your intelligence using your resources, you can use the MentalUP’s IQ Test.

MentalUP is a brain training app that has been tested by the Mental Health Association and is also certified as an educational product.

MentalUP does not just give you only your IQ score. It also provides recommendations and tailored plans to improve your IQ score while having fun with fun games.

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What Is an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test?

The IQ Test is used to measure an individual's mental skills in numerical values through a series of standardized tests.

What Is the Average IQ Score?

IQ Scores can say a lot of things about your children’s personality, learning capabilities, and of course, intelligence.

IQ score

Parents tend to search “What is the average IQ score?”, “What is the average IQ for a 13-year-old?” or “What is the average IQ for a 10-year-old?”. The key point to remember is that all tests are designed to get an average score of 100 for people of all ages.

Current average IQ scores vary between 85 and 115 (about 68% of people). The remaining 32% of people have either a very low IQ (below 70%) or a very high IQ (above 130).

However, according to a study published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the average IQ score increases by about 13 points every decade. Therefore, IQ tests are redesigned to achieve 100 points as an average.

Below is a table of the IQ score classification of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale:

IQ Score Correspondence
145 - 160 Very gifted or highly advanced
130 - 144 Gifted or very advanced
120 - 129 Superior
110 - 119 High average
90 - 109 Average
80 - 89 Low average
70 - 79 Borderline impaired or delayed
55 - 69 Mildly impaired or delayed
40 - 54 Moderately impaired or delayed

What Does IQ Test by Age Mean?

Although IQ tests are designed according to the average scores, recent researches show that the age factor can have a minor effect on IQ scores. So, when you evaluate your children’s IQ scores you need to benefit from age-specific IQ tests.

For example, you can use an IQ test for 11-year-olds for your kids at that age. But if you have a child who is 13 years old or 15 years old, you should use another IQ test for 13 year-olds to have the most correct results.

MentalUP's IQ test for kids gives comparable-based solid results. It's not a verbal IQ test and can be taken by all kids and adults. Moreover, once you have completed the test, you will get your detailed reports and a certificate besides learning your IQ scores.

If it is not enough for you to just learn your kids’ scores, you can always boost their minds and help them to be smart with educational games and brain exercises.

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In this context, we also need to say that while average scores for 16 or 17 year-olds are around 108, kids’ IQ scores who are younger are around 120. When you use an age-specific alternative as an IQ test for 9 year-olds, you will most likely have a more appropriate evaluation.

If you have doubts about the IQ scores you’ve acquired, you can always look at the table above.

Which IQ Test Is Used for What?

Before your child takes an online IQ test for kids, keep in mind that tests differ according to their measurements and the age group the child belongs to. For instance, the IQ test for kids and the IQ test for teens have different requirements. Therefore, here are some of the most popular IQ tests that you and your children can take according to your needs.

1. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test

This test can be used to identify both gifted children and children with intellectual disabilities. It is applied to 2-16-year-old children. This scale, developed by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, measures intelligence across four different areas:

2. Wisc-r Intelligence Test

This is a test that measures children's cognitive skills by evaluating their ability to understand, comprehend and apply what they have learned. Suitable for children aged 6 to 16 years old, the Wisc-r intelligence scale includes IQ test questions in two categories:

  • Performance intelligence questions (includes 6 subtests under this category)
  • Verbal intelligence questions (includes 6 subtests under this category)

3. Leiter Intelligence Test

The Leiter Intelligence Scale is a type of performance test that is suitable for individuals aged 2-18 years old. It is a non-language based test that measures mental areas such as visual skills, perception and attention. Subheadings include:

  • Clutch
  • Pairing
  • Reasoning
  • Choosing the Difference

4. MentalUP Intelligence Test

Academicians designed MentalUP Intelligence Test for Kids for parents that want to know their children's potential. Thanks to accurate, quick results of this test, parents can help their children utilize their intelligence according to their IQ scores.

The MentalUP IQ Test gives reliable results based on reference values. So, parents can compare their child's performance against their peers. Besides, MentalUP isn't only an IQ test app.

It supports the development of children's cognitive skills with category-based intelligence games. MentalUP provides exercises as follows:

The Most Reliable IQ Tests

Intelligence is a versatile and dynamic concept so it’s not necessarily accurate to distil it into a single number. It should be noted that the score obtained by the IQ test actually shows logical and verbal intelligence.

However, the definition of intelligence is much more than just verbal and logical skills. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences supports this idea. For example, it may be necessary to perform a specific visual intelligence test to measure visual intelligence. Therefore, many different tests have been developed.

How to Calculate the IQ Test Score?

The most important feature of intelligence tests is to determine a reference point and interpret the results obtained from the test according to this reference point. In this sense, we can talk about reference points such as “real age” and “age of intelligence”.

Example: Imagine 500 8-year-old children who participate in an intelligence test. Assume that the average test score is 80/100. In this case, it can be assumed that children with an individual score of over 80 are smarter than their peers. Individuals with a score of 80 are considered to have normal intelligence, while those below 80 are considered to be behind their peers.

The online intelligence tests above use similar logic. The comparative performance report from the MentalUP intelligence test shows the results of the children of the same age as a reference point.


Here are the answers to the FAQ about IQ tests for kids.

What Is an IQ Test for Kids?

IQ test provides a measurement of children's learning abilities and intelligence type. Based on IQ scores, parents can plan to achieve the most possible outcome of their children's potentials or take proper steps to support children with any kind of mental disabilities.

How to Prepare Your Child for an IQ Test?

If your child is going to take an IQ test, you can prepare them in a few easy steps:

  • Let them have a good night's sleep
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast that will keep them full but not cause any discomfort
  • Select comfortable clothing, preferably cotton

If your child is sick on the morning of the test, cancel the test. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t stress them out over the test, otherwise it can cause anxiety.

How Do I Get an IQ Test for My Child?

If you’re looking for an online IQ test for kids, the MentalUP IQ test is one of the best and it is an IQ test for all ages. If you want a more comprehensive IQ test for your children, you can contact a good psychologist or educationalist, in consultation with the child's school, to help you out with it.

Where to Get an IQ Test for My Child?

As mentioned above, as you can take a short IQ test for kids online, you can apply for professional help where they can take the test on paper or online, depending on the test.

What Is the Best Age for IQ Testing?

Most parents want to know if they have gifted children or children with disabilities as soon as possible so they can help them on their path as they both have different requirements compared to their peers. That said, the optimum time for testing a child's IQ is between ages 5 and 8.

Are Geniuses Born or Made?

Although there is a misperception which all genius people are born that way, intelligence can be developed with some tips. Even the smartest people worldwide such as Charles Darwin, Amadeus Mozart, and Albert Einstein had a long-term commitment to their skills. Don’t forget to measure your score by doing a free IQ test and learn you are a genius or not.

How Can I Increase My IQ?

After you have an answer to the question of “How much IQ do I have?”, you might be curious about how you can increase it. Take look at the items below and find out what you need to do for improving your IQ by developing your skills such as decision-making, comparison, and problem-solving in the meantime.

  • Learning New Languages
  • Playing Educational Games
  • Having Hobbies
  • Reading Regularly
  • Doing Mental Exercises

What Is IQ vs EQ?

Sometimes people can be confused about IQ and EQ. But actually, these two are very different from each other. While EQ tests measure your emotions that guide your decisions and acts to others, IQ tests measure your mental skills and logic. If you want to know the answer to the question of “What is my IQ?”, you can use one of the best free IQ tests online or you can contact a psychologist.

How Do I Know If My Child Has a Low IQ?

After you learn your child’s IQ score via a kids IQ test, you need to find out the other signs of low IQ your child reflects. When you observe your child, keep in mind the situations below, don’t forget you always help him or her to improve and the result of a free IQ test for kids aren’t definitive judgments.

  • Being late about sitting up, crawling, or walking with respect to their peers.
  • Having trouble with talking and stuttering.
  • Slow to dressing or feeding themselves.
  • Memory difficulties.
  • Inability to understand the cause-effect relationship.

How Do I Know If My Child Has a High IQ?

When you are curious about your kids’ development, you do not only need to use an IQ test for children but also you should observe their behaviors. The behavior patterns below will give you an idea of whether your child has a high IQ or not.

  • Talkative with both equals and adults
  • Developed sense of humor
  • Ability in the field of arts
  • More curious than peers
  • Improved reading and writing skills
  • Learn fast in school and home

How Can I Improve My Child’s IQ?

All the parents want their kids to be smart when growing. You can use effective tips for this purpose. But before that don’t skip implementing a child IQ test for them. Then look at the suggestions below to boost your children’s abilities.

  • Encourage their efforts to develop.
  • Give them a chance to use appropriate tools.
  • Promote reading and writing.
  • Don’t underestimate logic and math exercises.
  • Always have belief in them.

Does ADHD Mean Low IQ?

IQ for kids is an important topic that lots of parents are anxious about when their children grow. After you use one of the best IQ tests for your kids, you may have an unexpected result.

While lower IQ scores sometimes are the signs of ADHD, there can be other reasons to cause this. Before getting panicked, try to use age-specific IQ questions for kids. For example, you can implement an IQ test for 12-year-olds or an IQ test for 4-year-olds according to your kids’ age.

Who Is the Smartest Person in the World?

If you wonder about the smartest person in the world, we can enlighten you by saying that astrophysicist Stephan Hawking is a pure genius with a 170 IQ score. If you want your children to be smart as him, you can always use mental exercises and educational games to boost them.

Do I Have a Gifted Child?

IQ testing for kids can give you an idea if your child is gifted or not but you also want to look at the other characteristics of gifted children below:

  • Advanced vocabulary
  • Easy to express thoughts
  • Learning quickly
  • Remembering details

How Do I Know if I Am Gifted?

After you have your answer to the question of “How to test my IQ?” and learn your IQ score, you may be curious about if you are gifted or not. Here there are the signs of giftedness.

  • Perceptive mind
  • Different from others
  • Being abstract
  • Improved reasoning
  • Easy to concentrate
  • Unusual intellectuality

Is Being Gifted a Bad Thing?

Gifted child online test-free is a way of finding out whether your child is gifted or not. If the results are positive, then you need to know that you should provide a special environment for your child who has developed cognitive skills. Unless you do it, giftedness can be challenging for both you and your kid.

How Do You Raise an Intelligent Child?

After you learn that your child is more intelligent than his or her peers via an IQ test kids, you need to keep in mind the things below:

  • Provide an independent learning environment
  • Set higher expectations
  • Be careful about social skills
  • Don’t alienate your kid

Why Do Gifted Students Fail?

Gifted students sometimes have trouble in public. So after you learn that your kid has a high IQ score by an IQ test free for kids, keep in mind that if you don’t provide them an appropriate teaching environment, they can fail.

How Do You Tell if Your Toddler Is a Genius?

A toddler IQ test is hard to implement online, therefore you should try to observe your kid in the light of the items below.

  • High level of curiosity
  • Need for mental engagement
  • Process complex things quickly

Is High IQ Genetic?

While some studies show that genetic factors affect high IQ scores, you need to know that you should focus on your children’s potential and courage them to boost their skills for developing intelligence.

Is IQ Fixed at Birth?

IQ scores are not fixed and permanent things. Because our brains grow, our intelligence and IQ scores change, too. To understand it clearly, you can use an IQ test for 5-year-olds and then an IQ test for 8-year-olds according to your kids’ age. In the end, you will see the IQ scores change even in only three years.