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Multiple Intelligences Quiz

Select the answer which fits you the best in the following questions/definitions.

  • Select “completely agree” if the statement is completely like your behavior.
  • Select “somewhat agree” if the statement is similar to your behavior with minor differences.
  • Select “unsure” if the statement is not enough to select neither agree nor disagree.
  • Select “somewhat disagree” if the statement is different from your behavior with minor differences.
  • Select “completely disagree” if the statement is completely different from your behavior.
  • Completely agree
  • Somewhat agree
  • Unsure
  • Somewhat disagree
  • Completely disagree
Texts catch my attention more than visuals.

I’m good at memorising dates and names.

I’m a good reader. I like reading books.

Texts catch my attention more than visuals.

Puzzles and riddles containing word games attract my attention.

The best learning style for me is listening.

I think my vocabulary is better than my peers.

I’m good at expressing my thoughts by writing.

As I learn new words, I use these words while speaking and writing.

I’m good at debates or spontaneous discussions.

Let us remind you:

  1. MI test isn’t just a quiz but a comprehensive assessment.
  2. The following multiple intelligences test does not determine your intelligence level but your intelligence type.
  3. The purpose of the Howard Gardner 9 Multiple Intelligences Test is to help you discover your potential by detecting your special interest and skill areas. It is not a definite judgment.

According to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, which type of intelligence describes you best? Take the Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Test to find out! Multiple Intelligence Test Online gives you fast & accurate results and also leads you to take advantage of your strong sides.

The multiple intelligences quiz consists of questions that you can answer quickly. You should pay attention to the multiple intelligence test free questions and choose the best options to describe you.

When you complete the multiple intelligence assessment, you will learn about your skills and which intelligence types (such as mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, or emotional intelligence) these skills belong to, instead of a score from the Stanford Binet IQ Test.

multiple intelligence test

The Multiple Intelligences Test is beneficial to understanding your way of thinking and can support your learning potential by helping you to use the most appropriate teaching strategies accordingly. That’s why the multiple intelligences test for kids is so popular, but it does not mean that adults cannot benefit from mi test.

A parent’s help can be necessary for taking the Multiple Intelligence Test for kids to identify their behaviors with clear observation. You can have answers to your questions, such as how do I know if my child is gifted, thanks to this test that will help you to learn more about your kids’ cognitive skills.

Multiple Intelligence Quiz does not give you a score. The results you can get are related to your thinking and understanding skills and can be 9 different Intelligence Types according to Gardner’s Theory. The results of the multiple intelligences quiz can show that you may have multiple intelligence types equally strong.

Take the Multiple Intelligence Test to determine your strengths and our tips to improve them to the maximum!

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