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Last Update Date: 27 February 2018

According to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, which type of intelligence does describe you the best? Take multiple intelligence tests and find out.

The following multiple intelligence test consists of questions that you can answer quickly. When you have completed the multiple intelligence test, you can find out your skills and what intelligence types these skills belong to.

Çoklu Zeka Testi

Before we start the test, let us remind you something:

  1. The following multiple intelligence test does not determine your intelligence level but your intelligence type.
  2. The purpose of the multiple intelligence test is to help you discover your potential by detecting your special interest and skill areas. It is not the definite judgment.
  3. Select the answer that describes you the best.


Select the one which fits you the best in the following questions/definitions.

1- Writings catch my attention more than visuals.
2- I am good at keeping dates and names in memory.
3- I am a good reader. I like reading books.
4- I do not make pronunciation mistakes. I pronounce the words correctly.
5- Puzzles and riddles containing word games attract my attention.
6- The best learning style for me is listening.
7- I think my vocabulary is better than my peers.
8- I am good at expressing my thoughts by writing.
9- As I learn new words, I use these words while speaking and writing.
10- I am good at debate or spontaneous discussions.
11- I am curious about the mechanical devices and the logic behind how machines work.
12- I try to solve arithmetic problems without using paper and pen.
13- Science and mathematics classes are always amongst my favorite classes.
14- Strategy games are more interesting to me.
15- I am interested in mental exercises. I am good at logic questions.
16- I am interest in computer games.
17- I like laboratory classes and I also do experiments on my own.
18- I am good at abstract concepts. I might be better than my peers on that.
19- I like game-like math questions.
20- I like evaluating the results together with their reasons.
21- I am sensitive to the colors and the shades of colors.
22- I could interpret visual signs (map, table etc.) much easier.
23- My imagination is good and I often imagine.
24- I am good at drawing. I make beautiful paintings.
25- I like to combine shapes or structures together and build new structures. It's like a puzzle game.
26- I remember the places I visited.
27- I like shape and pattern puzzles.
28- I remember my dreams.
29- I love books that contain images.
30- I draw tiny pictures on the edge of my notebook or my other belongings.
31- It is easy for me to remember the rhythms and melodies of the songs I listen to.
32- I'm good at singing. (Whether my voice is good or not)
33- I know how to play instruments. (I really want to learn a lot)
34- Music classes is always one of my favorite lessons.
35- I talk rhythmical and I do rhythmic movements.
36- I really like singing songs. Sometimes I find myself while singing without realizing it.
37- I like rhythm. I tap out rhythm of something with my fingers or feet even when I'm busy with a job.
38- I can distinguish different sounds. I am sensitive to the voices.
39- I enjoy studying while listening to music.
40- I listen to music, learn different songs and share them.
41- I like animals as well as observe them curiously.
42- I protect the nature and I am against those who do not care about nature.
43- I have a pet. (or if I could, I would like to look after a pet)
44- I touch to the soil, rocks, and plants.
45- I like planting.
46- I need to see that nature and city environment are clean.
47- Animal and nature documents are my favorites.
48- I am interested in climatic events. The seasons affect my emotions.
49- I am very interested in different fruit and vegetables.
50- I am curious about the beauty of nature and nature events.
51- I am realized with my leadership characteristics among my friends.
52- I am realized with my leadership characteristics among my friends.
53- My friends care about my recommendations. I give them advices.
54- My social environment likes my ideas.
55- No one can think of an activity without me. I am invited to every event.
56- I talk because I like my friends listening to me.
57- I always stay in touch with my friends. Call them.
58- I help the people around me to overcome the problems.
59- I catch everyone's attention around me. Everyone wants to be my friend.
60- I always have a chat with people and ask whether they are good.
61- I like physical sports that require high effort.
62- I do not like to stay still for a long time.
63- I use my body language well in communication.
64- It is easier for me to learn by practicing.
65- I like touching the objects. I take hold of and observe.
66- I prefer to go out and spend my time outside.
67- I prefer physical activity requiring games instead of paper games.
68- I am good at handicrafts.
69- My body movements reflect my feelings.
70- I believe in the power of touching. I touch people's shoulder, shake their hand, and hug them.
71- I love my freedom.
72- I know what I'm good at and what I'm weak about.
73- I prefer to be alone while working.
74- I can generally enjoy being alone.
75- I share my works with my friends.
76- I know what I'm doing.
77- I usually do not need to take advice.
78- Respect is very important to me and I am highly self-respecting person.
79- I have a special interest that I always spend more time with.
80- I do not need to get a lot of help to succeed. I just succeed.


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