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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

The Wechsler Test is an intelligence test developed by David Wechsler in 1939. The test was firstly administered for only adults, but then it has been redesigned for children with some additional formats. The Wechsler Test is an individually administered test for children between the ages of 6 and 16 and takes 60-85 minutes to complete.


The Wechsler Tests are comprised of two groups of subtests.

  • Verbal Intelligence Groups
  • Performance Intelligence Groups

There are 6 tests in both groups. These two subtests are performed one after the other.

Questions Asked in Verbal Intelligence Group Subtest:

  1. Information: This section measure the general knowledge of children that they have acquired from their normal and cultural life.
  2. Similarities: It measures the concept formation and abstraction ability of children by showing them two pictures.
  3. Arithmetic: In a limited time, arithmetic operations and problems are directed to the child.
  4. Vocabulary: Children receive vocabulary questions in their languages to measure word knowledge.
  5. Comprehension: Children are asked and expected to solve problems that will measure the logic and reasoning skills.
  6. Digit Span: In the last part of the verbal intelligence questions, children are given some questions to test their immediate auditory recall.

Questions Asked in Performance Intelligence Group Subtest:

  1. Picture completion: Children are given small pictures and asked to complete fine missing details.
  2. Picture Arrangement: Involves questions about finding the cause and effect relationships in the sets of small pictures.
  3. Block Design: Children are asked to create objects from cubes to find out how creative they are in 3 dimensions.
  4. Digit Symbol: Testing how fast a child is to decode by arranging mixed pictures.
  5. Object Assembly: Children are given jig-saw type puzzles like a labyrinth to measure hand-eye coordination.


The Wechsler Test is a test that cannot be performed by people or institutions that do not receive the certification. Some of the institutions that you can take Wechsler Test for your child are listed below:

  • Contact Mensa where you can select your country in the list of representative countries, and then you can apply the Mensa representative about where to take The Wechsler Test.
  • The Wechsler Test is also conducted in university hospitals and some research hospitals that you can find by contacting Mensa representative in your country.


As we mentioned above, you can find the institutions, hospitals, and people that are able to perform the WISC Test by contacting the Mensa representative country where you have been. Not every institutions and hospitals perform WISC Test because only the specialists who have the certificate for the test can perform WISC Test and every institutions or hospitals that is performing this test need those specialists.

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