Mind Games Improving Logical Thinking Skills

you are different brain game

This brain game for kids improves visual attention, visual scanning, comparison skills.

visual brain teaser

This magical ball is trying to hide from keen eyes! Can you find it?

you are different brain game

Only true detectives can get the best score in this card game. Are you one of them?

auditory game brain teaser

Do you trust your memory? Let's prove it with your auditory memory!

you are different brain game

Can you keep in mind the faces of the people you meet? Let's test it out!

moving-balls brain game

Can you sort the balls in the box as in the example? Of course with the least moves!

remember well brain game

Are you good at box and card games, huh? What about digital memory cards?

color blind brain game

Those with good visual skills find it at a glance. Test yourself too!

MentalUP Games improve the child's logical thinking skills. It supports the development of logic, reasoning, planning and arithmetic skills. Improve your child's mental skills with MentalUP.
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Visuospatial Thinking Games

bird eye mind game

This mind game improves visualization, visual attention, spatial perception skills.

cubes mind game

This mind game for kids improves reasoning, spatial perception, counting skills.

get out of hand mind game

This mind game for kids improves visualization, visual attention, reasoning skills.

rotate shapes mind games

This visual intelligence mind game improves visualization, reasoning, comparison skills.

MentalUP Mind Games for kids develop mental skills such as imagination, visualization, visual scanning and visual recognition. Support your child's visual intelligence development with MentalUP Brain Games.

Language Mind Games

relationship status mind game

These logic games for kids improve comparison, divided attention skills.

word combinator mind game

This verbal intelligence thinking game improves vocabulary, visual scanning skills.

synonym antonym mind game

This language mind game is suitable for all ages, improves verbal fluency, vocabulary skills.

word hunt mind game

This logic game for kids improves short-term memory, sustained attention, visual attention skills.

MentalUP Language Mind Games help your children improve their conceptualization, vocabulary and verbal fluency skills.

MentalUP Logic Games

MentalUP Logic Games are used by schools and thousands of families, help children develop their logical thinking skills, increase their learning ability and contribute to their success at the school and their exams. Try now!
MentalUP is a participant of the University College London Institute of Education EDUCATE Program.
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