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Last Update Date: 29 March 2020

If your child is 6 years old, then get ready to read a fantastic article! Here we will give you 6 different learning games suitable for 6-year-olds but let’s first remember the mental characteristics of 6 year olds.

Children at the age of 6 go to school regularly. Children of this age can think logically. On the other hand, they gradually understand concepts of space & time, and their language development also goes faster. In this way, we have taken into account these characteristics before presenting the 6 year old learning games.

Here you can find some of the best learning games for 6 year olds.

you are different brain game

This brain game for kids improves visual attention, visual scanning, comparison skills.

visual brain teaser

This magical ball is trying to hide from keen eyes! Can you find it?

you are different brain game

Only true detectives can get the best score in this card game. Are you one of them?

auditory game brain teaser

Do you trust your memory? Let's prove it with your auditory memory!

you are different brain game

Can you keep in mind the faces of the people you meet? Let's test it out!

moving-balls brain game

Can you sort the balls in the box as in the example? Of course with the least moves!

remember well brain game

Are you good at box and card games, huh? What about digital memory cards?

color blind brain game

Those with good visual skills find it at a glance. Test yourself too!


  • 1- What is Magic Pyramid (With Images or Numbers)?

    The most well-known version is the one with numbers. In the same game, animals or different images can be used instead of numbers. The aim of the game is to reach to the bottom line from the top without skipping any boxes by visiting each number or image only once. Using different images may attract 6-year-old children’s attention more.

    What Are The Benefits of Magic Pyramid Game?

    The skills that Magic Pyramid game develops are as follows:

    • Reasoning
    • Analysis
magic pyramid preschool game
  • 2- What is Eva Cube Block Game?

    Think about a standard cube consisting of 6 square faces. The connection points of this cube have an unusual design. One needs to identify the related edges and complete the cube very quickly. It is a quite fun game for 6-year-olds and not as easy as it seems.

    What Are The Benefits of Eva Cube Block Game?

    Eva cube block game will help your child develop the following skills:

    • Visual perception
    • Part-whole relationship
    • Analysis
    • Designing
    • Following the clues
Eva Cube Block
  • 3- What is the Soma Cube Game?

    This time it is a game in which you generate new models with ready cubes instead of putting the edges of a cube together. Generally, wooden cubes are used in this game. The aim of the game is designing the models given in the sample booklet. Cubes are used again to calculate the distances such as depth, height, and width. Example: How many cubes are there between the first x cube and the last cube? How many are cubes there between the bottom cube and the top cube?

    What Are The Benefits of Soma Cube Game?

    Soma Cube game supports development of the following skills:

    • Concentration
    • Analysis
    • Analytical thinking
    • Designing
6 year olds games
  • 4- What is MentalUP Learning Games?

    Children should have limited time to spend on PC, phones or tablets and have a recommended time period to spend on computers and MentalUP Learning Games helps kids to spend this time most efficiently while having fun. MentalUP offers more than 60 brain teaser games and daily worksheets.

    MentalUP includes math brain teasers for kids, 6-year-old visual-verbal brain games, and memory games. It offers preschool educational games as well as learning games for 7-year-olds or elders. Games are automatically chosen by the program so that your children can play with the most suitable games for their brain potential.

    What are the Benefits of MentalUP Learning Games?

    MentalUP supports development of dozens of skills of your children. Try MentalUP learning games FREE trial now. MentalUP supports development of the following cognitive skills:

    MentalUP Learning Games: Try Now

    • Analytical thinking
    • Problem-solving
    • Attention and concentration
    • Visual-spatial perception
    • Mathematical-verbal intelligence improvement (addition-subtraction)
mentalup educational games
  • 5- What is the Maze Game?

    Maze game is always a popular game. It only requires to find the right way to go from one point to another. Of course, finding the right way is never easy because it is mostly complex and confusing.

    What are the Benefits of Maze Game?

    Children can improve the following abilities by playing the Maze game:

    • Predicting different possibilities
    • Visual perception
    • Evaluation of solution methods
maze educational game
  • 6- What is the Trax Game?

    It consists of 64 identical square tiles on which sections of red and white track join adjacent edges on one side and opposite edges on the other side. The goal is to create a ring or winning line in your own colour. Of course, you have to prevent your opponent's moves and block them. It is smart a strategy game among the 6-year-olds learning games.

    What are the Benefits of Trax Game?

    • Predicting an opponent's moves
    • Probability estimation
    • Strategic thinking ability
trax game


Not only mental development games but also all kind of games play an important role in the children's mental and physical development. The materials that are used to play with during games are called toys. Nowadays, some technological devices are also considered as toys. For example, although adults use computers and tablets for their jobs, for children, they are not more than just a toy. Children play with toys with or without rules. This helps children to improve their imagination. Games are like an experiment or rehearsal for children. Therefore, games are one of the best ways of learning for children.

learning games for 6 year olds


We have found that parents of 6-year-olds tend to look for math games in particular. The reason is that kids face some courses for the first time, and they require logical thinking. Experts recommend parents cognitive brain games for 6 year olds in order to increase the success of their children. Of course, this is not just for children at the age of 6.

Because every age requires different mental skills, the choice of toys is also varies accordingly. For example, MentalUP learning games automatically detect your child's intelligence potential and start the games from the most appropriate exercise. It supports development of intelligence skills with exercises gradually getting harder. MentalUP blog page is with parents to help them make everything easier. In our previous articles, we mentioned educational games for 2-3-year-olds, educational games for 4-year-olds, educational games for 5-year-olds, and ideal toys. We will continue to share educational games for 7-year-olds and elders. Follow 2017 current MentalUP blog page here.