Fun Learning Games for 9-Year-Olds

Finding the best learning games for 9 year-olds can be challenging, but MentalUP is with you in this! 💪 We've compiled the funniest learning games for 9-year-olds together.

Learning Game with Cards

Learning Game with Cards

Here is one of the most effective memory exercises to improve your kid’s learning skills with games!

Number Balls

Number Balls

Strategic thinking is the most critical ability to enhance with learning games for 9-year-olds. Kids have fun and learn with this exercise!

Tangram Puzzles

Tangram Puzzles

Tangram is the most popular learning game worldwide! It aims to develop visualization and planning skills.

Confused Pictures

Confused Pictures

These pictures need help! It's one of the beneficial 9-year-old learning games to improve verbal and visual skills.

Educational Games for 9-Year-Olds

There are many online 9-year-old educational games, but which ones are trustworthy for children's usage? When you play MentalUP games, you feel sure that there is no harmful content your kids can expose. 🕹🥳

Enjoy the most educational games for 9 year-olds that are developed by academicians and game developers!

Count the Blocks

Count the Blocks

Say hello to a new game experience with Lego blocks! It offers the funniest way to improve counting & reasoning skills.

Musical Instruments Game

Musical Instruments Game

This free learning game for 9 year olds is an excellent choice for developing both visual and aural memory.

The Sea Of Maths

The Sea Of Maths

Boost your kid's counting skills with learning games for 9 year olds online! This game will teach your kid to love math.

Messy Room

Messy Room

Challenge your kid to tidy up the room by using visual attention, visual tracking, and comparison skills!

5 Fun Learning Activities for 9-Year-Olds

1. Play MentalUP Learning Games for 9-Year-Olds

Playing games has a significant impact on the development of children. As a fact we all know, children love to play games. It's a great advantage for parents because there is MentalUP, which is among the best apps for 9 year olds, with its full of educational and fun exercises!

Learning games for 9 year olds

MentalUP offers 150+ learning games and educational activities for kids. They can do mental exercises with these learning games for 9-year-olds at home or anywhere they want to spend quality time.

As one of the fun learning activities for 9-year-olds, challenge your kids with a game you choose together on MentalUP. Memory games, attention games like spot the difference, logic games, and logic puzzles are quite beneficial options for playing together with your kids. In this way, you can observe at which parts they have struggles.

Also, you can check MentalUP's, one of the best apps for 10 year olds and 9 year olds, detailed performance report. Playing games in those specific areas they need to strengthen will be entertaining and beneficial as well!

Online games and apps are cool, but are they safe? This question is on all parents’ minds. 🤔

MentalUP is developed by pedagogues, academicians, and game designers. 💯✨It offers 150+ learning games and 240+ fitness games, all in one app. 📲

Children love MentalUP because it’s quite engaging! 🥰 Parents love MentalUP for more reasons; it’s ad-free, supports healthy screen time, and their kids can easily use it without any parental control. 👨‍👩‍👧

For discovering the safe, entertaining, and beneficial learning games for 9 year olds, you know what you should do! ✅


2. Prepare Tree of Books

Making a Tree of Books is a remarkable learning activity for 9-year-olds! Kids love DIY projects, so even preparing them is an activity they feel excited about.

Learning activities for 9 year olds

You will need:

  • Brown, light green, dark green papers,
  • Colorful markers,
  • Glue,
  • Scissors,
  • A container or a sandwich bag,
  • Tacks, and a board.
  1. Cut the brown paper and create a tunk and its branches.
  2. Paste the trunk on a piece of colorful paper and pin it to a board to stand on its own.
  3. Cut and shape the green papers with your kids like leaves.
  4. Collects these leaves into a container or a sandwich bag. Congratulations! Your tree of books is almost ready to use.
  5. Now, your kid should take a leaf and write the author and book name of what she/he has read recently.
  6. Glue the leaf to the tunk.
  7. To make the tree more leafed from the beginning, your child can write 5 or 10 different books he/she read before.

Ask your kid about the same author's other books to improve this as a more challenging learning game for 9-year-olds. Listen to his/her opinions about those books, and rate them in different categories! These kinds of activities can create a real difference in your kid’s verbal intelligence.

3. Cook Together

Can you imagine that cooking with your kids is one of the best learning math games for 9-year-olds? You may wonder how, so let us explain:

Learning activities for 9 year old kids

Cooking with your kid according to a recipe is an excellent way to improve his/her math skills. For example, when you measure and weigh the ingredients together, you can ask him/her fun math questions:

  • - The recipe says we need a half kilogram of flour. Then how much gram should we use?
  • - We need sugar as half of the flour; please count it for me, etc.

You can add up more examples like this!

4. Read Together and Quiz Each Other

It’s still essential to develop their vocabulary skills for aged 9 kids. So, here is another fun learning game for 9-year-olds!

educational games for 9 year old boy

Pick a short story or a topic your kids are interested in and read about it. You can do it one by one to improve their listening skills as well.

When the first story ends, the reader can ask three questions about it. It is one of the most significant learning games for 9 year-olds because it also strengthens memory.

5. Write a Comic Book Together

Who are the favorite superheroes of your 9-year-old kid? We bet this will be a pretty long list.

free learning to type games for 9 year olds

As a brilliant idea, what about creating your own superhero together?

Talk to your child about which superpower he/she wants to give to the character. Then, write a background story for your superhero. Your kid should do some research to find extraordinary talents. These researches should be based on science!

After finding a good story for your superhero, take a blank sheet of paper, and draw everything together! This activity is one of the most entertaining learning games for 9 year-olds, which requires using information and creativity simultaneously.

Top 5 Board Games for 9-Year-Olds

Like MentalUP, there are some quite engaging learning games online for 9 year olds, but sometimes old-school board games can make a huge difference in a boring day.

Even if electronic learning games for 9 year olds are much more popular than board games nowadays, we still think playing board games is an amazing way to spend time together with family or a group of friends.

We’ve listed the best board competition games for kids to play with 9-year-olds at home:

1. Hasbro Clue Game

Who killed Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion? That’s the mystery you need to solve! This learning game, which is tailored for 9 year-olds, can also be played with older kids as one of the most entertaining educational toys for 10-12 year olds.

board games for 9 year olds

One of the most popular clue games, Hasbro, includes one crime and six suspects. Take a look at the mansion's rooms, and try to find some clues about the murder. Set the right strategy, ask the right questions and discover who did it!

2. Labyrinth Family Board Game

Are you ready to lose your time sense and direction in a mysterious labyrinth?

family board games for 9 year olds

The game requires 2 to 4 players, and it offers so much fun with treasure hunting and more. Find the shortest route with your adventurous 9-year-old player!

It’s easy to learn and fun to play; that’s why kids like it so much.

3. Catan

If you are looking for cool games for 9 year olds, you should give a chance to Catan!

board games for 9 year old kids

What is so great about Catan? It’s a multi-award-winning board game that aims to build a civilization. Your kid needs to think strategically about harvesting and trading his/her resources with the other players’ communities while focusing on getting ten victory points.

4. Apples to Apples Junior

Here is one of the most popular learning games for 9-year-olds girls and boys! Kids love this game that increases their vocabulary in such an entertaining way.

easy typing games for 9 year olds learning

It’s a wonderful board game for children's parties because it requires 4 to 10 people to play. In each round, kids need to compare situations, events, people, places, etc.

5. Carcassonne Board Game

You will stop looking for more learning games to play with 9 year olds at home after playing the Carcassonne Board Game for the first time!

list of learning games for 9 year olds

Free online learning games for 9 year olds are fun for sure, but if it’s time to play board games, your kids will forget about the modern world when they dive into Carcassonne’s nostalgic universe! It’s easy to learn and play but requires strategic thinking to win.

Board games are cool to play at a party, but what about the other times your kid feels bored alone? 🤯

MentalUP offers the most entertaining and educational games to play! 😍🎉 With over 150 learning games and 240 fitness games, kids maximize their abilities and prepare easily for important tests such as the 11 plus exam. 🎓

Try MentalUP, the favorite app of all 9-year-olds and their families! 👨‍👩‍👧


Development Checklist for 9-Year-Olds

You can use the checklist below to compare your kid’s development with his/her 9-year-old peers.

Read the sentences and give “yes or no” answers according to your kid’s performance.

If there are several "no" answers at the end of the evaluation, consider visiting a child specialist.

Most children aged 9 can Yes No
Motor Development Enjoy being active with the activities like riding bikes, swimming, or running.
Show interest in team sports.
Prepare themselves by brushing their teeth, etc., and don’t need help.
Use some simple tools, like a hammer, wisely.
Use their motor skills with various activities like drawing, painting, etc.
Cognitive development Recognize and categorize objects.
Understand the sentences up to 12 words.
Understand fractions, make mathematical operations like addition and subtraction in 2-digit numbers.
Make plans, prepare organizations with friends.
Have an improvement in their decision-making skills.
Be more independent.
Deal with more complex tasks in school and home.
Emotional and Social development Understand social norms.
Control their emotions more and be more stable.
Have meaningful friendships.
Emphasize people and care about their feelings.
Have more anxiety about school performance but overcome childhood fears.
Be curious about the relationships between girls and boys.
Language development Find some interests and read to learn more about them willingly.
Improve their speech patterns as nearly as an adult.