Competition games for kids are always very fun for them to play. Thanks to these games, your kids can learn to be strong team members by developing their logic, concentration, attention, and problem-solving skills. Let’s find out the best alternatives together!

Fun Competition Games for Kids

When the kids are concerned, parents want them to be prepared for the outside world. You can help them to be ready for stressful situations by providing these games and activities!

1. Pictionary

Pictionary is one of the most creative competition games for kids. Because it includes painting almost all the kids from different age groups enjoy playing this entertaining game.


To play it, you just need a drawing board and colorful markers. You can think of it as a memory game that improves imagination. Pictionary is played by at least four players because you need two teams but you can make more teams according to the player number.

When a team member draws whatever he or she wants, the other team member needs to guess. The drawing can be a simple figure, a movie, or anything else according to the kids’ field of interest. In the end, the team who guesses more questions correctly wins the game.

2. MentalUP Brain Games

In the modern world, children want to spend more time with technological devices. But sometimes digital competition can harm them. Don’t worry, MentalUP is here for you to help with its safest competition games for kids online.

Tricky Faces

Tricky Faces

With this memory game, you can help your kids to develop their visual attention skills quickly.

Colorful Cards

Colorful Cards

This fun game will empower your kids’ visual scanning, planning, and spatial memory skills.

Logic Blocks

Logic Blocks

Logic games like this one are very beneficial for children to boost their strategical thinking ability.



Visualization is an important ability for kids to be creative. They can use this game to improve.

Thanks to the pedagogically approved app MentalUP, you can protect your kids from the harmful effects of competition. Keep in mind that some children may feel threatened and become introverted because of the success anxiety when they are playing these kinds of games. ✨

MentalUP includes hundreds of good video games without competition for kids. Don’t forget these strategy games for kids are designed by experts according to children’s needs, they don’t cause them to feel stressed. Your kids can improve their abilities quickly with gamified exercises. 🚀

Moreover, you can track your children’s status and compare them with their peers by using MentalUP’s detailed skill analysis reports. This way, you can eliminate the negative effects of competition and help your kids to boost their attention, logic, or math skills harmlessly. 🎉

3. Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors is among the classical easy set up competition games for kids. It is no equipment required and can be played by many people as you want anywhere you are.

games competition for kids

This fun game develops both children's fine and gross motor skills at the same time. Because it is one of the oldest games, adults often like to play it. So, you can play this game on your family nights or when you are trying to decide something instead of tossing a coin.

Rock Paper Scissors have very simple rules. Your children need to use their hands when playing. As you understand from its name, players should form their hands to rock, paper, or scissors. It can be played as teams to complicate the game and increase the entertainment.

You should remember that rock always breaks the scissors. Scissors cut the paper. Paper wrap the rock. Now you know how the game continues. You can play it as long as you want and you can even organize Rock Paper Scissors with a crowded group of children.

4. Indoor Bowling

Bowling is an entertaining game for kids but sometimes you don’t have enough time or energy to go to a bowling alley. In these kinds of times, indoor bowling will be your savior. Bowling sets are appropriate educational toys for 10-12 year olds but you can also play them with your kids of all ages by adapting the game.

indoor bowling

To play this game, you can prepare the pins together with your kids or you can just but an indoor bowling set. But keep in mind that if you do it at home, it will be more fun. You can use ten plastic bottles and paint them how your children want. Also, you need a ball.

The rules of indoor bowling are similar to the real game. So, you can search it a little if you don’t familiar with its rules. Then, you can determine the team members and start to play. Also, don’t forget this game boosts kids’ concentration and strategical thinking skills.

5. Card Games

Card games are one of the other most popular competition games for kids. You can prefer a suitable alternative such as Uno and Go Fish according to your kids’ interests.

card games

Card games can be played with a different number of players according to their rules. So, you should consider this before playing. Also, you can prefer to play a concentration card game together with your kids to develop their memory, logic, and math skills.

Don’t forget card games are one of the most effective memory games. If you don’t have a proper deck, you can try memory matching games by preparing the cards at home together with your children. In this way, your kids will have more fun and spend quality time.

If your kids love to play card games in their leisure time, you can also provide them with safe online sources that will develop their mental abilities and support their school classes. 🎓

Certified app MentalUP includes lots of fun card games for kids from different age groups that will boost their selective attention, focus, visual memory, and counting skills. 🎮


Outdoor Competition Games for Kids

Outside competition games for kids function as fun workouts. Thanks to these outdoor activities for kids and fun things to do with kids, children learn to be team members, succeed with their friends, and get rid of their stresses.

6. Kickball Game

Kickball game is one of the oldest competition games for kids. This game is appropriate for almost all children from different age groups. Its rules are simple and adaptable if you want.

competition games for kids whole group time

You can play it anywhere you want, but spacious playgrounds and lawn backyards will be better choices to decrease the risk of injury. You can definitely need a suitable ball to play this game. You might want to create teams or just play it together with your whole family.

In this game, the target is to bring the ball into the location you determined before. To do this, you can use different objects. Also, if you want the game to be harder, you can add extra fitness moves and make a tournament. Don't forget to play warm up games for kids before that! Kickball expands kids’ short attention span instantly.

7. Mini Golf

Mini golf is a perfect choice for kids who don’t like challenging competitions. You can play it with mini golf set in your backyard, or you can prepare materials together with your kids.


Also, if your children like this game, you can choose to bring them to a mini-golf course that is suitable for kids. This game improves children’s analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Because they need to decide how they can put the ball into the hole when playing.

Mini golf helps children to blow off steam. If you prefer to prepare the equipment at home, you can always use your kids’ favorite toys. In this way, you will encourage them to play more enthusiastically. Don’t forget to tell them the rules beforehand and turn on some music.

8. Lawn Twister

Lawn Twister is one of the most interesting competition games for kids. It is similar to the classical Twister, but you can be sure that this game will be much more fun to play. When you need a way how to get fit for kids, you can play it.

lawn twister

To play Lawn Twister, you need to prepare the space. You can prefer to play it in your own backyard because you should paint the lawns with appropriate paint. But if it isn’t possible for you, you can always buy or create a Twister game pattern and take it to the playground.

Lawn Twister boosts kids’ coordination and balance. You can use this fun game at birthday parties to develop your kids’ social and emotional skills. Lawn Twister can be played by a different number of players according to your needs. Don’t forget to award the winners.

9. Potato Drop

When you need entertaining group activities or fun back to school activities for children, you can try Potato Drop. It is suitable to be played at school. This game that helps kids to develop their muscles can be played by at least two people.

potato drop

To play this game, you need potatoes, as you can guess. You should prepare as many potatoes as the number of players. Also, you need a rope to be used for the finish line and buckets to drop the potatoes. You can determine the bucket number based on teams.

When you create the teams, you need to put the rope into the lawn where you play the game. Buckets need to be placed behind the rope. You can also use a rope to determine the start line or choose a tree to align according to it. Don’t forget to limit the game time.

Before you blow the whist or yell to start the game, two players from different teams need to stick a potato between their legs. Then, they should try to reach the finish line with the start signal. When a player drops the potato, the other player starts, and the team who puts more potatoes in their buckets until the end of time will win the game.

10. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is one of the oldest fun exercise competition games for kids. Surprisingly, this game has lots of benefits, such as improving impulse control and emotional intelligence.

camp games for kids competition

Unless you already know the rules of the game, let’s remember it together. To play this game, you need at least two people but keep in mind that the more, the merrier stands perfectly for Hide and Seek. After you determine the seeker, you can start to play the game.

When the seeker is counting to sixty with eyes closed, the other players need to find a suitable hiding place. Then, the seeker starts to search for them. If the seeker finds a player, this player needs to try to reach the place where the seeker counts to win this game.

When a player who is caught by the seeker can’t reach the place where the seeker counts and is tagged, then this player needs to be the seeker in the next game. You can continue the game for as long as you want and enjoy nature with your children by playing the game.

Children grow older by playing with each other, and they can learn their strong or weak spots in this way. If you provide the appropriate and safe sources for your kids, they can develop their skills and expand their horizons at the same time by having fun. 🎈

MentalUP, which is designed by experts according to kids’ needs, offers you a lifeline with its 150+ brain-boosting games and 240+ fitness exercises. Because you can limit your kids’ screen time with MentalUP’s daily plan, they won’t be addicted to technology, and you can help them with childhood obesity prevention. 🏆


Team Competition Games For Kids

Team competition games for kids helps them to be stronger physically and mentally. Also, they can start to be more successful in their group works at school by feeling confident.

11. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is one of the best fitness competition games for kids. Because this fun team game is played at the pool, it is more appropriate to be played in warmer weather.

Marco polo

To play this game, you need at least three players. So, you can play it with your kids as a family. But if you have a crowder group, the game becomes a real team game, and it will be more fun to play. Basically, you need to determine it before you start to play Marco Polo.

The kid who is chosen as the It player closes his or her eyes and starts searching in the swimming pool by shouting “Marco.” The other players need to shout “Polo.” If it finds another player to tag, the player who is tagged needs to be the new “It” player.

If you play it with two or more teams, the “It” player needs to tag the players from other teams. Also, if this player suspects that a kid is leaving the pool, he or she should shout, “Fish out of water.” Scores and the winner are determined by the number of tags at the end.

12. Trust Walk

Trust Walk is among the other most popular team competition games for kids. Because it empowers the bonds between the players, you can use it when you need ice breaker games.

trust walk

This game is very simple to play, and it can be played both outside and at home. To play it, you just need to prepare a suitable space and have a blindfold If you prefer to play it at home, you may want to take the stuff that can cause injuries from the game space.

After you determine the start and finish lines, you need to close one of the team members’ eyes with a blindfold. Then, the other player tries to bring him or her to the finish line. The team who completes the mission in less time wins the game and is awarded in the end.

13. Ping Pong Ball Catch

If you need a different competition game for kids to surprise them, Ping Pong Ball Catch is tailored for you. You can play this game anywhere you want together with your family or use it as one of the best classroom games.

ping pong ball catch

Before you start to play this game, you should prepare plastic cups and a ping pong ball. Plastic cups are needed to be as many as the number of players. If you don’t have a ping pong ball, don’t worry because you can just use another suitable small ball.

This game is usually played by at least four people and two teams, but you can also try it with two people if you aren’t crowded enough. Team members are placed face to face, and the space between them is increased when the game continues. Don’t forget to keep the scores.

When the team members are trying to throw and catch the balls into each others’ cups by using their hands, if they miss the cup, the turn passes into the other team. In the end, total scores are counted, and the winner shows up. This fun game develops kids’ reflexes.

14. Balloon Volleyball

Balloon Volleyball is among the favorite competition games for kids. It is played at home with a balloon, and this game gives you a perfect chance to teach volleyball to your children.

balloon volleyball

If you aren’t familiar with the rules of this sport, you can easily search online and understand it beforehand. To play this game, you need a medium-sized balloon and a piece of rope. Try to tie the rope between two long objects in the room as a net and place the team members.

Because it is similar to classical volleyball, you can act like it. This game is appropriate for kids from different age groups. You can also join the game or be the referee. Balloon Volleyball helps kids to understand sports games and encourage them to join a course.

15. Red Rover

Red Rover is one of the most active team competition games for kids. This alternative, which is among the best games for cognitive development, is played with two teams, and it functions as a cardio workout for kids to help them feel relaxed.

red rover

To play this game, you need a spacious place such as a playground or backyard. It will be better if there are no hard objects on the ground to protect the children from any injuries. After you organize the teams, you need to place the players in front of each other.

The team members should hold each other’s hands in a tight way. You can prefer to flip a coin to determine which team starts first. After the team that will start decides who they will call, shouts, “Red rover, red rover, send (a player from the other team) on over!”.

The chosen player runs into the other team and tries to break the link between them. If the player is successful, his or her team takes a member from the broken link. Otherwise, the chosen player has to join them. The team who has no player loses the game.

Why Are Competition Games for Kids Important?

  • Competition games for kids develop children’s muscles and help them to be stronger against their opponents by improving their physical abilities.
  • The children who play these kinds of games regularly with their friends become more self-confident because they see that they can be successful by having fun.
  • Competition games that are especially played outside function as mindfulness activities for kids because they both support them to connect with each other and nature.
  • Thanks to competition games for kids, you can teach your children to handle pressure, and defeat is a part of our daily lives.
  • Kids who play competitive games with their friends and family learn to have a goal and try to reach it by doing their best.
  • It is known that team competition games for kids encourage them to work their left and right brain at the same time and train their brains.

Parents want to teach their kids all the things they know about life, but children can’t always learn from you. They need to connect with the outside world to find their way by themselves by using the right sources according to their needs. 👪

MentalUP can be your best companion in your kids’ developmental process with its informative content, brain-boosting games, and riddles that will improve your children’s skills. Don’t hesitate to use safe learning apps and let your kids have fun. 🌈