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Last Update Date: 29 December 2017
The following games are scientific and fun games with a pedagogical product certificate.
simple game

A simple game that improves memory skills of children: Memory cards! It might be not that easy.

easy to play game

If you want an easy game but the one that requires attention, here it is a game for children, which develops attention:

kids games

A colorful, memory-enhancing game for children with so many visuals. Start when you are ready.

easy brain games for kids

Finding different picture. Pretty easy children game but advanced levels can push you a little!

play easy child game

Children's favorite visual intelligence game; finding the missing piece. Play it right now with good visuals.

games for little children

We have included especially attention games for children. This is the new one. Play now!

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Especially in big cities we cannot let children play outside often. We have reasonable concerns so we are looking for house activities for our children. At the same time, our children are looking for new alternatives like computer games and tablet games. However, we have new worries this time as parents: Is the technology harmful for my child? This question has been one of the topics of all families.

It is useful to remind that again: It is not the solution to forbid the today’s technology for today’s children. It is not a correct solution either! The experts suggest that we should not allow them to use it for a certain period of time. The best way to evaluate the daily period is to provide useful contents to the child.

cocuk oyunları

To protect your child from harmful content of games and to ensure that your child to have quality time with scientific intelligence games, check MentalUP easy games for kids. We especially focus on easy games for kids because you can deal with other things while your child is spending time for these games.


You can use MentalUP Kid Games regularly to support your child's cognitive skills and to contribute to attention, memory and concentration. MentalUP provides advanced performance reports that enable you to monitor the development of cognitive skills of your child any moment you want. You can also compare the scores your child have with peers. It's also possible to use it on the phone, computer, or tablet! Register wherever you want and continue where you were last time.

MentalUP Kid Games: Try It Now

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