Here are the best memory matching games that other parents and kids have enjoyed. We hope you have fun and learn at the same time!

Best Memory Matching Games

Animal Card Match Game

Animal Card Match Game

This memory matching game for kids improve visual memory, sustained attention, and visual recognition skills.

Christmas Memory Match Game

Christmas Memory Match Game

This memory match card game improvesshort-term memory, visual attention, and naming skills.

Color Memory Match Game

Color Memory Match Game

This matching pairs memory game improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills

Irregular Verbs Match Game

Irregular Verbs Match Game

This memory matching game improves short-term memory, verbal memory, and sustained attention skills.

These matching cards and memory match games allow kids to have fun while they practice key concepts in an immersive environment.
Face Matching Game

Face Matching Game

This matching pairs memory game improves visual memory, verbal memory, and visual attention skills.

Match Instruments

Match Instruments

This memory matching game online improves visual memory, aural memory, and decision-making skills

Match Bird Sounds

Match Bird Sounds

This memory card game for 4-year-olds improve visual memory, aural memory, and decision-making skills.

Match Country On Map

Match Country On Map

This matching pairs game improves visual memory, spatial memory, and long-term memory skills.

MentalUP Memory Matching Games for Kids help your child improve his/her attention, concentration and memory skills.

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Messy Room Game

Messy Room

Visual exercise develops visual attention, visual tracking, and comparison skills in children.

Matching Game for Kids

Matching Game for Kids

The game "Have I Seen It or Not?" helps develop skills such as visual memory, sustained attention, and visual recognition.

Memory Cards Game

Memory Cards

Memory Cards exercise develops children's visual scanning, planning, and spatial memory skills.

Number Matching Game

Number Matching Game

Children's short-term memory and sustained attention skills improve and benefit the growth process with the Remember the Numbers exercise.

MentalUP Memory Matching Games enable children to develop their attention, concentration, and memory skills while having fun.
Mix And Match Game

Mix And Match Game

Mixed Pictures exercise provides the development of skills such as visualization, visual attention, and reasoning in children's memory development.

Kids Color Matching Game

Kids Color Matching Game

Color Codes game supports the development of attention skills such as divided attention, reaction control, and focus in children.

Match Pairs Memory Game

Match Pairs Memory Game

Find the Pairs game helps children develop visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills.

Memory Matching Game Online

Memory Matching Game Online

Find the Squares memory exercise supports the positive development of children's spatial memory and short-term memory.

With MentalUP Memory Matching Games for Kids, they improve their memory skills by having fun with online puzzles, cards, and numbers.

Why Memory Matching Games?

Even at an early age, educational games are extremely beneficial for your children. Today, the gamification method allows your kids to improve their cognitive skills and imagination as they have fun. And memory games are indispensable for their development starting from an early age since they are the key to improving their attention, concentration, and memory.

In this article, we are going to discover the best memory matching games online, the benefits for kids, and how to play them. Let's dive in!

What Are the Benefits of Playing Matching Games With Kids?

Matching games are essential exercises for children to develop their cognitive skills. From pairing games to spotting the different cards, they require serious concentration while challenging kids' short memory.

They are not only useful in terms of their success in school,but also boosts the skills necessary in daily life. Hence, it is important to start playing them regularly from a very young age. And they are also great activities for you to have fun together!

Now let's discover the benefits of memory matching games that help your kids to learn as they play:

  • improving short-term and visual memory
  • enhancing concentration skills and attention to detail
  • boosting listening skills
  • developing the ability to find differences in objects
  • successfully pairing objects with similar traits

How Matching Games Help Children’s Memory?

First of all, matching games challenge short-term memory skills and help improve function in this area. And short-term memory skills are actually linked to long-term memory skills.

Benefits of Memory Matching Games

In matching memory games, kids need to plan their moves as they use their short-term memory skills. In this way, they can also boost their critical thinking skills while they plan their next move.

Moreover, they will not only improve their visual skills, but also their ability to distinguish objects from one another. Because as kids play, they need to focus on the visual details to remember and concentrate as they listen to your instructions. And this is how matching games enhance your children's memory.

Instructions to Play Memory Matching Games

There are many alternatives to playing matching memory games. You can even create customized versions with your family photos! Or they can include words you choose and other content to make a unique family game as you teach your children essential game-playing skills.

Matching card games focus on different skills ranging from counting, number recognition, pairing objects, color recognition, and even vocabulary. In addition, with MentalUP letter recognition games, children's ability to recognize and match letters develops.

You only need a deck of matching pair cards and game rules to improve your kid's memory, visual recognition, and concentration skills. With memory games, you can help your kids learn as they have fun at any age. Here is how:

How to Play

Matching Game for Kids
  1. Shuffle the cards and spread them face down across the table.
  2. Ask your kids to take turns to turn over two cards, searching for a matching pair.
  3. If the two cards they selected are matching, then the player keeps the pair and turns another two. If they are not matching, the cards are turned over again, in the same location, and the next player takes the turn.
  4. The key to success is related to kids remembering where all the cards were in the previous rounds. Once all the deck is matched, the player with the most pairs wins the game!
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