We’re always on a hunt to discover new and fun ways of teaching children. And when it comes to math, number activities are one of the best ways to do so for preschoolers.

Discover many games and activities that will help children learn numbers, and gradually, come to love math.

Best Number Games

Find 10

Find 10

This best number game improves math, planning, and visual attention skills.



This number learning game improves reasoning, spatial perception, and counting skills.

Seen Many Times

Seen Many Times

This number recognition activity for preschool improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and visual attention skills.

Remember the Numbers

Remember the Numbers

This number game for preschoolers improves short-term memory and sustained attention skills.

Number Counting Games

How Many Birds?

How Many Birds?

This counting number game for preschoolers develops visual attention and counting skills.

Odd or Even

Odd or Even

This learning number games for 5 year olds improves visual scanning, planning, and comparison skills.

Find and Order

Find and Order

This number game for toddlers improves visual scanning, spatial memory, and comparison skills.

More or Less

More or Less

This free math game improves visual scanning, comparison, and planning skills.

Number Matching Games

Audio Numbers

Audio Numbers

This number matching game improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.



This math exercise develop math, decision making, and processing speed skills.

Are You Bigger Than Me?

Are You Bigger Than Me?

This online math game improves logical thinking, and math skills, comparison skills.

1 Number One Letter

1 Number One Letter

This math number exercise for preschoolers develops visual scanning, comparison, and planning skills.

Number Activities for Preschoolers

Check out our list of creative, productive and fun number recognition games and activities!

Number Recognition Activities

Number recognition activities are very beneficial for preschoolers as they help them learn numbers in the most efficient and entertaining way possible. And we listed the best activities for your children to try! You can easily access them from our Pinterest Printable Teachers' Tools Board.

1. Dot-to-Dot Printables

When it comes to teaching preschoolers math, printable number activities are a perfect way to combine learning and fun! Therefore, we present to you the dot-to-dot game!

Dot-to-Dot Printables

All they have to do is connect the dots and form the picture! With these printables, you can teach them the sequencing of numbers, which will help with number recognition.

2. Color by Number Printables

Another great example of number games for preschoolers is color by number printables.

Color by Number Printables

This activity helps kids immensely with number recognition. It is also suitable for all elementary school children (even those who experience math difficulties) regardless of their age, as different levels require different amounts of attention.

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Number Art Activities

Hands-on learning is very effective for children. Therefore, we prepared a list of art activities for learning numbers that your preschoolers will enjoy!

1. Ice Cream Math

Here is a very simple yet fun activity!

Ice Cream Math

On a large construction paper, draw on 10 different ice cream cones. You can also prefer to cut out triangles from colored paper and glue them on.

Write down the numbers 1-10 on the cones. These numbers will be indicators of how much ice cream should be put on the cone. You can use the numbers in the right order, or, mix them up to increase difficulty.

Cut 55 small circles out of colorful paper (or get circle-shaped paper from a store). Ask your children to glue the right number of ice cream scoops onto each cone.

2. Number Puppets

Teaching 4 year olds numbers is way easier with number learning games. Here is an example of easy-to-do number activities for preschoolers that your children will definitely enjoy!

Number Puppets

First, draw numbers 0-9 on a blank piece of paper. Ask your child to color them as they desire. After they finish coloring them, glue on some googly eyes to add some fun.

Finally, cut off the numbers and glue them on a hobby stick or popsicle stick.

For toddlers, use these sticks as puppets and create your own number games with stories and songs. It will help them to build visual memory of them.

3. Octopus the Math Professor

When it comes to 5 year olds, animals always have a role in games for learning numbers. In this activity, octopuses and their many arms are here to the rescue.

Octopus the Math Professor

Draw a big octopus on construction paper. Make sure to make its arms big and long so your child can draw on it.

Number the arms 1-8. Ask your children to draw the number of circles each arm has.

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Christmas and Halloween Number Activities

Christmas is around the corner. That’s why we thought that some festive-themed activities will motivate your little ones just a bit more 😃

1. Math Stockings

If you’re looking for number activities for preschoolers, printable games are a savior. And stockings are one of the most festive items that remind us of Christmas and the new year. Here’s a fun way to combine these two.

Math Stockings

Download our free printable worksheets. You can laminate them to provide sustainability.

Then take small pieces of play dough and ask your child to decorate the stockings with the number of gumdrops identified on the worksheet.

The worksheets are numbered from 1-10 and incorporate both written numerals and number words, as well as the number word used in a sentence. This is one of the Christmas number activities that teach pronunciation of numbers, help build proper motor skills, and promote reasoning skills as one of the simple yet effective educational toys for preschoolers.

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2. Candy Corn Field

Counting candy can be the most fun form of math for kids. That's why Halloween number activities are one of the best ways to teach math to preschoolers! It is also one of the good choices for kindergarten math games.

Candycorn Field

First, draw 3-4 simple corn templates on a big piece of construction paper. Then, write down a specific number from 1-20 (or as much as your child knows) on the husks of the corn.

Now, it’s time to place the candy. For each corn, place the number of candy corn that you have written on the husk. For instance, if you’ve written “3” on the husk, you should place 3 candy corns on the ear of the corn.

After you have placed the correct amount of candy on each corn, deliberately add 1 or 2 more on one of the corns. Now, it’s your child’s turn to play.

Ask them to check your math. They should re-count the candy and spot the mistake. If they get to figure it out, eating the candy can be their prize.

Preschoolers love these types of number recognition activities that have incentives as they help them learn more willingly, therefore, more efficiently.

3. Christmas Tree Math

This is one of the best number counting games for preschoolers, after all, who doesn’t love decorating a Christmas tree?

Christmas Tree Math

First, print out as many of our printable Christmas trees as you want. Then, write down numbers 1-10 on a small piece of paper, fold them and place them in a bowl.

Ask your child to draw a piece of paper from the bowl. Then, ask them what the number is. Encourage them to color the Christmas tree using the number of colors written on the paper. This is also a fun activity for nursery school and pre-K teachers to make room for in their classes.

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Linguistic skills are important just as math skills for preschoolers. With the proper alphabet exercises, you can teach them letters, basic spelling, and even some vocabulary! Help your child practice and play with alphabet games for preschoolers.

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