All the nursery school and kindergarten students’ teachers and parents out there, we have a solution that will make the little ones love math!

Free Online Kindergarten Math Games

Bird Counting Game

Bird Counting Game

This counting game for kindergarten helps to improve kids visual attention and counting skills.

Dice Math Game

Dice Math Game

This dice and cubes math game improve reasoning, spatial perception, and counting skills.

Number Recognition Game

Number Recognition Game

This game improve short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.

Seen Many Times

Seen Many Times

This comparing the number game improve short-term memory, sustained attention, and visual attention skills.

Gamified learning is a very useful technique that not only makes learning fun, but also allows the learned information to stick around longer. And as math is one of the hardest and least favored subjects among students, we created a list of free kindergarten math games and activities for children to benefit from.

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Make a math practise with this basic addition game! It improves decision-making, processing speed and math skills.

Subtraction Game

Subtraction Game

This subtraction game improves logical thinking, comparison and math skills.

Candy Shape Game

Candy Shape Game

It looks delicious! Also this identify shape game improves visual attention and counting skills.

Remember the Numbers

Remember the Numbers

This number recognition game improves short-term memory, and sustained attention skills.

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Kindergarten Math Activities

Kindergarten’s common core standards for maths are;

  • Counting & cardinality
  • Operational & algebraic thinking
  • Numbers & operations in base ten
  • Measurement & data
  • Geometry

Here, you can find many kindergarten math games and kindergarten home activities that will support the required standard and which children can play themselves, with their playgroups, in the classroom or at home.

File Folder Math Games

Kindergarteners love printable math games that function as educational toys for kindergartners, and so do their teachers and parents! They are the perfect teacher’s tools, accessible by parents, and awesome for children! Let’s discover these fun games to play with kindergartners!

1. Trace and Write

Kindergarten and pre-K students may have a hard time learning how to write their numbers. In that case, these printables can be of a lot of help.

Trace and Write

All you have to do is print them out and ask your children to trace the dots. By doing so, they will build proper motor skills and gain number sense. The illustrations on the worksheets also help children understand cardinality.


2. How Many?

Counting is one of the very first things children learn about math. These worksheets will help them practice.

How Many?

All you have to do is encourage kids to count how many objects in the picture there are and write it down. It will support your children’s operational & algebraic thinking skills as they will learn basic addition.


3. True or False

Showing what is not correct is another form of teaching the truth. These “True or False” printables will help your children learn comparing measurements.

True or False

For these worksheets, your children have to color the boxes next to the comparisons according to whether or not they are true.

You can help them on the way by voicing the questions like “Is 5 bigger than 4?” or “Is 1 equal to 1?” if they have a hard time recognizing the symbols.


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Whole Group Math Games

Children love playing with each other. Here are some fun activities that they can do together with their friends on their playdates or in the classroom.

1. Basketball Math

Why not incorporate math into sports and make it a team game!

Basketball Math
What You Need
  • Recycled paper
  • Trash bins or buckets
How to Play
  1. Make “basketballs” out of recycled paper.
  2. Form groups of children.
  3. Place trash bins or buckets across the room (equal to the number of groups).
  4. Place the same amount of paper balls in each of the trash bins.
  5. Give the rest of the paper balls to the children asking them to toss them in until they reach a certain number.
  6. The first to complete will win the round at the end, the group with the most rounds wins the game.

This game will not only help children with counting & cardinality, but it will also help them concentrate and build proper motor skills as they aim.

2. Ribbon Wars

It’s time for the whole group to play some easy math games. All you need is ribbons and a bag.

Ribbon Wars
What You Need
  • Ribbons
  • Bag to shuffle the ribbons
  • Scissors to cut the ribbons
How to Play
  1. Cut colorful ribbons into different lengths and place them in a bag.
  2. Ask children to pull a ribbon from the bag.
  3. Pair children and ask them to compare their ribbons to find the longer one.
  4. The child with the longest ribbon wins and gets to keep both as the game continues.

This activity is very beneficial to teach kindergarteners measurements as they get to compare the ribbons in terms of length.

3. Math Pyramid

Children love stacking cups. So we guarantee that they’ll love this activity, too!

Math Pyramid
What You Need
  • 10 plastic cups for each child
  • Markers
How to Play
  1. Number each set of cups from one to ten. Make sure each child gets a set.
  2. Shuffle the cups in each so they’re not in a numerical order.
  3. Give the sets to children asking them to stack them to form pyramids in the correct numerical order.
  4. The first child to form a pyramid in the correct order wins!

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DIY Math Games

Hands-on learning is very useful in terms of learning, and DIY projects are nothing but fun! Here are three great DIY activities with which your children will get to learn math in the most creative way possible.

1. Plastic Cap Math

Here’s a useful way for you to keep your bottle caps out of the trash and teach your children the number sequence.

Plastic Cap Math
What You Need
  • Bottle caps
  • Glue
  • 3D shapes/objects
  • Cardboard
  • Marker
How to Play
  1. Write down numbers downward on a cardboard.
  2. Glue down the number of bottle caps next to the numbers.
  3. Give your child objects to place in the bottle caps.

This activity contributes to learning counting & cardinality.

2. Domino Math

You can almost always use the games at home to create your own number games. In this case, we’ll be using domino pieces!

Domino Math
What You Need
  • Domino pieces
  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper
How to Play
  1. Place a piece of paper on a flat surface.
  2. Pick a domino piece and encourage your children to find the sum of the dots on both sides.
  3. Double-check their answer.

Dominos are great at promoting operational & algebraic thinking as kindergarteners can easily operate with numbers 1-20.

3. Math on a Stick

Craft sticks are one of the essential tools for DIY projects. Here’s a creative way to use them in teaching math.

Math on a Stick
What You Need
  • Colorful craft sticks
  • Clothespin
  • Marker
How to Play
  1. Write down the numbers 1-10 on ten craft sticks, leaving a number out each time. Make sure to keep out a number only once. For example, if you leave the number “3” out in one of the sticks, make sure to include it in all others.
  2. Write each number from 1-10 on ten clothespins.
  3. Give the sticks that are missing a number on them and the clothespins to your children.
  4. Encourage your children to attach the clothespin to the correct sticks with the missing number.

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These games will not only promote your children’s learning processes, but also help improve their cognitive skills.

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