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Publish Date: 28 October 2021

Home activities are at the forefront of the topics parents who have children in kindergarten frequently look for.

If you are one of the parents looking for fun and educational activities for your kindergartner and you have a child in this age range, we can say that the number of kindergarten activities at home is not less.

If you are looking for the most suitable learning activities for kindergarteners and baby games, here is a guide for you.

Kindergarten Activities at Home

Fun Learning Activities for Kindergarten

The kindergarten period, which is one of the fastest periods of mental and social development, is also a key period in forming children's personalities.

During this period, you can support your child's development by doing fun and useful activities.

Considering that children's hand and eye coordination, verbal and language skills, taking responsibility, and fine motor skills are essential for developing many skills and personality traits, fun activities for kindergarten students come to the fore.

Since children in this age group get bored quickly, kindergarten activities at home should be educational, developer and fun.

You can offer your children an educational, developer, and fun learning experience with MentalUP.

MentalUP is an education platform where children spend time without getting bored by playing learning games and doing workouts for kids.

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Alphabet and Literacy Activities for Kindergarten

Creating a framework for literacy in the kindergarten period or even before it becomes more important every day. Alphabet games and activities for kindergartners are a fun and educational way to enhance the child's experience as they grow.

These activities, which can be done quickly at home, not only enable children to read and write but also make them love to read and write.

1. Letter Matching

Letter matching game

An activity that will entertain your children at home and improve their language skills. A great game for those looking for fun alphabet activities for kindergarten. The letter matching game, which stands out among the alphabet games for kindergarten, is played as follows:

  • You write the letters of the alphabet randomly on a piece of paper.
  • You make the first match by saying the sound of the letter.
  • You want your child to do this formally.
  • You can make your child learn the sounds and forms of letters by matching letters in order

How about a pretty fun and simple alphabet game for kindergarten, right?

2. Alphabet and Literacy Games

Alphabet and literacy skills are of great importance for children, especially during the kindergarten period. Developing these skills in this period positively affects the future of children in education. You can always trust MentalUP, which is among the best alphabet apps for kids. Are you ready to get started?

Improve your children's various cognitive skills such as alphabet and literacy with MentalUP, one of the best educational apps for kids in the world!

remember the letters

Remember the Letters

Development of Memory Skills, Short-term Memory, Sustained Attention, Memory Enhancement​​.

color pattern shape

Color Pattern Shape

Improve Conceptualization Skills, Visual Attention, Continuous Attention, and Language Skills.

Audio Letters

Audio Letters

This game improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.

Word Memory

Word Memory

If you like fun memory games, give this game a try. It develops short-term memory, verbal memory, and sustained attention skills.

Do you want to discover more kindergarten-friendly educational activities for kids that can be done at home? Look no further! These learning games for 4 year olds are full of fun, and can be listed as some of the best educational toys for 4 year olds!

3. Snowball Alphabet Game

snowball alphabet game

Snowball alphabet game will entertain your children at home and improve their motor skills ​besides their language skills.

It stands out among the alphabet activities that can be done at home for kindergarten, and it's a game easy to play.

Let's get to the game:

  • All you need is paper, tape, and ping pong balls.
  • Paste the letters of the alphabet on the paper by writing large letters.
  • First, you say a sound and try to hit the letter of the sound you say.
  • Then have your children throw snowballs at the letter shown.

4. Letter Boxes

Developing alphabet and language skills for kindergarten can sometimes be a slower period. It can be much better to take small steps at these times. Letter Boxes game complete learning the alphabet activities for kindergarten. How does?

letter boxes
  • Draw a grid on a piece of paper and place a letter vowel in each box.
  • Give your kids a vowel tag and let them move it to the box with the matching letter.

The Letter Boxes game stands out among the educational alphabet activities for kindergarten. How does?

Math Activities

Creating a framework for math during or even before kindergarten is becoming more and more critical every day.

Starting early in math activities for fun and educational kindergarten improves children's math experience. With these activities that can be done easily at home, children not only learn the four operations but also learn to love math.

1. Math Games for Kindergarten

The development of mathematical skills also enables children to develop skills such as logic, analytical thinking, and problem-solving. The development of mathematical skills, especially in the kindergarten period, will support your children's analytical thinking in a long time.

Logic Balls

Logic Balls

Practice some logic with this game that tests your reasoning skills. Develops reasoning, planning, visualization skills.

How Many Birds?

How Many Birds?

If you like attention games, this game is for you. Improve your visual attention and counting skills.

Find 10

Find 10

Online logic games? If you say yes. Here it is. Improves math skills, planning, and visual attention skills.

Audio Numbers

Audio Numbers

This memory game for kids improves short-term memory, sustained attention, and aural memory skills.

Improve your children's various cognitive skills such as math and logic with MentalUP, one of the best apps for kindergarten students in the world! You can use its ice breaker games for kids to provide them with a safe learning environment! 🎮

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2. Digital Collage

Developing muscle strength and hand-eye coordination while your child loves math? Sounds very good, doesn't it?

digital collage

Digital collage is just such a game for parents looking for a math activity for kindergarten. Moreover, it is effortless to do this activity at home. Here are the details of the activity:

  • Bring out your newspapers and magazines.
  • Look at them with your child by having them find the numbers one through 30.
  • When you find a number, have your child cut it with safety scissors.
  • Repeat what the number is during this time.
  • Finish the project by gluing the cut figures into a beautiful collage.

3. Number Bingo

In kindergarten, children will learn to recognize and write numerical versions of numbers (usually up to 20). Number bingo is a great choice to reinforce the concept. Don’t forget that Bingo is one of the most popular educational toys for kindergartners.

number bingo

It is one of the fun math activities for kindergarten. You can both do a family activity and have your child recognize the numbers by having fun. Don’t forget that you can use it as one of the best telling time games if you adapt it with clock cards.

Here are the details of the exercise:

  • Build a bingo board of five squares by four squares. Or if it's ready, use it.
  • Randomly label each square from 1 to 20.
  • Then choose the numbers from a bag and have your child find them on the card.

4. Figure Hunt

Your kindergartner may recognize basic shapes, but seeing them in real life reinforces the concept of geometry.

figure hunt

What if we say it is possible to do a fun home activity together while reinforcing the concept of geometry?

Yes, shape hunting is just such a game—shape hunting for your kindergarten, backyard, home, or street. Help your child find objects of various shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and more.

Make sure she/he understands what the distinguishing features are between each shape and how three-dimensional shapes differ from two-dimensional ones.

Art and Coloring Activities

Artistic activities during and even before kindergarten greatly contribute to the development of your child's emotional intelligence.

The importance of art and color activities is understood every day. Color and painting activities for your kindergarten enhance the perception and experience of art as the child grows. Visual attention activities offer similar benefits, too, while supporting focus skills as a plus.

With these activities that can be done easily at home, children not only learn simple social concepts but also develop an aesthetic perception and learn to love art.

1. Art and Coloring Games

Children who develop aesthetic perception become more empathetic, understanding and more understanding towards people. For this reason, it is very important to nurture and develop children's aesthetic perception in the kindergarten period.

You can develop your children's sense of art and aesthetics by learning colors and shapes and keeping their minds fit by entertaining them.

Try MentalUP's Color and Shape Learning Games to keep them eager and excited to learn!

Let's Draw

Let's Draw

Improve your Visualization, Visual Attention, Visual Reasoning, and Spatial Perception skills.

Pick Your Candy

Pick Your Candy

Play this game to improve your attention and counting skills.

My Instruments

My Instruments

This fun memory game for kids improves visual memory, aural memory, and decision-making skills.

Color Pattern Shape

Color Pattern Shape

Looking for language games? This game is perfect for developing conceptualization and visual attention skills.

​​2. Making a Person with Leaf Combination

Leaf People is an event that is a candidate to offer a different perception of entertainment and art for the new generation.

making a person with leaf combination

The things to do for leaf human activity, which is one of the art activities that can be done easily at home, are quite simple.

We are here with both a great art event for your kindergarten and an event that will increase the bond it establishes with nature. Here's what to do.

  • Take a nature walk to collect leaves.
  • It's fun in the fall, but works well in the spring and summer, too.
  • Along with the leaves you collect, you can also get branches, pine cones, and flowers.
  • Then have your child glue them together to form a child's body on paper to create a whole family of leaves.
  • Get ready for great results.

3. Cut, Paste, Create Color Flower

This activity may seem like a fun kindergarten art project, but in reality, the goal is to teach the concept of the color wheel.

cut paste create color flower

If you are looking for a fun art activity to do at home for kindergarteners, it would be the right start. What to do is quite simple.

  • First, the primary flower petals are glued.
  • It then fills it with secondary colors.
  • Having good practice with scissors skills, kindergarteners also develop motor skills while completing a flower.
  • In addition, your child, who develops their knowledge of color, also develops their imagination while doing this activity.

4. Trees and Textures

Isn't it a great way to introduce the idea of texture by examining the bark with all its folds, to explain both the color ranges and the artistic integrity in nature?

trees and textures

We are here with a great activity idea for your kindergarten. In this activity, it is possible to teach children about textures and to put something together. How Does? Like this:

  • Have your kindergartener draw simple trees filled with patterns with crayons and then fill the background with watercolors.
  • Wood textures, patterns, and colors in the resulting products may surprise you.

Easy Learning Games for Kindergarten

Easy learning games during and even before kindergarten have a very developing effect on your children.

By playing fun and educational games for your kindergarten, you can support brain development and accelerate the learning process.

Moreover, home learning games for your kindergarten are very effective as they offer them the opportunity to learn in a comfortable environment.

1. Easy Online Games for Kindergartners

Messy Room

Messy Room

This game is completely prepared to develop visual attention, visual tracking, and comparison skills. Let's try and have fun!

Missed Balls

Missed Balls

Play this game to improve your attention and counting skills.



Online visual games? With simple skills, this game can become an amazing activity for improving visualization, planning, and decision making.

You Are Different!

You Are Different!

This fun attention game for kids improves visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills.

Logic Game

Logic Game

This logic game for kids improves reasoning, planning, and visualization skills. Play now and have fun.

Giant Dwarf

Giant Dwarf

This attention game for kids improves reaction control, focusing, and divided attention skills. Try now.

Memory Cards

Memory Cards

This game develops visual scanning, planning and spatial memory skills. It is also very entertaining.

Flying Cards

Flying Cards

Have fun while improving short-term memory, visual attention, and naming skills with this memory game.

2. Music in the Kitchen

By banging pots and pans, you can teach children the basics of finding the musical rhythm in a simple way, while improving their sense of rhythm. Moreover, it is a very useful activity to understand whether your child has musical intelligence.

music in the kitchen

With Music in the Kitchen game, which is a great choice among simple tutorial games, you can teach your kindergarten the basic logic of keeping rhythm while having fun. Moreover, it will be an activity that you have fun with together by transforming it into one of the best music games for kids.

3. Fruit Fractions

Fruit fractions, one of the educational games to be made at home for kindergarten, is quite simple and fun.

fruit fractions

What you need are a few fruits. You can install the game like this:

  • Take an apple or orange and cut it in half.
  • Have your child put them together to show a whole, then a half and two halves.
  • Reinforce how the two halves make a whole.
  • You can continue the game by dividing the half pieces in half (quarters).

4. Living Things and Nonliving Objects

With this activity, which is very instructive and very easy to do at home, you can let your kindergarten learn while having fun. The things you need for the game are quite simple: paper and pencil.

living things and nonliving objects

Tell your child that you will explore living and inanimate objects. Explain that in science, "alive" refers to anything that is alive or has ever lived (such as a cat, a plant, or flowers in the house).

"Inanimate objects" include anything that is not currently alive or was not previously alive (such as a car, computer, or stone on the ground). Explain that living things need food, water, space, and shelter to survive.

Brainstorm a list of animate and inanimate objects with your child. Discuss what the differences are between them. Write the titles Alive and Inanimate on a piece of paper. Walk inside and outside to find living and inanimate objects. Have your child decide which category to place each in and write them down on paper.

By teaching living and inanimate objects in your kindergarten, it will be possible for you to gain a love of animals and nature. This game is a game that also contributes to the development of empathy skills.

Reading Activities

Creating a framework for literacy in kindergarten is becoming more important every day. Starting reading activities early contributes greatly to the reading experience of kindergarten children.

These activities, which can be done easily at home, not only enable children to read and write, but also make them love to read and write.

1. Fairy Tale Club

The fairy tales that you can read from colorful books at a time you specify during the day and that your parents will tell will feed your kindergarten's imagination.

fairy tale club

It gives them a sense of curiosity and prepares a creative future. At the same time, it is very important for him to acquire the habit of reading and become a good literate person in the future.

Fairy tales are the place where children first get acquainted with the habit of reading. Therefore, a fairy tale club established with appropriate fairy tale selections will be very useful for them.

2. 'What if it wasn't' Game

This game, which starts your kindergarten by simply asking a question such as what if the sun did not exist, will allow your child to think about this question and give him the opportunity to create a completely different dream.

what if it wasn’t game

What if it was always evening, you can continue and shape the game. This game both contributes to your child's mental development and allows him to think from other perspectives.

Moreover, you can encourage him to read by teaching that he can find the answer to this question in a book and a story.

By researching and reading the answers to these questions, which have simple questions and simple answers, you can help your child gain the habit of reading.

3. Alphabet Stones

With the alphabet stones game, you can give your kindergarten the opportunity to both practice reading and recognize and distinguish letters.

alphabet stones

For parents looking for a fun reading activity for kindergarten, a great game suggestion is coming. You can have a great time together and offer your child a very educational activity. Our game is very simple:

  • First, you need to collect some stones.
  • Capital and lowercase literacy activity can start in the great outdoors.
  • Wash the stones you have collected and write the uppercase letter on one side and the corresponding lowercase letter on the other.
  • Then show the words or pictures on the index cards and challenge them to rebuild the word.

Science Activities

Do you want to introduce science to your kindergarten? You can do this much easier than you think.

science activities

It is possible to make fun of science at-home exercises for your kindergarten. How Does? Of course, with fun activities that make you love science together at home.

Let's take a look at these examples of activities that have a very stimulating effect on your kindergarten.

1. What Is Sinking? What Is Floating?

How is it possible to teach science at home with a fun activity to your kindergarten? And to start with one of the subjects of physics that is not easy to explain?

what is sinking what is floating

Kids, you can teach the properties of buoyancy with this easy experiment. Moreover, it is quite simple.

All you need to get started is a bowl of water and some small materials. You can examine them together, one by one, as those that stand on the water and those that do not.

This will allow your kindergarten to get some practice in making predictions and recording results.

2. Germination of Seeds

There is something incredible about seeing a seed take root and sprout with your own eyes. It's also one of the most fun science activities to do at home.

germination of seeds

Moreover, we can say that it is a great time for your kindergarten. This activity, which also requires a long observation period and patience, is quite easy.

To try, put the bean seeds between cotton balls in a glass jar. Over time, you can observe that the beans germinate and turn into a sapling.

If you want, after this sprout, you can take it in a pot with soil and continue growing it there.

3. Color Changing Flowers

This is one of those classic kindergarten science activities that everyone should try at least once. It can turn into a great game for your kindergartner at home, both instructive and science-loving, and surprising.

color changing flowers

Learn how flowers "drink" water using capillary action and create beautiful flowers while you're at it!

This activity is pretty easy and you just need a few colored paints along with a few white flowers.

  • Add the colored dyes one by one into the water you put in the small glasses.
  • Place the stems of the white flowers in the glasses so that they stand in this water.
  • And see how the flowers turn the color of the water in the glass in a short time.

No look further to find new and educational activities for your kindergarten children at home. There are new and innovative ways to teach. Start now enjoying the convenience of our platform with over 150 games!

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