Fun Color Learning Games

Pick Your Candy

Pick Your Candy

This learning colors game improves visual attention and counting skills.

Let’s Draw

Let’s Draw

This game brings learning colors activities into your home, wherever you’re!

Color Codes

Color Codes

This fun learning color game improves divided attention, reaction control, and focusing skills.

Light Up

Light Up

Looking for learning colors for toddlers games? Then, you must try this one!

These learning colors games are chosen to maximize progress and enjoyment of kids.

Top Shapes Learning Games

Rotate Shapes

Rotate Shapes

This learning shapes game improves visualization, reasoning, and comparison skills.

What Do You Want

What Do You Want

This shape learning game improves visual attention, conceptualization, and visual scanning skills.

Mixed Pics

Mixed Pics

This fun color and learning game improves visualization, visual attention, and reasoning skills.

Exactly the Same

Exactly the Same

This shapes learning game improves visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills.

Learning Colors Activities for Toddlers


Some of the objects used in the following activities and games can cause a choking hazard. The children must be under adult supervision at all times during the activities.

Education starts at home. Here are some great activities that will help you teach colors and shapes to your preschoolers, toddlers, and even infants.

The important thing to keep in mind is that their learning perception is different from older children and adults, as they mostly learn by associating things. Therefore, keeping the learning colors games as simple as you can is the best. In addition to learning color games, preschool apps, educational toys for preschoolers and learning apps such as best apps for kindergarten can also allow children to increase their learning abilities.

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1. Colorful Buttons

Here is one of the learning colors games for 3 year olds that will also help you organize your workbasket. Spread out a handful of mixed buttons on a flat surface. Ask your toddler to group them in similar colors.

Colorful Buttons

This game can also be an alternative for learning shapes games. Simply ask your child to group them according to their shapes. Keep in mind that these kinds of baby games develop little kids’ hand-eye coordination and help them to perceive the world around them more easily.

2. Tangram Puzzle

A tangram that is one of the most effective educational toys for toddlers and older children brings a lot of fun, but it’s not the primary reason why parents love it.

Tangram Puzzle

Tangram puzzles for kids help teach the basic concepts of geometric shapes and measurements with fun, interactive challenges that kids enjoy.

🧩️ We created the best DIY guides for parents who looking for how to make their own tangram at home as well as an online playable free tangram game!

❱❱ Tangram Game to Play Online - Create Your Own Printable Tangram

3. Colorful Walls

Here’s a fun learning colors activities alternative for your toddler that will make drawing on the walls less desirable for them 😃

Colorful Walls

Stick a few different colored papers to the wall. Get some stickers that have the same color range and ask your toddler to peel and stick the stickers on the matching colored papers on the wall.

4. Color Hunt

Learning colors games for 3 year olds can be so much fun! Take Color Hunt for instance.

Color hunt

Determine a color. For example, let’s say the color orange. Ask your toddler to bring the orange objects insight. It can be their favorite stuffed animal or fruit on the kitchen table.

You can intensify the game just a little bit more for your kindergarten aged children by adding math and numbers to the mix and asking them to find a specific amount of objects inside the house. This will also help them improve their math and concentration skills.

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5. Magic Bag

This is one of the best color games for kids to learn and explore colors on their own.

Magic Bag

For this activity, you’ll need ziplock bags or polly pockets and some finger paint.

Add two different primary colors into the ziplock bag. Secure the bag tightly with tape so the paint doesn’t leak. Ask your toddler to swirl his/her finger on the bag and see how new colors appear as they mix two of them.

Use additional resources like wooden blocks or lego pieces to explain the science.

6. Egg Nests

What better way to recycle your egg cartons than teaching your children!

Egg Nests

Color the bottoms of an empty egg carton. You can use it in 2 different ways:

  1. Ask your child to place the same colored marbles in the egg holes.
  2. Use it to teach your child the alphabet! Write the first letter of the color in the same color and place it in the corresponding egg hole. For instance, write a big “G” letter in green for the word green and place it in the green egg hole.

Make sure to pronounce the letter and color so the children can understand the relation.

7. Rainbow

Learning colors for toddlers games can get quite creative thanks to their wonderful imagination.


For this fun activity, ask your child to find objects that match the colors on the rainbow and form their own unique rainbow. You can use child-safe glue or help yourself with the sticking process with a glue gun.

This activity will promote their creativity and imagination and also help them develop reasoning skills.

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8. Color Circles

Color Circles Game is among the most entertaining and improving color learning activities. This activity helps kids learn colors and develops their social-emotional skills.

color games for 2 year olds online

You can do it in the classroom or at home. But it is important to remind you that the more, the merrier rules apply to the game. To do this activity, you need A3 paper and colorful crayons.

For starters, you need to draw a big circle on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall. Do the same thing a couple of times and say a color to a child. Then, he or she should paint a little part of the big circle.

After the kid’s work is done, he or she needs to say a color to another kid. You can continue it as long as you want and enjoy the activity.

9. I Spy Color

There are lots of shapes and colors games, but this activity is one of the most creative alternatives. Are your kids into mystery games? Then, you are in the right place.

learning colors

You just need to have different colored objects to play this game. The popular motto of the game is “I spy with my little eye something that is …”. You should fill in the blank with a color name and start the game.

The target of the game is to find mysterious, colorful objects. All the kids have one guess right when they speak up, and the one who guesses the object right wins.

If you do this activity with older kids, you can give awards to the winners and increase the level of competition. It is also suitable for playing at school.

10. Tricky Colors

Tricky Colors is one of the other fun games for learning colors. You can use it to teach the name of colors to younger children. They will definitely have a blast when doing this activity.

colors games for kindergarten online

You need to prepare lots of colorful craft papers as much as you can. Then, you should arrange a circle by using them. After the preparation is done, kids should start to walk around the circle in the company with some music to have more fun.

When you stop the music, they will stop and sit down. And when you turn it on, they will start to walk again. When you stop them, you should say, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Who is beside the color…? Please stand up if it is you.”

Of course, you will fill in the blank with a color name and the kid who sits next to this color should stand up. The game continues like that. You can always change the person who asks the question and try different songs for children to dance around the circle instead of walking.

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11. Moving Colors

If you have kids who like to be more active, this activity is tailored for them. Don’t forget that Moving Colors is one of the most dynamic colors learning games for kids.

learning games for kids- find the color

To do this activity, you need to prepare different colored papers beforehand. Then, you should assign a move to a color. If you play this game with younger children, you can write the assignment the paper. For example, red means jump, and blue means dance.

All the kids start the game standing up, and when you show a colored paper, they need to make the right move. You can take the kids who do the moves wrong three times out of the game, and the last one will be the winner. This activity also functions as a workout for them.

12. Touch

Touch is among the favorite alternatives of learn colors games. It is also a dynamic one. Because its rules are very simple, you can do this activity with toddlers or preschoolers, too.

color recognition games

You just need to shout “Touch something ….” and let the kids run around the room wherever you play the game. Don’t forget to fill in the blanks with a color name and change the color every time you shout.

This activity is suitable for playing both at home and school. It can be played by at least two people, but you can adapt it to a single-player game. If the players aren’t crowded, you can ask family members to join the activity to have more fun.

13. Color Song

Our last alternative in our colors and shapes learning games is Color Song. This game to learn colors also improves kids’ musical intelligence.

color game

But before you start to play this game, you need the popular “Rainbow Song.” The game will start with the song and ends when the song is over. Also, you should prepare plain paper and colorful crayons for the players.

The kids will listen to the song and paint the paper with the necessary colors in the form of a rainbow. If you trust your voice, you can sing the song which has lyrics “Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too".

Learn color games are one of the most important activities for young kids to learn colors. These kinds of games also develop their cognitive skills. 🎉

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