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Last Update Date: 15 April 2021

Did you know that each individual has their own way of learning and that understanding your learning style can help you learn easier, faster and more efficiently? The earlier you ask yourself “what is my study style?” the better because then you will know the best learning approach and will not waste time on ineffective efforts.

When it comes to children, helping them discover their own learning style is more crucial. Their school years are the most educational period of their life and a poor or wrong approach to learning may affect their educational progress greatly.

Therefore, administering a learning style test to your children at an early age and discovering their own learning style is very important to support their education. With our simple learning style inventory test, you will be able to discover your children’s learning style and provide them with the necessary learning materials and methods that will boost their learning capabilities.

Start Learning Style Test

Which one of the following sentences describes you the best? Tick the sentences describe you, leave the others blank. Find out learning style test results immediately!

NOTE: The learning style test above is not a definitive judgment. This test is based on the common behaviors of the people who are observed according to their learning styles and personal features. The test result is aiming to help you discover your and your child’s own learning style.

What Are the Types of Learning?

There are mainly three learning styles: kinesthetic (tactile), auditory and visual. Some people like to use one of these styles, whereas others combine them.

Kinesthetic (Tactile) Learning Style

Kinesthetic learners do best with hands-on learning. They use movement and touch rather than other aspects of learning, and they tend to lose concentration if there is little or no external stimulation or movement.

After you test what type of learner you are, if you find out that you are a kinesthetic learner, keep in mind that giving breaks between learning periods and staying mobile will help you concentrate.

If the results of our learning styles test questionnaire show that your child is a kinesthetic learner, support their learning by stimulating their thinking with educational tools, like small puzzles and play dough.

Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learning style relies on speaking and listening as their primary way of learning. Many auditory learners may experience difficulties when instructions or information are given in written form but can clearly understand them when the information is auditory.

After discovering your learning style is auditory learning, keep in mind that effective listening is your best weapon and look for ways to improve it.

If the results of our learning style inventory test indicate that your child is an auditory learner, you can support their learning by reading texts aloud, especially key headings and important topics.

🤔 While you trying to find the best learning styles for yourself or your kids, it can be useful to know what is your brain dominance. Are you Left-brained or right-brained? Here’s a quick and online test for you: Right Brain - Left Brain Test 🧠

Visual Learning Style

Visual learners process information that they can see better than information that they can hear. Therefore, visual learners prefer reading over listening and writing over speaking.

If you find out that you are a visual learner after you assess your learning style, keep in mind that you can benefit from graphs, charts, illustrations, or other visual aids greatly.

If the results of our simple learning style test show that your child is a visual learner, you can support their learning by marking important notes with colored pens or highlighters.

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Regardless of children’s learning style, improving their listening skills, enhancing their visual intelligence and engaging them with brain-stimulating activities have a great impact on their mental development.

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