We have the perfect test to help you and your child figure out the huge dilemma – are you left or right brained?

Right Brain Left Brain Test

In order to get the best answer to the ultimate question “Am I left or right brained?”, make sure to answer the 8 simple questions as truthfully as possible.

1- When you put your palms together and your fingers are crossed, does your right thumb stay on the top or bottom?

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right brain left brain
Logical Creative
Interested in math and use language well Interested in social studies
Pragmatic Subjective
Interested in clear results Intuitive
Successful in academic and scientific subjects Successful in visual and artistic subjects (such as art and music)

No matter what the results say, you should keep in mind that the dominance of one hemisphere of the brain is not definite. With the proper mental exercises, you can always improve the functioning of both hemispheres.

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Color Test Left Brain Right Brain

Perhaps you're familiar with the left brain right brain color test where you try to figure out what color is the sneaker or what color is the dress? Even though they are very popular on socials as supposedly being left brain right brain quizzes, there isn’t any scientific research to actually back it up.

Since we’re at it, we would like to explain the “What color is the sneaker?” and “What color is the dress?” phenomena.

What color is the sneaker What color is the dress

You must have seen both these pictures as a left brain right brain color test; however, neither of them has anything to do with evaluating the brain dominancy in individuals. So, what is their secret that aroused people’s curiosity?

The only trick within these photos is about lighting and how our brain adjusts to it. In the picture with the sneaker, the color of the man’s hand and thumb may trick some minds into seeing the sneaker differently (grey and green) than others when it is actually pink and white.

The same situation applies to the dress. In fact, it is more obvious because the picture that was circling around is very blurry, forcing the mind to correct it. As the mind tries to adjust the lighting of the picture, the reflection of the colors tricks people into thinking that the dress is white and gold colored, as truly it is blue and black.

Mind tricks are not new, and the deception of the mind caused by colors has many different explanations; however, none of them are associated with the brain dominancy of the brain.

💡 If you need more tests to implement, you can always measure your cognitive skills by using other methods such as Leiter Assessment.

Right vs Left Brain Table

As we mentioned above, the dominant side of the brain can affect your child’s cognitive skills, hobbies, learning style, and so much more.

After you or your child complete the test, you can get a better understanding of the functions of the brain hemispheres from the table below:

Left Brain Functions Right Brain Functions
Controlling the right side of body Controling the left side of body
Number skills 3-D shapes
Math/Scientific skills Music/Art awareness
Written language Intuition
Spoken language Creativity
Objectivity Imagination
Analytical Subjectivity
Logic Synthesizing
Reasoning Face recognition

If you would like to understand the differences between both brain hemispheres or get school tips for your children depending on their brain dominancy, feel free to check out our article. Meanwhile, you can also discover fun brain-enhancing activities whenever you want!

To support right-left brain development, check out our MentalUP brain exercise games, developed by academics and game designers.

MentalUP is a 100% reliable, scientific and fun application. MentalUP, also used by adults, is one of the best tools to support both right and left brain development of your child.

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