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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

Logic is the discipline of thinking that the human mind needs in order to make distinction between right and wrong. Logical thinking is only possible through reasoning. So, logical reasoning means that make a new decision by using the given judgments.

In this article about logic development methods, there are many examples so that you will find very clear answers to the question of "How to develop logic?"

In fact, let's share some logic exercises to be an example as a quick start to our topic. After checking out the exercises, read the rest of the article. We have shared very important techniques to improve your logical reasoning ability. Do not forget to teach these methods to your children.

reasoning exercise

This exercise develop your logic skills like reasoning and planning

logic development exercise

This exercise develop your mental skills like spatial perception, logical thinking

logical thinking exercise

This exercise develop your logical-mathematical thinking skills

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One of the basic thinking skills that human beings must have is logic. The more powerful an individual's ability to think reasonably, the better their learning skills become. This improves analytical thinking ability of the brain and makes people more advantageous than their peers or competitors.

  • Rational people can easily correlate events and objects.
  • The rate of making mistakes of rational people is low because they make judgments in every second.
  • Children who have logical thinking skill are successful at school because they can make a cause and effect relation.
  • Rational individuals are successful in business because they practice the right strategies.
logic development

While babies, children, and adults have the ability of logic development, there are differences in level of abilities among equal individuals.


There is plenty of exercises for logic development. As we mentioned at the beginning, logic is a discipline of thinking. Therefore, as you practice, this discipline will develop and become a permanent skill in your brain.



  • Reading detective novels, watching detective movies
  • Solving math problems
  • Solving math puzzles
  • Designing three-dimensional structures with toys like puzzle blocks
  • Playing logic games

The things we have been experiencing throughout our lives are also kind of logic exercises, but the most enjoyable way to do it is playing logic games, especially when we want to insist on. For example, playing chess supports the logical mathematical intelligence development. There are also scientific logic games that we can play on computers, tablets and phones.

MentalUP Logic Games are prepared with special contents to improve children's logic and reasoning ability. Children who play MentalUP are both have fun and improve their reasoning skill. MentalUP Logic Games are developed by the academicians who are specialized in their fields and increase the school success of children.

It also provides you very important statistics about your child's mental skills.

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Intelligence is a concept that involves logic. In order to develop logic we need to develop the logical part of our intelligence. We have mentioned that intelligence-logic games are highly effective for logical mathematical intelligence development.

Logic is a discipline can be developed. However, logic and intelligence are not the same concepts.


It might be useful to remind that logic is not a level of intelligence. We can answer the question of “what is logic?” accurately by explaining the difference between intelligence and logic. In this way, we can discuss how to develop the logic and how to improve the logic skills of our children:

Intelligence is the name of a process of perceiving, interpreting, recording, using, and deduction of any kind of information. On the other hand, logic refers using of intelligence to “reach the right conclusion” because has several rules.

Individuals develop logic as they learn to apply these rules quickly and accurately.

Example 1:

  • Fish are living organisms in the water.
  • Goldfish is a fish.
  • So the Goldfish live in the water.

As you can see the example above, logic is a method of deduction:

Example 2:

  • Playing Mangala supports development of intelligence of children.
  • Playing chess supports development of intelligence of children.
  • So all logic games support children's intelligent development.

As it is in the example above, logic is an induction method by determining a premise.

Example 3:

  • Porcelain is a fragile material.
  • Some plates are porcelain.
  • So if the porcelain plates fall into from a high point to the ground, they are broken.


It is the way and the idea of thinking to solve a problem by comparing or combining two or more pieces of information. Compared information can be a result or a foresight. For example, children develop a certain amount of reasoning ability by playing chess. In this way, they learn to make the right choices by thinking about the results they will get from other options instead of making the first move comes into mind. Therefore, one of the reasons of the frequent advice for learning chess is to practice the brain in this way.

Reasoning ability is also a part of logic. Remember to check the exercises we recommended for the development of analytical thinking and reasoning ability. Support the logic, memory, reasoning, problem solving, and visual, verbal, numerical intelligence development of your children with PEDAGOGICAL PRODUCT CERTIFICATED MentalUP Intelligence Games.

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