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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

On this page, we shared some brain teasers which help you to do brain gym. You will really like the visual brain riddles, brain riddle questions, and math brain riddles that will help you to think and use your brain as well as you will find them quite interesting and enjoyable.

ADVICE: Before you start brain riddles, have a look at “How to do Brain Gym Exercises?” title.

Brain Teasers With Answers


As we develop and strengthen our muscles in our bodies by doing physical exercises, we can keep our mind sharp and energetic by doing brain gym exercises. The number of synapses which provide the communication between billions of brain cells in the human brain is directly proportional to our mental capacity, particularly, our brain power. The number of synapses increases rapidly after birth until the age of two years old. That’s why children learn at an impressive speed during early years of their development. However, as they are getting older, synapses in unused areas start losing their efficiency.

You can keep your brain fit by using MentalUP Brain Exercises that children and even adults enjoy using. MentalUP is designed to support brain development of the user with brain teasers which are getting harder as you progress. MentalUP is certificated as PEDAGOGICAL PRODUCTS by observing positive effects on children. For more brain teasers, have a look at MentalUP. You can give it a try and get started with your FREE trial.

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Let’s go back to the main topic. You will find the visual brain riddles, brain teaser questions, and math brain riddles that we prepared for you below. While you are answering the questions, try not to use pen and paper and try to answer quickly. You can check your answers by clicking the “Show Answer” button. While solving brain teasers, sometimes you will make mistakes or have some difficulties. But do not give up. Let’s start testing yourself. (There may be several answers of some questions. You can write your answer in the comments below.)


You can test your visual spatial perception and visual intelligence with visual brain teasers in this section.

New Question

New Attention Question: How can you get 30 by placing the balls into the boxes in the following equation?

billiards balls brain question

This question cannot be solved mathematically. Because the sum of three odd numbers cannot be even.

But here the important thing is your attention

When you place the balls numbered with 11 and 13, you will get 24.

Then, if you place the ball numbered with 9 but inverted, you will get 24+6=30.

1.Visual Brain Teaser: Which one is the top view of the tower on the left?

Visual Brain question 1

If you look at to the tower from the above, the top layer is orange. So, the answer is definitely not C.

The second purple layer will not be seen from the above because it is the same size with the top layer.

And the third layer won't be seen either because it is smaller size then the top two layers.

The fourth layer will be the next one that's going to be seen from the above around the purple layer.

The last one is going to be the largest and and it is orange.

According to these, the answer is going to be A

2. Visual Brain Teaser: A person sees this picture on the left from where he/she stands. So, which image is he/she looking at to see that picture?

Visual Brain question 2

If you look at the image A on the right side, you will see the image in the big picture.

3. Visual Brain Teaser: Which one is the correct shadow of the animal on the picture?

Visual Brain question 3

There is a rooster on the big picture.

A is a shadow of a seagull, B is a chicken, C is a duck, and D is a rooster.

So, the answer is D.

4. Visual Brain Teaser: Which one is the right view for the person who stays at the orange point and looks at the figure from the pointed direction?

Visual Brain question 4

Let's go step by step.

There are obviously 4 blocks at the bottom.

And the second layer above the bottom, there are 2 blocks on the right. So the answer is definitely not C.

On the top layer, there is only one block that is seen.

So, the answer is D

5. Visual Brain Teaser: How many squares are there on a chessboard?

Visual Brain question 5

If we order them according to their sizes:

8x8 : 1

7x7 : 4

6x6 : 9

5x5 : 16

4x4 : 25

3x3 : 36

2x2 : 49

1x1 : 64

So on a chessboard, there are 204 square.

6. Visual Brain Teaser: How many triangles are there in the image?

Visual Brain question 6

The number of triangles forms of 1 unit: 16

The number of triangles forms of 4 units: 7

The number of triangles forms of 9 units: 3

The number of triangles forms of 19 units: 1

The total number of triangles is 27.

7. Visual Brain Teaser: Which word is wanted to be described?

Visual Brain question 7

8. Visual Brain Teaser: How many squares are there in the image?

Visual Brain question 8

The number of 1 unit squares: 6

The number of 2 units squares: 6

The number of 3 units squares: 3

The number of 4 units squares: 2

The total number of squares is 17.

9. Visual Brain Teaser: If the dice will be moved until the pointed arrow's end, which number will be on the top?

Visual Brain question 9

As a tip, the sum up the numbers of two reciprocal squares on dice is always 7.

So, the answer is 3.

10. Visual Brain Teaser: When you fold this figure and get a cube, what will be the colours of reciprocal squares?

Visual Brain question 10
Reciprocal squares will be: Yellow-Red / Blue-Purple / Green-Pink

11. Visual Brain Teaser: Question1: Please look at the picture and say the colours that you see.
Question 2: Which one is matched correctly with its colour?

Visual Brain question 11
Answer 1: Green-Gray-Purple-Red-Blue-Yellow-Magenta-Black-Pink-Orange-Cyan-Brown.
Answer 2: Blue on the text matches with the colour.

In this section, you answered visual brain teasers. Sometimes brain teasers could be like puzzles and riddles. Here are some of them:


Brain teasers questions in this section will test your cognitive skills.

IQ development with the questions prepared like puzzles is really fun.

1. Brain Teaser Question: There are two people. How they can divide a cake into two pieces fairly by using a knife only one time?

brain teaser 1

First of all, one of them divides the cake in to two pieces fairly in his/her own way.

Then, other one chooses the big piece according to himself/herself.

Therefore, both of them will be satisfied.

2. Brain Teaser Question: Now, the clock shows 3:35 pm. If the clock is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise then what will be the time?

brain teaser 2

The important point here is that it is being rotated counterclockwise. It means hour hand will be rotated 90 degrees upper and minute hand will go to the right.

So, hour hand shows 12 and minute hand shows 4.

That's why the answer is: 12:20

3. Brain Teaser Question: Frank's father has 5 sons. If the names of his 4 sons are Fefe, Fifi, Fofo, Fufu, respectively, then what would be the name of his 5th son?

brain teaser 3
If Frank's father has 5 sons and the names of 4 sons are like above, then Frank is the 5th son already.

4. Brain Teaser Question: Mike, Andrew, Kevin and Rory are playing tug of war. Mike and Andrew pulled Kevin and Rory easily. After that, both Mike and Kevin together managed to pull Rory and Andrew hardly. Then, both Mike and Rory played against Andrew and Kevin but neither of them won the game. Thus, can you compare them according to their strength?

brain teaser 4

5. Brain Teaser Question:Two people played chess 5 times. Both of them won the same number of games and there was not a single draw. How could this happen?

brain teaser 5

It is only possible if they play with other people.

5. Brain Teaser Question: In order to transfer all the balls from the 1st tube to the 3rd tube by keeping them in their original order, how many moves should be done and what are those movements? (P.S: Name the balls like 1-2-3, and name the tubes I-II-III)

brain teaser 6

Do these moves in these orders:

Transfer the 3rd ball from 1st tube to 2nd tube

Transfer the 2nd ball from 1st tube to to 2nd tube

Transfer the 1st ball from 1st tube to 3rd tube

Transfer the 2nd ball from 2nd tube to to 3rd tube

Transfer the 3rd ball from 2nd tube to to 3rd tube


Mathematics is boring and difficult for a lot of people. However, there are some questions that everyone enjoys while solving them. For solving the math brain teasers in this section, you will not need even a pen but still it requires your close attention.

Math brain riddles are very effective brain exercises. Frequently solving these questions is really good way for IQ development.

1. Math Brain Riddle: Replace the question mark with a number respecting the equations below. Find the pattern.

Math Brain Teaser 1

If we think that each number on the left is the power of 4.




44= 256 

2. Math Brain Riddle: Please use all the numbers and equation marks only once and do the correct equation.

Math Brain Teaser 2

3. Math Brain Riddle:Substract 1000, add 40 add 1000 more, add 30, 1000 more, plus 20 plus 1000 and plus 10...

Math Brain Teaser 3
2100 is the correct answer!

4. Math Brain Riddle: Use only 0 (zero) 3 times and find the number of 6.

Math Brain Teaser 4

We are going to use factorial equations here. 0! (factorial of zero) is equal to 1. So, the equation will be like this:

(0!+0!+0!)! = (1+1+1)! = 3! = 6

5. Math Brain Riddle: Replace the question mark with the correct number in the equations below. Find the pattern.

Math Brain Teaser 5

After you multiple the numbers, if you sum up all digits of the result you will get the answer.

12x12 = 144, 1+4+4 = 9

23x23 = 529, 5+2+9 = 16

34x34 = 1156, 1+1+5+6 = 13

6. Math Brain Riddle: A, B, C, D, and E are representing whole numbers different than each other and zero. So, what are those numbers?

Math Brain Teaser 5

There is a five digit number, when it multiplies by 4 it gives again a five digit number but the new number is other way around.

This number is: 21978

A=2, B=1, C=9, D=7, E=8

7. Math Brain Riddle: There are so many types of questions like the previous one. For example, which 4-digit number gives you the same number with the other way around when it multiplies by 4?

Math Brain Teaser 7

2178 gives 8712 when it multiplies by 4.

8. Math Brain Riddle:Replace the question mark with the correct answer. P.S. It doesn't have to be a number. Think about the places in daily life that these numbers are located like below.

Math Brain Teaser 8

Here is the tip...

In the car, these numbers are located in a place..

You guessed it, right?

Yeap! It's the gearshift lever.

So, the answer must be the letter 'R'.

9. Math Brain Riddle: Find the weights of animals below.

Math Brain Teaser 9

If two bears weigh 120 kg, then one bear is 60 kg

One bear and one rabbit weigh 70 kg and a bear is 60 kg, then a rabbit is 10 kg.

One bear and one rabbit weigh 70 kg, and then a fox is 20 kg.

10. Math Brain Riddle: Find the result of the following equation.

Math Brain Teaser 10



If you sum up two equations; 2B=38, B=19

If B=19, A=57,


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It is highly effective to protect your brain health with solving questions like above. MentalUP has attracted great attention in the first quarter of 2017 and it has become the application which is used all around the world now. Try MentalUP brain riddles which has including the exercises that are beneficial for children's brain health.

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