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Visual Brain Teasers and Puzzles

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Find the Path Puzzle

Find the Path Brain Puzzle

Bip bip! Can you tell which scooter will reach the gas station?

The answer is B!

If you follow the road path, you will see that only B can reach the gas station.

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Tricky Equation Puzzle

Tricky Equation Math Puzzle

Which balls you should put in the hole in order to total 30? 🎱

This is a question that practical people can solve easily.

This question cannot be solved mathematically. This is because the sum of three odd numbers cannot be an even number.

What you need to measure here is your attention!

If you place balls 11 and 13 into the holes, you get 24.

Then, if you put ball 9 upside down in the hole, you get 24 + 6 = 30.

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Who Is Left-Handed:

Visual Brain teaser

Can you guess who is left-handed and why? 🧐

It’s irregular to serve drinks with left hand for a right-handed person. So, the answer is 5.

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Which Glass Gets Full First?

Which Glass Gets Full First Viral Teaser

You’ll love this picture brain teaser! Just concentrate and think about which glass will be filled first! 🥛

The answer is 3!

Glass 5, 6 and 7 not possible as there is a blocked connection. Now, as the connection to 3 is lower than that of 2, it will first while rest milk glasses will remain empty.

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A Bird's Eye View Riddle

 A Bird's Eye View Brain Teaser

Which one is the air view of the tower on the left? 👀

First of all, let's look at the picture on the left. The top layer is orange. Here, we can eliminate option C directly.

The purple layer underneath will not be visible because it is the same size as the top one.

The small circle below will not be seen from the top of the mould.

Beneath the small orange circle is a large purple circle. This is the second circle that will appear after the initial orange circle and will appear as a thin purple line.

A slightly larger orange circle than the purple one is just below it. This will appear on the outside as the largest circle in our painting.

Therefore, the answer is A.

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Shadow Brain Teaser

Which Glass Gets Full First Viral Teaser

Which shadow corresponds to the image on the left? 🐓

The correct answer is D.

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Visual Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser Puzzle With Blocks

View the blocks on the left from the orange point and direction of the arrow. Which image on the right is the correct view? 🧱

The answer is 9!

You need to count other blocks too which cannot be seen in the image.

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Attention Brain Teaser

Bus Direction Brain Teaser

Which way is the bus going? 🚌

Here is a tip for you: This is a bus in the U.K

The bus is moving left.

Because we cannot see the door of the bus in this picture!

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A Bird's Eye View Riddle

Brain Teaser Puzzle With Blocks

Let’s guess how many blocks in this tower? 🧩

The answer is 9!

You need to count other blocks too which cannot be seen in the image.

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Visual Brain Question

Visual Brain Question About Chessboard

How many squares are there on the chessboard? ♟









There are 204 squares on a chessboard.

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Picture Puzzles With Answers

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How Many Squares Do You See in Figure

How Many Squares Brain Teaser

Answer waiting for you right after the pic. But, you have to push yourself first!🔺

There are 17 squares in total.

This includes 6 small squares (1x1 unit squares), 6 medium squares (2x2 unit squares), 3 large squares (3x3 unit squares), and 2 very large squares (4x4 unit squares).

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Geometry Brain Teaser

Geometry Brain Teaser

What will replace the question mark? 🧠

There answer is A

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How Many Squares Do You See in Figure

Triangle Brain Teaser

How many triangles do you see? 🔺

There are two different claims about the correct answer! Find the right result and end the discussion.

The number of triangles forms of 1 unit: 16

The number of triangles forms of 4 units: 7

The number of triangles forms of 9 units: 3

The number of triangles forms of 19 units: 1

The answer is 27 triangles.

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Logical Brain Teaser

Logical Brain Teaser

When the below shape is folded into a cube, what colours will the opposite faces be? 🎲

Reciprocal squares will be: Yellow-Red / Blue-Purple / Green-Pink

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Visual Mind Question

Dice Mind Question

If we move the dice to the point where there is a red arrow, what will be the number on the top? 🎲

The sum of the two opposite of the dice is 7. In this case, the answer is 3.

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Remove 8 Matches Tricky Question

Remove 8 Matches Tricky

Remove 8 matches to form 2 non-touching squares.

Easy peasy! Just remove the 8 intermediate matches. That’s all!

Remove 8 Matches Tricky

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Tricky Riddles With Answers

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Mind Teaser Game

Color Mind Teaser Game

Look at the picture and name the colours in the order. One colour perfectly matches its name. Which word is it? 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨

Answer 1: Green, Grey, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, Pink, Orange, Turquoise, and Brown.

Answer 2: The answer is blue.

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Simple Brain Teaser

Picture Brain Teaser

What do these pictures have in common? 🤔 Just think different! 😊

Answer: RED! All pictures contain a red colour.

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Funny Brain Teasers

Tricky Brain Teasers With Emojis

Guess the movie described with the emojis! 👸

Hint: It’s also a famous kids’ story!

Answer: Cindrella!

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Word Brain Teaser and Answer

Word Brain Solver

Identify the word in the picture. 📘

The answer is EXERCISE

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Picture Brain Teasers

Picture Brain Teaser

If a lion had a Christmas music album, what would it be called? 🦁 Solve if you are a genius! Or.. you’re just a true music lover

The answer is Jungle Bells!

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Trick Question and Answer

Tricky Brain Teaser Question

Which is heavier? A pound of feathers or a pound of rocks? ⚖️

Neither. Both weigh a pound!

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Tricky Brain Question

Tricky Brain Question

What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? 🌍

The answer is a stamp! 📧

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People Buy Me to Eat, but Never Eat Me...

People Buy Me to Eat Brain Teaser

What am I? 😋

The answer is easy. It’s a plate!

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Brain Teaser Question

Tricky Brain Teaser Question

I exist only when there’s light, but direct light kills me. What am I? ☀️

The answer is shadow!

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Trick Question and Answer

People Buy Me to Eat Brain Teaser

Find the odd one out! 💡

Answer: 1

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