This brain exercises games are chosen to maximize your progress and give your brain a workout while having fun!

visual brain teaser

This magical ball is trying to hide from keen eyes! Can you find it?

brain teaser for kids

They arenโ€™t same! Can you spot the different one?

brain teaser puzzle

Only true detectives can get the best score in this card game. Are you one of them?

auditory game brain teaser

Do you trust your memory? Let's prove it with your auditory memory!

brain puzzle

Can you keep in mind the faces of the people you meet? Let's test it out!

fun intelligence question

Can you sort the balls in the box as per the example, and use as few moves as possible?


Are you good at box and card games, huh? What about digital memory cards?

logic question

Those with good visual skills find it at a glance. Test yourself too!

How Brain Exercises Can Help You to Get Smarter?

Just as we strengthen and improve the muscles in our body by doing sports, we can keep our mind clear and fit through brain training with online brain teaser games.

High synaptic multiplicity and a strong interconnection between neurons are directly proportional to our mental capacity, i.e. our brainpower. From birth to the age of two, the number of synapses in our brain increases rapidly.

Children absorb information like a sponge during the growth period. However, synapses in unused brain areas begin to lose their effectiveness as we age. For this reason, free brain games for seniors can create real differences in mental abilities.

You can keep your brain fit with MentalUP Brain Exercises, which children and even adults enjoy. MentalUP is designed to test and support brain development with increasingly challenging and interactive brain teasers.

It has a pedagogical product certification and more than 10+ million users worldwide. Also, MentalUP is a participant of the University College London Institute of Education EDUCATE Program.

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