Best Free Brain Games for Seniors

We’ve collected the best free brain games for seniors! These gamified exercises are developed by academicians and specialists and aim to improve essential mental skills like memory, logic, attention, etc.

Logic Balls

Logic Balls

Here is one of the best brain games for seniors! Reasoning & visualization skills are highly needed to play this.

Tricky Blocks

Tricky Blocks

Counting has never been that tricky! If you think this game is easy, your mind will change quickly!

Tangram Puzzles

Tangram Puzzles

Tangram is pretty popular as one of the brain games for seniors. It requires strong visualization & planning skills!

Have I Seen It or Not?

Have I Seen It or Not?

These cards challenge your memory! Play this game to find out how sharp your visual memory is.

Fun Brain Games for Seniors

These fun brain games for seniors are excellent choices for developing mental skills! 🥳 All of them are created to make seniors’ minds stronger.

Messy Room

Messy Room

Attention is a skill that everyone needs. In addition to that, you’ll improve visual tracking and comparison skills too.

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference

Which object is different from the others? Use your visual scanning and attention skills to find out!

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Do you trust your memory to remember faces & names? This game is one of the most beneficial brain games for seniors.

Find 10

Find 10

Visual attention, planning, and math skills are needed to make a great score in this free brain game!

Cognitive Games for Seniors

Cognitive games for seniors focus on developing some abilities like problem-solving and analyzing to help them how to memorize things fast. It’s necessary to exercise the brain with cognitive games daily to keep all these skills sharp.

Memory Cards

Memory Cards

Here is one of the best cognitive games for seniors! It improves visual scanning and planning skills along with memory.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Find the reflections of the objects you see in the mirror! A strong visual attention skill will help you in this adventure.

Same Old

Same Old

Memorize the last image & decide whether the next one is the same or different. It’s a wonderful exercise for brain health!

Rotate Shapes

Rotate Shapes

Are these figures the same or a reflection? Use your comparison and reasoning skills to solve this visual mystery!

Word Games for Seniors

Are you ready to discover the most effective word games for seniors? Play these to boost your verbal intelligence skills! 📝

Let’s Find It

Let’s Find It

Meet one of the best word games for seniors that simultaneously develop your verbal and visual intelligence skills.

Word Hunt

Word Hunt

Check the definition and find the correct word by using your verbal skills! Your brain will be surprised at how hard it is.

Synonym Antonym

Synonym Antonym

Do you think it’s easy to find synonyms and antonyms? Consider it again after one of the best word games for seniors!

Word Combinator

Word Combinator

Join the word pieces to find the correct word according to instructions! It’s a great exercise for both attention and language skills.

Mind Games for Seniors

Aging doesn't mean seniors can't enjoy good games! On the contrary, improving cognitive skills by playing the best mind games for seniors is the key to keeping the mind active.

Silhouette Hunting

Silhouette Hunting

Discover one of the best free mind games for seniors that develops visual attention and memory skills.

Follow the Boxes

Follow the Boxes

Select the boxes in order of appearance; support your spatial memory and sustained attention skills!

Number & Letter

Number & Letter

Look no further for finding easy mind games for seniors! This is the best game for scanning & comparison.

Right or Left?

Right or Left?

Which hand do you see? Improve your visualization and visual attention skills with this game.

Mind Stimulating Games for Seniors

Everyone can take advantage of scientifically approved mind stimulating games for seniors to keep the brain active! Here is an excellent list with the best examples of these:

Mind Stimulating Numbers

Mind Stimulating Numbers

Boost your brain power and cognitive skills with games for elderly! Find the connection between numbers and letters.

On One Condition

On One Condition

Select the images according to the given conditions. Use your logic and attention skills to get a great score!

Colorful Words

Colorful Words

Focus on the text color and select it! Sounds easy, don’t you think? Better to be ready to surprise when you play it!

Bigger Than Me

Bigger Than Me

This game is for those who are looking for handheld mind stimulating games for seniors! Arithmetic & logic skills are needed.

Our brain is a vital organ to keep living healthily. Besides saving all our memories, it also helps us manage our daily activities successfully. 🧠

To keep our brains sharpened against time, we need to do brain workouts just like exercising our other muscles. 💪

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10 Brain Activities for Seniors

Online brain games for seniors are pretty beneficial, but those are not the only way to support brain health. You can also benefit from suitable brain balancing exercises and activities.

We’ve compiled the best brain activities for seniors that can be played on their own or with loved ones. These games for elderly can affect both their mind and mood positively.

1. Chess

Who would disagree that chess is one of the best brain health games for seniors?

brain games free for seniors

It helps improve strategic and creative thinking. That’s why chess is an excellent choice for playing with any age group, including seniors.

You can play chess online or buy a chessboard to play with your family. Even some parks have chess boards to enjoy after a good walk!

2. Scrabble

Who could say “no” to a good word challenge? Scrabble is an appropriate game for all ages, including seniors.

free fun brain games for seniors

Scrabble and similar word games help people think strategically and create letters. That’s why it can be considered one of the best brain games for older adults. The other plus is anyone can play Scrabble with seniors, even their grandchildren.

3. Solitaire

It’s necessary to add Solitaire to the best free online brain games for seniors list.

brain games free online for seniors

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games globally, with many benefits. It improves memory and recognition skills at the same time.

The rules are easy to understand and remember. That’s why it can even be considered as one of the brain games for seniors with dementia.

4. Board Games

Playing board games has a significant impact on the brain. It boosts cognitive functions and memory as well as keeps the brain active.

free brain training games for seniors

Board games are also beneficial for developing social relationships. Some seniors feel alone, which may negatively affect their mood and social abilities. That's why playing board games with their families, relatives, or friends supports them both mentally and psychologically.

We have picked three board games, besides the suggested ones in our list: Yahtzee, Hive, and Trivial Pursuit. You may check them out and give one of them a chance for your next game night!

5. UNO

UNO can be considered one of the easy brain games for seniors, but it doesn't mean that it is not beneficial.

brain games for seniors with dementia

UNO cards have both numbers and colors and some unexpected rules like skip and reverse from time to time. Colors and numbers make it easy to understand the rules and help seniors with dementia keep their brains active.

It improves strategic thinking and attention skills and has the advantage of being played socially. In this way, UNO makes the bonds stronger between people and offers so much fun besides all these benefits.

6. Monopoly

What makes Monopoly such a perfect board game enjoyed by all families worldwide?

brain activities for seniors

Monopoly is an entertaining game, but it features more than fun moments. It requires a maximum amount of attention, strategic thinking, counting, and focusing skills for being successful. That's why it's one of the most beneficial brain-stimulating activities for seniors.

7. Backgammon

Can you believe that Mesopotamians played Backgammon 5000 years ago?

fun brain games for seniors

In almost all cultures, Backgammon has an important place. It is suitable to play from every age and can be considered one of the best free online brain games for seniors, or if you prefer old-school backgammon, you can easily find and buy one.

There's the luck factor because Backgammon is played with the roll of two dice, but that doesn't mean it's less critical to use strategic thinking and counting skills in Backgammon. Overall, it is worth considering in the brain games for seniors list!

8. Taboo

Describe what you read on the card, and stay away from the forbidden words while doing it... Which game is this? Of course, Taboo!

cognitive games for seniors

Taboo stimulates the brain by requiring too many skills to use at the same time, such as language, strategic thinking, creative thinking, and time management.

The rules are simple to understand, but playing is not! It will be surprising how hard it is for the first-time player, so it's on the list of great brain activities for seniors.

9. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's cube, or frustration in the shape of a cube for lots of people! It's impossible not to be familiar with Rubik's Cube because it has enormous popularity.

brain stimulating activities for seniors

There are several Rubik’s Cube forms, but 3x3 is the most known version. Kids, adults, and even seniors have spent lots of hours solving it, but only a few people who have understood the pattern can complete it.

Actually, it's not as hard as you'd imagine. If you follow specific pattern movements, you'll complete the Rubik’s Cube. You can check out the online tutorials about it and play with it as one of the best brain activities for seniors.

10. Memory Card Matching

Memory card matching games are excellent memory stimulators. All you need is one pack of cards to play.

brain games for older adults

You need some cards and their pairs to play. You decide how many cards will be lying on the table face down. Pick as many as possible if you want to make it a real challenge.

Choose cards to flip over, then check if they match. If you couldn't find the matched ones, just keep memorizing the places those cards stand.

Memory card matching games can be played in person, or loved ones can accompany the player. In this case, the winner will be the one who has the most matched card pairs.

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5 Best Elderly Puzzles

Everyone knows puzzles are one of the best game options for older adults! Here are the most effective cognitive puzzles for seniors to stimulate every one of their abilities:

1. Sudoku

Word puzzles are fun for sure, but what about number puzzles? If you consider yourself a number person more than letters, Sudoku can be your favorite!

mind games for seniors free

Because Sudoku is a favorite puzzle for elderly, even some newspapers or magazines offer free and daily sudoku. If you want to challenge your mind more and learn how to think faster by regular practice, you can buy a sudoku book and train yourself with the different difficulty levels!

2. Mahjong

Mahjong is one of the most recommended brain games for seniors by specialists.

free brain games online for seniors

That tile-matching game is pretty famous worldwide because it stimulates the brain by requiring too many skills to use at the same time, such as memory, calculating, and reasoning.

If you are looking for brain games for seniors with dementia, you should give Mahjong a try as one of the best elderly puzzles!

3. Crossword Puzzles

Some studies show that playing crossword puzzles can help reduce the risk of dementia. This fact makes these kinds of brain words games one of the most effective brain health games for seniors!

free brain games for seniors

Crossword puzzles require using attention, verbal intelligence, and memory skills simultaneously for a successful result. As another plus, there are many types of Crossword puzzles so that everyone can find his/her favorite version!

4. Jenga

Jenga is a perfect game for all kids, adults, and older adults. It has uncomplicated rules that are easy to understand. Still, you need strong attention and hand-eye coordination to play it well.

senior brain games

As one of the best brain training games for seniors, Jenga doesn’t offer only workouts for the brain. It also supports physical activities, so it makes Jenga different from other puzzles for elders.

5. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles can be one of the most popular brain games for seniors as much as kids! So, what makes Jigsaw Puzzles an excellent game for every age group?

best free brain games for seniors

Jigsaw puzzles support cognitive development by requiring visual perception and recognition skills. It can be played in person, but playing Jigsaw puzzles online has more advantages.

Online puzzles can offer numerous difficulty levels to activate problem-solving skills in every game more beneficially, making them extra useful as old people games.

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Keeping Your Aging Brain Healthy

As we all know, humans are social beings. When we feel lonely, it affects our brains more negatively than we can imagine.

Loneliness causes stress that affects our brains directly. We start to feel more hopeless, can’t find enough energy to take positive steps for anything we want to make, and slowly lose our social skills.

Specialists suggest that social life, exercise, and nutrition are critical for keeping the brain healthy. Playing games for elderly and doing exercises are great ways of doing it.

MentalUP is not only a cognitive games app like other brain training apps! 🥳

The award-winning app offers 240+ physical exercises in 5 different categories: balance, stretching, strength, cardio, and fun exercises. 💪🤩

Discover the daily programs according to your performance, or select a category that meets your daily needs. 🔍

One app for both mental and physical activities! 🧠👟


Brain Games and Mental Health

Mental health is as important as body health for living life to the fullest. Scientists say that depression and other illnesses threaten millions of people worldwide. Therefore being aware of and knowing how to deal with them is crucial to keep our minds healthy.

brain health activities for seniors

Playing brain games is an easy, funny, and beneficial way to boost brainpower. There are many brain games for seniors, so choosing the most effective ones and playing them every day can significantly affect mental health.

These engaging games also increase their self-confidence and strengthen their skills such as memory, attention, logic, problem-solving, etc.

Tips for Choosing the Best Brain Games for Seniors

There are many free brain games for seniors online, but which ones are good enough to improve mental capabilities?

free online brain games for seniors

This question must be answered carefully because not all the games are the same. There are some tips to choose the best brain games for seniors.

1. Formats of Games

Some brain games are easier, but some, such as video games, are more complex. Seniors should decide which games look more engaging for them.

Also, technological devices affect their game decisions too. Do they use tablets or laptops? Or only a smartphone? Maybe printable brain games for seniors can be better if they cannot use technology at all.

2. Difficulty Level

Brain games for seniors must be challenging but shouldn’t make them disappointed about their scores. Playing MentalUP games that can detect their levels based on their performance can make them play with the right amount of difficulty.

3. Monthly Fees

There are some brain games for seniors free and paid for. These apps or websites that require subscriptions offer personalized programs and detailed performance tools, so it can be much more helpful to track your development and compare your results with your age group.

4. Type of Games

Some people love Sudoku; others prefer Scrabble, puzzles, memory games, etc. Seniors should pick their favorite kind of games to play, but remember that their brains need to keep strong in different areas too.

Playing MentalUP games or similar ones offers the most significant benefit with so many types of games to stimulate the brain most.

FAQ About Brain Games for Seniors

1. How do I keep my elderly brain active?

Brain health activities for seniors are great ways to keep the brain active. You can check out our free brain games and the list we’ve compiled of the best brain activities for the health of the elderly mind.

2. What game can help seniors prevent memory loss?

Playing memory games for seniors regularly positively impacts the brain. These games are beneficial for memory problems, including dementia. You can find hundreds of memory-friendly games on MentalUP.

3. What games are good for 60 year olds?

The most helpful brain games for seniors should improve all the skills like attention, memory, logic, visual intelligence, verbal intelligence. We’ve suggested some MentalUP games and brain activities on the above that can be good for 60 year-olds.

4. What kind of games do seniors like?

Most seniors like to play word games, number games, puzzles, card games, and strategic games. You can check out the parts of Brain Games for Seniors and 15 Brain Activities for Seniors in this article for the top picks.

5. Are there any free brain games?

There are lots of free brain games for seniors on brain training apps, but not all the games offer the same benefits. The award-winning app MentalUP features the best free brain games because all those exercises are developed by academicians and specialists.

6. What is the best game to train your brain?

Choosing the best game to train seniors’ cognitive abilities is impossible. All people have different needs, and every game meets some of them. That’s why having personalized daily programs with many exercises for developing the brain, like MentalUP offers, is the best way of training.