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Last Update Date: 07 April 2020

Here you can find some of the best brain games for adults that will test and improve your mental skills.

you are different brain game

This brain game for kids improves visual attention, visual scanning, comparison skills.

visual brain teaser

This magical ball is trying to hide from keen eyes! Can you find it?

you are different brain game

Only true detectives can get the best score in this card game. Are you one of them?

auditory game brain teaser

Do you trust your memory? Let's prove it with your auditory memory!

you are different brain game

Can you keep in mind the faces of the people you meet? Let's test it out!

moving-balls brain game

Can you sort the balls in the box as in the example? Of course with the least moves!

remember well brain game

Are you good at box and card games, huh? What about digital memory cards?

color blind brain game

Those with good visual skills find it at a glance. Test yourself too!

Before we carry on with different brain game alternatives, let’s look into some the benefits of brain games for adults.

Intelligence: It can be described as a collection of all mental activities such as learning and connecting what you learn, abstract thinking, and reasoning. Intelligence begins to develop after birth until adulthood. Intelligence development is usually at its fastest rate during childhood. As you get older, this process starts to slow down but does not stop completely.

intelligence games for adults

We prepared a detailed list of games that are going to surprise you. And you will definitely love it. Let’s begin!


“Being intelligent” has always been an important concept in people's life. Therefore, every human being wants to improve their intelligence. One of the most effective and fun ways of achieving this is to play intelligence games. By playing these games, you can have fun and at the same time, you can keep your brain fit. Intelligence games are known with their therapeutic effect for problems such as distractibility or dysmnesia.

That's why we have created a list of brain game alternatives for adults that we hope you find it interesting.




Did you know how beneficial riddles are? You can see them everywhere and almost every day. Crossword puzzles, riddles and others contribute to development of memory and attention skills. Solution-oriented thinking, which is one of the most important functions of intelligence, can be improved by the help of riddles. And the benefits are not limited to these only. Riddles also improve vocabulary, general knowledge, and communication skills.



Chess is one of the most popular intelligence games. People who play chess know better that there is not only one way to win a game and how to evaluate alternatives. Chess improves fast decision-making mechanism. Trying to act fast and right provides strategic thinking, concentration and attention development. Chess is a powerful alternative among the choices of brain teasers for adults and children.


Video Games / Computer Games:

Computer games are fun activities that their benefits are usually ignored by adults, and we usually think of their negative effects. In fact, there is always some positive - negative effects with all other options depending on how much time we spend on them. Computer and video games have an improving effect on intelligence when it is played in a controlled manner.

computer game

For instance, with an action game, we can improve our abilities to make quick decisions, or on the contrary, focus on the important object. Similarly, a car racing game can provide improvement of hand-eye coordination. It has been observed that people who have difficulty focusing on a job or topic (distractibility, lack of attention, unable to focus) do not have difficulty in focusing on computer games. Therefore, it is a fact that video games improve attention and focus. If you are looking for a more effective solution, you can check out entertaining MentalUP brain training games.


MentalUP Brain Training Games:

MentalUP is created to support mental development for children. However, this scientific brain training games application is also suitable for adults. MentalUP can be used on phone, tablet or pc. It supports development of concentration skills in adults. MentalUP is created by academicians and game designers. MentalUP may have positive effects against Alzheimer’s Disease. The Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) recommends 3 things to protect human brain against Alzheimer's disease:

  • Doing Sports Regularly
  • Having a Healthy Diet
  • Regular Brain Exercises

We recommend you to use MentalUP brain training games regularly in order to stay mentally strong and protect yourself against mental issues. You can try MentalUP now for FREE.

MentalUP Brain Exercise Games: Try Now

mentalup game


Matching Pairs Card Game:

Matching pairs card game is one of the most popular games played by people from any age group. In this memory boosting brain training game, you try to match the pairs of the cards. Of course, this game is now widely available online. Matching pairs card game keeps your brain fit and improves memory.

Play mind games


Mobile Apps for Adults:

There are hundreds of mobile apps developed for adults who want to improve their intelligence skills. These applications, designed like brain exercise games, work with artificial intelligence on the background. There are also many online brain games that you play individually and then your scores are compared with other players. Generally speaking, comparing results with others may help to interpret your own results better.

Intelligence development application

Some of the applications that adults will enjoy playing:

  • Paperama
  • MentalUP
  • 2048
  • Flow