Tricky Riddles With Answers

Tricky riddles with answers are very useful for our brains to be able to work more smoothly. Check out some examples of tricky riddles with answers for both adults and kids :


English Riddles

English Riddles

What begins with T, ends with T, and has T in it?

It’s a Teapot.

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Complex Riddles

Complex Riddles

Two fathers and two sons are in a car, yet there are only three people in the car. How is this possible?

They are grandfather, father and son.

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Confusing Riddles

Confusing Riddles

I have cities but no houses, forests but no trees, water but no fish. What am I?


Crime Riddles

Math Matches

There was a plane crash in which every single person was killed. Yet there were 12 survivors. How?

The 12 survivors were married, not single.

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Rhyming Riddles

Rhyming Riddles

Eva’s mother had three children. The first was called April, the second was called May. What was the name of the third?

It’s Eva!

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Money Riddles

Money Riddles

What is it and how much does one thing cost?

They’re just apartment numbers and one costs $1

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Hard Riddles with Answers

Hard riddles with answers allow us to push the limits of our brains. That is, if you find the riddles with answers hard enough. You can find examples of hard riddles with simple answers below:


Cryptic Riddles

Cryptic Riddles

George, Helen, and Steve are drinking coffee. Bert, Karen, and Dave are drinking soda. Using logic, is Elizabeth drinking coffee or soda?

Elizabeth is drinking coffee. The letter E appears twice in her name, as it does in the names of the others that are drinking coffee.

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Famous Riddles

Famous Riddles

Find the logic in the figure given to find the missing one.

Every single symbol is associated with each other’s position. If you look closely, you will find out that the upside-down spade symbol is always used on the left of a right-side-up heart.

Famous Riddles

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Corona Escape

Corona Escape

What path must he take to escape from room no.13 to room no.4?

The patient will follow the path from room number no.13 to room no.4 as shown in the picture below.

Corona Escape answer

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Crazy Riddles

Crazy Riddles

Can you find the number of triangles in the given figure?

The number of triangles in the given figure is 24.

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Unsolvable Riddles

Unsolvable Riddles

If the given figure is folded to make a cube, which of the following options will be formed?

There’s an easy way out! You have two of each of the faces and their patterns, and none of them are next to the same pattern. So when the cube is folded, you won’t find any face repeated. Thus, option D fits the criteria.

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Logic Riddles

Logic Riddles

What can you keep after giving it to someone?

Actually it isn’t hard as you think. Your word!

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Funny Riddles with Answers

All riddles are fun. But some are a little more than others! Here are some funny trick questions and hard riddles with answers:


Daily Riddles

Daily Riddles

Can you spot the dog?


Small Riddles of Movies

Small Riddles of Movies

Can you tell the movie?


Ancient Riddles

Ancient Riddles

A cowboy gallops into town on Monday, stays for two days, and leaves town on Monday. How can this be?

His horse's name is Monday!

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The Lock and Key

The Lock and Key

Let's hunt the treasure together! Find the right lock for the key!


Animal Riddles

Animal Riddles

Which owl do you think is antisocial?

Only the circled owl is looking away from the rest and hence antisocial.

Animal Riddles answer

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Who Am I Riddle

Who am i riddle

I cannot talk but will always reply when spoken to. What am I?

An echo.

Who am i riddle answer

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Kids Riddles with Answers

Visual tricky riddles for kids with answers have very beneficial effects on children's cognitive improvements. We have listed the riddles for kids with answers that will activate different areas of your child's brain for you:


Picture Riddles

Riddle 1

Can you find the missing number?

The one in the middle is different from the others. Look at the eyes

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Scary Riddles

Scary Riddles

What do you see in the given picture?

The black part is the word "good". However, inside the black part, you will find white spaces in which you will see the word “evil”.

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Clever Riddles

Clever Riddles

You are given the sum of symbols in each row and column in the attached figure. Analyzing the figure, can you find out the value of the symbols?

Value of Circle is 3, Value of Star is 5, Value of Triangle is 4.

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Confusing Riddles

Confusing Riddles

Can you spot what’s wrong?

Rooster doesn't have webbed feet.

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Visual Riddles

Visual Riddles

Which bar is longer? A or B?

It's an optical illusion that makes you believe that bar A is longer because of the railway tracks.

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Maze Riddle

Maze Riddle

Can you find your way out of this maze without hitting a dead-end?

Maze Riddle answer

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Easy Riddles with Answers

While some people easily solve hard riddles, they have difficulty with the easy ones. If you are looking for brain teasers riddles with answers that can appeal to all age groups, check out the short riddles with answers we listed below:


Calculation Riddles

Calculation Riddles

Can you calculate the table height based on the information given in the picture below?

Table + kitten - turtle = 34

Table + turtle - kitten = 29

If you add both equations 2 tables are equal to 60, which means the height of 1 table is 30!

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Duck Hunt Riddles

Duck Hunt Riddles

How many ducks are there?

Answer: 16

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Guess What Riddles

Guess What Riddles

What does this image riddle mean?

Painless Operation

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Mystery Riddles

Mystery Riddles

What occurs twice in a week, once in a year but never in a day?

Letter 'E'

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Logic Riddles

Logic Riddles

Can you find out a way through which you can make five squares out of the given figure by moving just six match sticks?


Hidden 5Y Riddle

Hidden 5Y Riddles

Can you find the all 5 Y's in this picture?

Hidden 5Y Riddles answer

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Riddles for Adults

Are you looking for some brain activity for adults? Riddles are great exercises to boost cognitive skills and test mental fitness. Here are some challenging riddles for adults with answers.


Funny Riddles for Adults

Funny Riddles for Adults

What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?

Answer: The future

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Logic Riddle for Adults

Logic Riddles

Can you move 2 matches to make 7 triangles?

Logic Riddles answer

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Visual Riddles for Adults

Visual Riddles

Find 3 little cubes that have fallen from the big cube and find the right place for them.

Visual Riddles answer

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Sudoku Riddle for Adults

Sudoku Riddles

Solve the Sudoku task so that each big triangle, each horizontal row and each diagonal have different numbers from 1 to 9.

Sudoku Riddles answer

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Guess What Riddles

Guess What Riddles

Unite two pictures and guess what is pictured?

Guess What Riddles answer

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Find the Sign

Find the Sign

What sign should replace the question mark?


Number Riddle for Adults

Number Riddles

Figure out the pattern and find the number.


Time Race Riddles

Time Race Riddles

Find M in 30 seconds!

Time Race Riddles answer

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Tough Riddle for Adults

Tough Riddles for Adults

Can you find the shape in this picture?

Tough Riddles for Adults answer

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Hidden Word Riddles

Hidden Word Riddles

Can you find the names of 12 colors in the picture?

Hidden Word Riddles answer

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Mathematical Riddle

Mathematical Riddles

How many triangles are there?

Answer: 30

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Difficult Riddle for Adults

Difficult Riddles for Adults

Find the only one piece of domino where the sum of dots is equal to 6.

Difficult Riddles for Adults answer

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Riddles in English

English riddles are the key exercises to improve both language and logic skills. Here are riddles in english with answer for kids and adults to challenge themselves.


English Riddles

English Riddles

Which is the biggest English alphabet that contains the most water in it?

Answer: Answer: The letter ‘C’.

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English Logic Riddle

Logic Riddles

What would weigh more, one pound cotton or one pound iron?

Answer: Neither weighs more or less, as they weigh the same, one pound.

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Riddles with Answers in English

Riddles with Answers in English

I have a face and two hands, but no arms or legs. What am I?

Answer: A clock.

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Funny Riddles in English

Funny Riddles in English

What is used by others frequently, but belongs to you?

Answer: Your name.

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Rhyming Riddles

Rhyming Riddles

“gun, shoe, spree, door, hive, kicks, heaven, gate, line, den”

There is a logic for the word order. What logic is used?

Answer: Each word rhymes with its numeric position in the list. (e.g. 'gun' rhymes with 'one', etc.)

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Fun Riddles

Fun Riddles

What question can you honestly never answer “yes” to?

Answer: Are you sleeping?

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Complex Riddles

Complex Riddles

I met a man on the London bridge, he tipped his hat and drew his cane, in this riddle I told you his name. What is it?

Answer: Andrew (‘and drew his cane’)

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Tricky Riddles with Answers in English

Tricky Riddles with Answers in English

In 1990, a person is 15 years old. In 1995, that same person is 10 years old. How can this be?

Answer: It is because it’s 1995-1990 B.C.!

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Clever Riddles

Clever Riddles

Two people are born at the same moment, but they don't have the same birthdays. How could this be?

Answer: They are born in different time zones.

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Riddles in English with Answers

Riddles in English with Answers

What is so delicate that even mentioning it breaks it?

Answer: silence

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Riddles in English

Riddles in English

I pass before the sun, yet make no shadow. What am I?

Answer: wind

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Playful Riddles

Playful Riddles

What is that which, though black itself, enlightens the world without burning?

Answer: ink

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We’ve got more riddles and puzzles for you. Let’s continue to have fun with our Math Puzzles