What is logical mathematical intelligence, also known as the secret of geniuses? What kind of path can children follow if they want to increase their level of logical intelligence?

Almost everyone who changed the world with their inventions has one skill in common: Mathematical intelligence.

Remember the scientist who discovered the laws of black hole mechanics? Stephen Hawking.

What about Isaac Newton, who used his knowledge in physics and discovered the law of gravity thanks to an apple?

logical mathematical intelligence

And don’t forget about Bill Gates, who invented Windows OS, the operating system that runs 90 percent of all personal computers in the world.

What was the most important characteristic that united these brilliant people? All of these people, who influenced almost the entire world, are all people with high levels of logical intelligence.

What is Logical Mathematical Intelligence?

Logical Mathematical Intelligence: it is the ability to analyse situations or problems logically, to identify solutions, to conduct scientific research, and to solve logical/mathematical operations easily. It is one of the eight multiple intelligence types proposed by Howard Gardner.

  1. Linguistic intelligence
  2. Mathematical intelligence
  3. Existential intelligence
  4. Kinesthetic intelligence
  5. Musical intelligence
  6. Intrapersonal intelligence
  7. Spatial intelligence
  8. Social intelligence

People with a high level of numerical intelligence analyse their data by using logic and examining cause-effect relationships. They often do not work with subjective information — instead, they value clear facts and hard data. The ability to make conclusions and observations is also an important characteristic of individuals with mathematical intelligence. Although they sometimes give the impression that they are confused, their minds work like a computer in the background.

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5 Activities to Improve Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Although there is a widespread belief that those who want to improve their logical intelligence should be very good at mathematics, this is not necessarily the case. All you need is dedication.

Logical Mathematical Intelligence Develop

Developing logical intelligence is not as difficult as you think. People with high levels of logical intelligence are often described as ‘logical’, which means they can easily identify shapes and make connections between abstract concepts.

IMPORTANT: Supporting the development of logical mathematical intelligence will unleash your child’s potential and increase their self-confidence. There are no obstacles to those who want to increase their logical mathematical intelligence level and realise their full potential.

There are many methods your child can use, but brain exercises are one of the best. Along with millions of other users, your child can use the MentalUP app to improve their memory, logical mathematical intelligence, as well as their attention, visual, and verbal skills.

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We have good news for those who don't know how to improve their logical mathematical intelligence potential! Here is the detailed answer to the question, ‘How to develop logical mathematical intelligence?’ with extremely simple methods and exercises:

1. MentalUP

Test your child’s mental skills quickly and effectively to see their current logical mathematical intelligence level. Your child can then start improving their skills with a range of logical mathematical intelligence questions, logic puzzles, and mind games.

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2. Solve Brain Puzzles

Almost everyone likes intelligence questions, riddles and puzzles. In fact, these exercises are just logic puzzles in different forms. Solving logic puzzles that increase your child’s logical thinking does not take much time and can be extremely enjoyable.

❱❱ Here is a math activities for you with full of puzzles: Math Puzzles.

3. Play Board Games

Board games are a great way to develop both strategic thinking skills and logical mathematical intelligence.

“Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences.” — Howard Gardner

4. Solve Riddles

You can improve your logical intelligence with tricky riddles with answers. They are very useful for enhancing our mental fitness and great logical mathematical intelligence activities.

5. Write Stories

Outlining is one of the great logical mathematical intelligence activities . With this activity, your children can work on their writing skills as well as their logical mathematical intelligence. Simply ask them to create an outline for a story, including the time passed between each entry and make sure there are at least two sentences for each entry.

Study Tips for Logical Mathematical Learning Style

Logical mathematical learning style includes learners who are methodical and think in linear order. Logical mathematical learning style refers to one's ability to analyze cause and effect relationships, reason, solve problems, learn using numbers and abstract visual information.

Here are some study tips for logical learners:

  • Learners with logical-mathematical learning ability learn best using visual materials, laptops, and hands-on projects.
  • They need a structure with rules, goals and procedures since they sometimes struggle with ambiguity.
  • Some of the goals can be short-term, but you also need to encourage them to think holistically and come up with long-term goals. You may get a planner where they can plan the days, weeks and months to track their progress.
  • Work with them to find out in what order they would like to work on their subjects and create a calendar they can easily follow.
  • Highlighters can be very helpful to them to identify the most important parts in a reading. Also, timelines that list out the facts in a heavy reading are a great way to keep your logical learner engaged. The clean structure and organization allows them to easily learn the subject.
  • Try to encourage their learning process with problem-solving and categorization to help them achieve their goals.
  • Logical-mathematical learners love making and looking at maps, charts, outlines, and graphs. You can help their process by breaking down large chunks of information into charts and graphs.
  • For logical learners who are struggling to write, ask them to create an outline for themselves. This will help them bring smaller details into big-picture ideas.

Fun Logical Mathematical Intelligence Questions & Games

There are many different options to help your child raise their logical intelligence level - logical and emotional intelligence games are one of the most fun and effective.

Your child can start to increase their logical mathematical intelligence potential and other multiple intelligences areas with the gamified exercises below. 👇️🎉️

fun intelligence question

You need high mathematical intelligence potential to finish this game!

question of scientific intelligence

Let’s test and improve your logical mathematical potential with a fun game.


This magical ball is trying to hide from keen eyes! Can you find it using your logical intelligence?

logic question

With mathematical intelligence games, children can develop their logical thinking, mathematical skills.

6 Examples of People with High Logical Mathematical Intelligence

When you look at the world of science, art and technology, it is quite easy to come across famous figures with high logical mathematical intelligence. The unique combination of their intelligence, strengths, and weaknesses have made them into incredibly successful people. Here are some of the logical mathematical intelligence examples.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Logical Mathematical Intelligence

We know Einstein, a great figure in modern science, from his ‘Theory of Relativity’.Einstein, was a theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest physicists of all time. He was also a mischievous scientist, who had a high level of multiple intelligences as well as logical mathematical intelligence. Interestingly, Einstein experienced learning difficulties at school, so you should never despair too early in your education.

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking Logical Mathematical Intelligence

British physicist Hawking, whom we know from his studies on time and space, is one of the prominent examples of people with high logical mathematical intelligence. One of the most interesting details about Hawking is his illness. He used a wheelchair, could not speak, and was forced to communicate via a computer, but he never lost hope. The famous ‘Big Bang Theory’ is the work of Hawking.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Edison, the man who invented the light bulb, is also a well-known figure with high logical mathematical intelligence. Edison was the father of many inventions despite being hearing-impaired and dyslexic.

Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Kepler, a German astronomer and mathematical genius who lived in the 17th century, is a famous figure with high intelligence.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Gates, the founder of the most widely used operating systems, Windows and Microsoft, has both dyslexia and high intelligence. Gates is also one of the richest people in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, which is used by almost everyone in the world at least once a day. He is another example of a person with high logical mathematical intelligence.

Logical Mathematical Intelligence Careers

Here are the most suitable careers for children with a high level of logical mathematical intelligence. By the way, don’t forget that some career opportunities need a high potential in mathematical intelligence with other intelligences as well.

  • Computer Engineer/Programmer/Technician
  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Network Analyst
  • Database Specialist/Designer
  • Engineer (Electrical, Construction, Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial)
  • Accounting Specialist
  • Finance Specialist
  • Finance and Investment Consultant
  • Mathematics Specialist
  • Statistician
  • Architect/Interior Architect
  • Physicist
  • Astronomy Specialist/Astronomer
  • Doctor/Nurse/Paramedic/Pharmacist

As data and analytics play an ever-greater role in our lives , a bright future can be expected for people with high mathematical intelligence. Remember that in every field of life, there will be a need for people with high logical mathematical intelligence. Those who develop themselves in this field can easily succeed in many areas.