How to Check 2024 Math Kangaroo Results Easily?

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Publish Date: 30 September 2022

Taking an exam or a test can be stressful for both students and their parents. But you can get over the process more easily by using simple tips and increasing your awareness.

math kangaroo results

To learn how to check and interpret the results after the exam is important as being prepared for it. Also, don’t forget if you know how to read them, you can manage this process well.

When the Math Kangaroo exam is over, the students wait for their scores eagerly. You don’t need to worry about anything because we will be your companion all the way.

Let’s learn how to check the results, take steps accordingly and avoid the negative effects of after exam process together!

How to Review Math Kangaroo Test Results?

The first thing you need to do is to learn when Math Kangaroo test results are announced. The exact dates can differ from each other depending on your country.

math kangaroo login

To learn the dates of the exam and announcement of the results, you can check it from the official Math Kangaroo websites according to the country your kids take the test.

When it is time to check the kangaroo math results, you need to log in with the information that you used to register. Don’t forget to choose the year of the competition. Click on event details to see the score and ranking of math kangaroo test results.

You can download your kids’ certificate and print it if you wish. You can see the detailed score and ranking information this way but keep in mind that these don’t identify your kids’ success.

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How to Reach Math Kangaroo Exam Questions?

When the Kangaroo Math exam is over, almost all the students are curious about the answers to the test questions, no matter what score they receive, and they want to reach the questions.

math kangaroo-results

There is an easy way for this. First, you should log out of the registered Math Kangaroo user account. Then, you need to log in to the account you used during the test. You can use the link here if you take the exam in the USA.

Don’t forget to use your exam login and password that you’ve received for the Math Kangaroo test by email. This way, you can reach all the questions. Also, you can find out the sample questions, answer keys, and all the information about Math Kangaroo in our blog posts.

How to Interpret Math Kangaroo Results?

Now, you have an answer to the question “When are Math Kangaroo results announced?” and “How to check the score?”. But do you know how to read math kangaroo results?

math kangaroo test

Don’t worry because we will give you the exact information about how to interpret math kangaroo results soon and you will learn all the things you need to know.

Math Kangaroo scores are determined as the number a student has earned out of 96 or 120 points according to the grade. The score that is for grades 1 to 4 is calculated out of 96 points, and the score that is for grades 5 to 12 is calculated out of 120 points.

Math Kangaroo National Rank means the rank that a student has earned in the state at his or her grade. Math Kangaroo results percentile is determined by the number of points lower than the kid’s score at his or her grade in the nation.

Math Kangaroo state percentile is determined by the number of points lower than the kid’s score at his or her grade in the state. You need to interpret your children’s scores according to these data and evaluate them accordingly.

5 Tips For Students After Math Kangaroo Competition

The exam is over, but you may still feel stressed. It can be hard to blow off steam after these kinds of competitions. Don’t worry! We have prepared the most effective tips for you! Let’s deep dive and learn how to handle the process!

1. Have Fun with MentalUP

Students always tend to think that they will be relaxed and feel better as soon as the exams or tests are over. But the thing is, our brains don’t switch like that, and we can feel the same.

MentalUP brain games

Therefore, you always need to have a plan for the process after the exam. You should start with the activities you miss. Also, you can spend time with your friend and loved ones.

During this time, it is important for you to have fun and pay attention to the stuff other than the exam. Online games are one of the most effective alternatives to do this. If you want to enjoy it by yourself and let it all hang out, MentalUP might be the best choice. 🏆

You can play 150+ fun games by preferring what you want according to your field of interest. You blow off your steam by doing its 240+ fitness exercises when you need to be more active. Also, you can entertain yourself with tricky riddles or brain teasers.

With MentalUP’s different brain games and extensive content, you don’t need to worry about refreshing your knowledge when you want to get prepared for another exam. Because it offers you a fun way to develop your cognitive skill altogether. 🎉

2. Ease Your Mind

You’ve completed a hard mission by studying and taking a math exam. Now it is time for you to ease your mind and relax. Don’t forget that it is an important part of the process.

ease your mind

Even if you know that you should clear the atmosphere, you may not know what to do, or the things you do may not be working at all. In these kinds of situations, you can always try mindfulness methods that have been used by so many people for years.

You can try to do yoga or meditation, listen to music, take a course, start a hobby, do a workout, or go for a walk. The world is your oyster, and you just need to discover it. This way, you can relax in time and stop thinking about the test you’ve taken.

3. Be Motivated

When the competition is over, and you start to have, you can lose your motivation for the next exam. But it is the wrong approach for you to take. You shouldn’t unwind too much.


Motivation is very important for us to continue working for our goals. When you feel tired after the test period, you need to spend time doing the activities you love. However, it doesn’t mean that you can lose all of your motivation.

Instead of forgetting your targets, you should give yourself a dedicated period of time to relax and get off your stress. When this time is over, you can start to make plans about your goals again step by step. Because this has been one exam you took.

Keep in mind that there are lots of ways for you to reach your targets, and this is a long-term journey. So, you need to avoid feeling disappointed and focus on your motivation. Try to understand the things that motivate you and take firm steps forward.

4. Develop Your Skills

When you find your motivation again, it means that you are ready to develop your skills. Firstly, you should think about the last exam you took and how you prepared for it.

develop your skills

It is always important for us to observe our patterns. This way, we can learn from our mistakes and continue with the things we have done right. It can be the most effective brain booster method for students to empower their cognitive skills.

Keep in mind that you can benefit from the supportive sources for your next study period. If you don’t feel happy with your exam score, you can take it again, but the essential thing is to get prepared for it better. So, you should improve mentally.

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5. Get Prepared

No matter what your score is, you shouldn’t give up your target. You have another chance to do this as you want. But you need to have an effective plan to get prepared for the exam.

get prepared

The first thing you should do is to have a road map. This plan may include organizing your study space, understanding your learning style, having a new schedule, and different activities to help you get prepared. During this, don’t forget to use your energy wisely.

You should always remind yourself this is a long-term goal and that you have enough time. There is no need to feel stressed. You can enjoy this process by spending your leisure time having fun. This way, you can get prepared for your next Math Kangaroo exam in a better way.

Helpful Recommendations For Students’ Parents

Your kids have taken the Kangaroo Math exam, and they’ve had their scores. What to do then? Of course, you need to help them relax and don’t be upset about it as their parents. We have compiled the best recommendations for you. Let’s continue with them!

  • Help your children to prepare for the exam effectively by providing them with the materials, space, and motivation that they need.
  • Support them all the way through and don’t push them to study constantly or criticize them about their scores.
  • Don’t talk about the exams, tests, or classes all the time and spend quality time with them by having fun together.
  • Tell your children that you understand the challenges of this process and you are always here for them to help as best as you can.
  • Be realistic about the expectations, encourage them to have the right targets, and continue step by step without being overwhelmed.

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