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Publish Date: 15 September 2022

Kids start developing an interest in the subjects of maths, English, science, and history when they understand the concepts in school. In this situation, competitive exams are great sources to foster their interest.

what is math kangaroo test

The Kangaroo math competition is one of the most competitive exams for students from grades 1 to 12. In this blog, we’ve aimed to explain Math Kangaroo in detail and collect all the information you need to know about the Kangaroo math competition.

If you want to discover this competitive math exam to get your kid prepared for it, keep reading!

What Is the Math Kangaroo Competition?

Mathematical Kangaroo is an international mathematics competition also known as the Kangaroo math contest. The exam is affiliated with the France-based association kangourou sans frontières and is applied in more than 90 countries.

what is Math Kangaroo

Designed by academicians and mathematicians, the Kangaroo math competition aims to change the idea of “math is difficult and boring” with attractive, daily life-related, and fun questions.

The exam consists of two stages that include math questions grouped equally under three levels of difficulty. As it is a highly competitive exam, only first-round perfect scorer kids qualify for the final round of the exam.

Easy Level Kangaroo Test Questions Moderate Level Kangaroo Test Questions Hard Level Kangaroo Test Questions
One-step mathematic problems from the national curriculum Math questions that require creative problem-solving skills Multi-step math problems at the highest level

The Math Kangaroo test categories can vary according to the students’ grades. While kids in grades 1 to 4 enter Pre-Ecolier and Ecolier exams, kids in grades 5 to 12 enter Benjamin, Cadet, Junior, and Student exams.

Around 6 million participants enter the Kangaroo math test every year from all over the world. Thus, preparing for the Kangaroo math competition requires a great deal of time and effort with the right sources. 📚

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Math Kangaroo Registration

Kids can apply for Kangaroo math competitions through schools or individually. Also, the Math Kangaroo registration is open for both in-person and virtual applications. Most of the time, registrations open in the middle of September.

what date is the Math Kangaroo competition

The exam registration process includes regular and late registration options. While regular registration takes place in the middle and end of September, late registrations can be submitted until the end of December.

After the registration process, the Math Kangaroo competition takes place on the 3rd Thursday of March all around the world.

Problem Format, Scoring, and Rules

As the Kangaroo math test aims to get students engaged and excited about the subject of math, its problem format, scoring, and rules are quite different from other competitive exams.

Math Kangaroo Canada

Unlike other math competitions, the Math Kangaroo competition puts a special emphasis on three-dimensional geometry. In addition to that, the Math Kangaroo test includes a lower proportion of discrete mathematic problems when compared to other mathematical competitions.

Problem Format

The Kangaroo test takes 75 minutes to complete. For students in grades 1 to 4, the exam includes 24 multiple-choice questions. On the other hand, for students in grades 5 to 12, the exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions.

what is the Kangaroo math competition

Each section includes math questions from a variety of subjects, like algebra and geometry. In some cases, few logic and physics questions may appear.

The Kangaroo test questions require perseverance, creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills, as well as basic computational skills.


Even though the exam scoring applies the same for all grades, problems in the Kangaroo math test are worth a different number of points according to the level of difficulty.

Math Kangaroo

Each section includes a different number of questions. For grades 1 to 4, each section includes 8 questions, and for grades 5 to 12, sections include 10 questions.

The first part of these questions is worth 3 points each, while the second and third parts are worth 4 and 5. Also, for each incorrect answer, one point is deducted.


As the level of competition is high, the Math Kangaroo competition rules are the same for all students in all countries.

what is Kangaroo math competition

The Kangaroo math competition rules are as follows:

  • Individually, students can only take the online exam.
  • An OMR answer sheet is given to kids to write their responses on.
  • Kids can use a blank sheet for calculation.
  • No penalty is given for skipping a question.
  • Geometrical instruments are allowed during the exam.
  • Instruments or gadgets like calculators, smart watches, etc. are strictly prohibited.

What Is a Good Math Kangaroo Score?

While students in grades 1-4 can get up to 96 points, students in grades 5-12 can earn up to 120 points in the Math Kangaroo competition. The expected score for the mathematical Kangaroo exam is 36.8 points with a standard deviation of 9.4 points. That is a great score for students who apply for the competition.

what is a good score in math kangaroo

Obviously, it is not easy for students to get the expected score as the level of competition is really high. Thus, students need to learn foundational concepts and practice to improve their speed, math, and problem-solving skills.

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What Is the Math Kangaroo National Rank?

Participation in mathematical Kangaroo competitions is so high at both the international and national levels. Students’ ranks are calculated internationally and nationally every year.

what is math Kangaroo National rank

The national rank shows students’ success ratings in all participating countries. On the other hand, state or country-specific rankings show their success in their country.

What Is the Prize for Winning Math Kangaroo?

Although the extra Math Kangaroo prizes for students with average points and success rates can vary in different countries, the top-scoring kids always get gold, silver, and bronze medals along with money prizes. In addition to that, all participants get a participation certificate.

what is the prize if you are the grand winner in Math Kangaroo

In the first round, the top 5% of kids get gold medals, while the following top 10% of kids get silver and bronze medals.

For the second round, students who score higher than 90% receive a perfect score award along with a gold medal and $100 in cash.

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What Date Is the 2024 Math Kangaroo Competition?

As mentioned before, the annual Kangaroo math competition takes place on the 3rd Thursday of March every year. In 2024, the competition will be held on March 16th all around the world.

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