Logic Games Online

cubes brain game

Cubic Logic Question Game

This logic puzzle game improves reasoning, spatial perception, and counting skills.

Match-Up game

Logical Game

This logic game improves short-term memory, visual attention and naming skills.

you are different brain game

Logic Game Online

This logic puzzle online improves visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills.

auditory game brain teaser

Dwarf Giant

This online logic puzzle improves reaction control, focusing, and divided attention

you are different brain game

Logical Reasoning Game

Online logic games? With simple skills, this game can become an amusement park! It improves visual scanning, planning, and spatial memory skills.

auditory game brain teaser

Kids Logic Game

Get some handy logic practice with these logical games that test your logic skills. It improves visual memory, aural memory, and decision-making skills.

visual brain teaser

Logic Game for Kid

If you like fun logic puzzle games then give this logic balls game a go. It improves visual attention, sustained attention, and focusing skills.

visual brain teaser game

Online Logic Game

This logic puzzle game improves visual attention, visual tracking, and comparison skills.

MentalUP fun mind games include several tips. Children use these tips to solve hard logic puzzles. In this way, they learn through playing reasoning games!
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Logical Reasoning Games

math brain teaser game

Fun Logical Game

Looking for math logic games? This math puzzle perfect for 3rd and 4th-grade students.

Face Memory logic game

Face Memory

These logic questions are all about reasoning and memorizing the faces. Let’s try and have fun!

Logic Balls brain game

Logic Balls

This fun logic game improves reasoning, planning and visualization skills.

Stroop Test logic game

Basic Logic for Kids

This hard logic puzzles improves divided attention, reaction control, and sustained attention.

Find The Word

Logic Puzzles for Kids Online

This puzzle and logic game improves visual recognition, conceptualization, visual attention skills.

Ascending Number Order brain game

Logical Reasoning Game

This logic for kids improves visual scanning, comparison, and planning skills.

more or less brin game

Hard Logic Game

Play this brain logic game to improve your attention, reaction control, and focusing skills.

Candy Match brain games

Easy Logic Game

These fun logic games for kids improve visual attention and counting skills.

MentalUP doesn't have just logic games and puzzles but learning games, too. We put together some of the best example games for 6 year olds, educational games for 5 year olds, and learning games for 4 year olds.

Logic Puzzles for Kids

1st Grade Logic Puzzles

Logic questions are extremely important to enhance a child’s brain skills like thinking and learning. Starting to practice logic games at an early age is more efficient. We've gathered the best logic puzzles for kids. Let’s look at them:

Logic Puzzle

Join the Dots question

Question: How can you join all the dots using four straight lines and without lifting your pencil?

Join the Dots answer

2nd Grade Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles for 2nd graders will improve your child’s social skills and enhance their problem-solving abilities. Looking for a brain game for kids? Then don’t forget to check MentalUP Brain Games!

Logic Puzzle for Kids

A Matchstick Puzzle question

Question: Can you move 3 matches to produce 2 squares?

A Matchstick Puzzle answer

3rd Grade Logic Puzzles

If you haven’t introduced your child to logic puzzles, it is never too late! Here are puzzles for 3rd graders!
You can always teach them how to solve logic grid puzzles, starting from easy ones and making your way to hard logic puzzles. You can easily access them from various platforms providing maths puzzles for class 3.

Move the Coins

Move the Coins question

Question: Can you move only three coins and turn the triangle upside down?

Move the Coins answer

4th Grade Logic Puzzles

4th grade math logic puzzles and questions are very popular among children and they come with great advantages. When solving math puzzles for grade 4, they will not only develop strategic thinking skills but will also be able to solve math problems more quickly.

4th Grade Logic Problem

How many Legs question

Question: How many legs are on the bus, not counting the driver?

How many Legs answer

5th Grade Logic Puzzles

There are plenty of logical games online that you and your children can benefit from. Challenging logic questions and grid puzzles will give them a sense of success, which will improve their self-confidence.

Logic Puzzle 5th Grade

Sheep in a Pen question
Sheep in a Pen answer

6th Grade Logic Puzzles

logic puzzles for grade 6 can be challenging, but they have plenty of advantages. Combining math practices with children’s puzzle games is one of the easiest ways to combine studying and having fun! In addition, this game is one of the most suitable options for kindergarten math games. Most free online brain puzzles allow you to set the difficulty level so you can choose whichever is most suitable for you.

Hexagon Problem

Sheep in a Pen question

Question: Each hexagon is made by adding up the numbers in the two hexagons below it. Fill in the missing numbers in the puzzle.

Sheep in a Pen answer

Logic Grid Puzzles

Logic grid puzzles are a great way to keep your mathematical intelligence sharp! We’ve put together some of the most famous logic puzzles on a grid as printable images. Don’t worry, you will need a pen and a piece of paper to solve them.

Musical Instruments Logic Grid

Instruments Grid Puzzle question

Question: Can you figure out which instruments they play?

Instruments Grid Puzzle answer

How To Solve Logic Puzzles?

Just as with everything else, practice makes perfect! The more your children spend their time solving children puzzle games, the more they will be up to more challenging logic puzzles. You can gain access to the best logic games through MentalUP and let your children enjoy them while they enhance their logic skills.

If you like exercising your brain and figuring things, you might also like these math puzzles and riddles or Tangram puzzles for kids.

MentalUP Logic Games

MentalUP Logic Games are trusted by dozens of schools and over 10+ million families. MentalUP supports the development of logical reasoning and overall critical thinking skills of children. MentalUP logic games help children succeed.
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MentalUP is a UK-based award-winning scientific-educational application containing cognitive learning games for K-8 learners.

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