Top Games for 5 Year Olds

You can find below some of the most preferred learning games for 5 year olds. Feel free to share these best educational games for 5 year olds with other parents!
Candy Match game

Candy Match

This game for five year olds improves visual attention and counting skills

you are different brain game

Spot the Difference

This development game for 5 year olds improves visual attention, visual scanning, and comparison skills

Musical Instruments Game

Musical Instruments Game

This free online games for 5 year olds improves visual memory, and decision-making skills

Track the Ball

Track the Ball

This game for 5 year olds improves visual attention, sustained attention, and focusing skills

Face Memory Game

Face Memory Game

This game for 3-5 year olds improves visual scanning, planning, and spatial memory skills

Match-Up brain game


This memory games for 5 year olds improves short-term memory, visual attention, and naming skills

Dwarf Giant brain game

Dwarf Giant

It’s designed for a five year old’s development! Improves reaction control, focusing, and divided attention

Card Matching Game

Card Matching Game

Educational activity game for 5 year olds! This educational game improves visual scanning and spatial memory skills

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Best Learning Games For 5 Year Olds

We have prepared a very informative article about the most popular learning games for 5-year-olds. Here, you can read about the contributions of these games to mental development, the average market prices, and what to be careful about.

In addition, you can find out about 3D, paper, and wooden educational toys for preschoolers, the learning games that can be played with family or technological devices, and games suitable for your child's learning style.

learning games for 5 year olds

1. MentalUP Learning Games for 5-Year-Olds

There are plenty of online learning games for 5 year olds and educational activities for kids, but how do you know which one is the best? You can check out MentalUP Learning Games for 5 year olds! Also, it is important to remind you that MentalUP is among the best apps for 5 year olds that they can enjoy and learn at the same time.

It is a reliable and science-backed education platform with a pedagogical product certificate. There are hundreds of fun games, like spelling and word-finding! It is not just verbal intelligence games; brain word games, math games, telling time games, attention games, memory games, and visual intelligence games are also on MentalUP.

What is in the MentalUP Daily Worksheets?

There are fun games, like spelling and word-finding! It is not just verbal intelligence games; math intelligence games, attention, memory and visual intelligence games are also on MentalUP.

MentalUP Learning Games for 5-Years-Olds

MentalUP is designed by academicians, pedagogues, and game designers who are specialized in their fields and recommended for both preschool and school-age children for attention, memory, logic skills, and visual, verbal, and mathematical intelligence development. 🚀✨

Download MentalUP now, and your 5-year-old will thank you later! 🥳🙌


2. Rubik’s Cube

In other words, the patience cube is a mechanical intelligence game that requires combining the same coloured squares on the same faces and consists of 6 differently-coloured faces. It is a totally mental agility test for kids!

This toy is suitable for over 3 year olds but is especially recommended as one of the best educational games for 5 year olds and older. Nevertheless, if your younger kids are interested, it is okay for them to play.

Rubik’s Cube

If you watch your kid while playing with the Rubik's Cube, you should keep a time record. As he/she is trying to shorten the time of solving the game, the decision-making mechanism of your kid will improve. On the other hand, it will also improve kids’ hand-eye coordination.

TIP: Rubik’s Cube, as one of the best selling toys in the world, is also very beneficial and attractive for adults.

Rubik’s Cube Price: $10 - $30

3. Tower of Hanoi Game

It is a mathematical intelligence game with simple rules but not as simple as it seems. It consists of 3 rods and 8 round disks of different sizes. Only 1 disc is moved per round and larger discs can not be placed on smaller discs.

Tower of Hanoi Game

The discs are initially stacked in increasing size on one of the three rods. The aim of Hanoi is to move the entire stack to another rod in the right order. The number of movements is important. Less movement is better. For more information, please visit the website of the game.

Hanoi Towers Game Price: $4 - $40 (price varies according to wood and plastic options)

Board Games for 5 Year Olds

We’ve already listed the best online educational games for 5 years old. But what about the board games that kids love so much? 😊 Some of them you may already know while some of them are new to you. So, without further due, let’s dive into these cool board games for 5 year olds!

These board games for 5 year olds that we picked carefully will entertain your children and vastly support their mental development.

1. Kerplunk Game

Finding family board games for 5 year olds for family nights can be difficult as children at that age can experience difficulties in understanding the game. At those times, Kerplunk is a lifesaver.

The instructions for the game are quite simple. The goal of the game is to remove the sticks from the tube while dropping the least number of marbles possible. The one who drops the most number of marbles loses the game.

This game can be played with 2 or more people and it has very simple techniques so that it may be suitable for younger kids too. HOWEVER, it is not recommended for kids who are under the age of 5 because it contains sticks which can be dangerous for them.

The Kerplunk Game

It is a good option among learning games for 5-year-olds, which improves attention and concentration. For the licensed product, check out Ker Plunk Game.

Kerplunk Prices: $15 - $50

2. Katamino

It is an intelligence game made of pieces called Pentominoes. Pentominoes are similar to the images in the Tetris game. The aim of the game is to design different shapes by combining Pentominoes together. Therefore, it can be said that it is one of the best cooperative board games for 5 year olds as it teaches to cooperate with the pieces in hand.

Kids playing with Katamino

Katamino is a suitable and fun game for children over 3 years old. The reason why we recommend this game for 5 year olds is that your kid has the capacity to understand and evaluate the concept of the game clearly. Katamino game helps develop analytical thinking skills, visual intelligence, and concentration ability.

Katamino Prices: $15 - $50

There are hundreds of online learning games like Katamino on MentalUP! 🧩

If you want to discover the best educational online games for 5 year olds to support their mental development during kindergarten, MentalUP features the most beneficial learning games! 🧠✨

Plus, these games help children achieve academic success while having fun! 🏆👏


3. Tangram

Tangrams are perfect board games for 5 year old girls who love creativity! Not only girls of course! Parents who are looking for board games for 5 year old boys should definitely try Tangram puzzles. Why?

Tangram puzzles are great for enhancing creativity, building proper motor skills, boosting strategic thinking skills, improving the attention span, and so much more!

It is very well-known in the game-toy category. The traditional version consists of 7 pieces that form a tangram triangle. By combining the geometric pieces in different patterns, you can form hundreds of objects. Check out our free tangram printable sheets to double the fun of the board games for kids 5 years old.

Tangram Wood

If you decide to buy a tangram game, make sure to have sample images contained in the box. When children try to do the same image as it appears in the sample images, they improve their visual intelligence and attention skills. Tangram games are available in wood, plastic, or paper materials. Tangram is a fun game and also provides mental development.

Don’t forget to play our free online Tangram!

Tangram Game Prices: $5 - $30 (changes according to size and quality of material)

4. Taboo

Taboo is hands down one of the most exciting and educational games out there. You may think that Taboo should not be in learning games for 5 year olds list; however, the Taboo Junior edition may be all you need!


It’s not only one of the best learning board games for 5 year olds as it enhances children’s vocabulary, but it also forces the mind to be more creative and gives children the ability to think strategically.

And it is very easy to play. All you have to do is explain or describe the word written at the top of the card without using the words beneath it. If you do, it’ll be taboo and you’ll lose 😞

Taboo Game Prices: $20 - $50

5. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Here’s another rather fun board game for your play dates. The aim of the game is to eat as many marbles that you can with your hippo.

Hungry hungry hippos

Soon after your children start playing this game you will not stop hearing their laughter 😊

Hungry Hungry Hippos Game Prices: $20 - $60

Home Activities for 5-Year-Olds

Home activities can be quite enjoyable, too! All the parents need to do is search for simple educational games for 5 year olds that could support children's development in home.

If you are also looking for learning activities for 5-year-olds, let's take a look at the educational activities for 5 year olds we have listed for you. But before, if you have younger children, you can prefer to check out the best learning games for toddlers.

Kids don’t like stuck at home when there is rain outside. Try these fun games for kids of all ages. Play when bored indoors or just looking for family fun!

❱❱ 40 Games That Children Can Play With Family and Friends

MentalUP Home Activities and Events 5 Year Olds

5 year old brain development activities

Are you looking for the best online educational games for 5 year olds? MentalUP offers more than 200 games with different difficulty levels in the scope of educational games for 5-year-olds. MentalUP determines the player's intellectual potential and starts from the most appropriate game.

All these games are developed by pedagogues and academicians, and there is no need for any parental control because MentalUP is completely safe and ad-free!

There are more benefits that MentalUP can offer for 5-year-olds! 🤩✨

Events, tests, and fitness modules make MentalUP the number-one app with all these features besides educational games. 🧠📊👟

With MentalUP, kids enjoy their time at home by playing games, joining competitions, and doing fitness workouts! 💪🥳


5-Year-Old Art Activities: Toilet Roll Art

5 year old art activities

Did someone say recycling? Here is one of the best 5-year-old art activities that will boost fun and creativity! Let’s turn the toilet rolls you would normally throw away into works of art. At the same time, help your child develop fine motor skills.

All you have to do is prepare the toilet roles, a few colored papers, a pair of scissors and glue. Help your child cut the shapes you want from colored paper, and then stick them to toilet roles according to his own taste. Then let him create his own work of art by stacking the colorful toilet roles.

5 Years Old Science Activities: Bouncy Egg

5 years old science activities

Let's talk about one of the most enjoyable 5 years old science activities! You know that the kitchen is a great exploring and learning area for children. With these kinds of math games, it is possible to reinforce children's mathematics intelligence and color knowledge.

Now have the following ready: half a glass of vinegar, 1 drinking glass and 1 egg. Pour the vinegar into the glass and gently place the egg in the vinegar. Leave the egg there for 2 days. After 2 days, you will see that the shell of the egg dissolves and when you drop it from the ground at a moderate distance, the egg will start bouncing.

This chemical reaction is called 'decalcification.' Vinegar, which is acid, reacted with calcium in the egg and generated this result. One of the best 5-year-old educational activities so far, isn’t it?

Math Activities for 5 Year Olds: Color recognition

Math activities for 5 year olds

By changing the rules of the UNO deck at home a little bit, you can make it one of the most hypnotizing math activities for 5 year olds. With these kinds of ice breaker games for kids, it is possible to reinforce children's mathematics intelligence, color knowledge, and also social skills.

Give 5 cards to each player and place them face up. Reveal the remaining cards, and then each player has one card in each hand. Put the pulled card on top of each other according to the color of the card you have. When the cards are run out, the player with the highest score wins!

5-Year-Old Writing Activities: Best Printables

5 year old writing activities

Writing both improves children's fine motor skills and contributes to their verbal skills. Paper and pencil are needed to develop writing skills. The best way to practice writing skills is to get the kids to actually write and exploit some learning activities aimed at 5-year-olds.

Zigzags and circles, connecting dots, and even matching printables are great 5-year-old writing activities. Check out MentalUP printables to find the best colorful printable worksheets. You can discover lots of other useful activities for 5-year-old boys and girls among MentalUP printables.

Better yet, don’t forget to check out our free online educational games for 5 year olds!

Applications Raise Social Awareness

It is very important to teach your children to be sensitive to their environment even if they are younger. Here are a few application suggestions that will help them increase their social skills and awareness:

Avokkido Emotions

Welcome to the world of animals that teach your kids emotions! Your kids will experience a serious giggle when they meet shy sheep, a zany zebra, a cheerful giraffe and a modest deer! They can dress, feed, play and care for these cute animals. You will discover dozens of emotions in this colorful game world.

App Store | Amazon Store | Google Play Store | Website

Avokkido Emotions

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

You definitely remember Sesame Street. Nostalgia continues! In addition to learning how to keep calm and keep things going with this amazing application, your children will learn skills such as problem-solving, self-control, planning, and task persistence- and only by helping the cute Sesame Street Monster.

App Store | Google Play Store | Website

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

5 Year Old Development Checklist

We already talked about the best learning games for 5 year olds, but educational games are not enough to be completely sure about if your kids’ development is as it should be.

Answer "Yes" or "No" according to your child's performance to the development areas in the checklist below.

If two or more of the answers you give for each section about your child are "No", consider talking to a specialist.

Does your child have difficulty with:

Skills Yes No
Physical development. Walking upstairs while holding an object
Jumping forward 10 times without falling.
Walking along a line.
Catching a small ball using hands only.
Walking on a balance beam.
Throwing a ball overarm.
Walking backward heel-toe.
Social development Negotiating during play.
Playing imaginatively, for instance, playing in the home corner, dressing up, and cooking.
Talking about their feelings.
Playing with 2 or 3 children in a group.
Engaging in well-organized play.
Brain development Counting by 2s and 5s.
Begin to extend their oral language skills to reading and writing.
Telling the difference between left and right.
Understanding positional vocabulary.
Completing simple single-digit addition and subtraction.
Language development Using more complex sentences.
Talking about past and future events.
Comprehending time concepts: yesterday; tomorrow; morning; afternoon; later.
Using imaginative language in play – likes to pretend and act out stories.
Using How & When questions.