What Is Analytical Thinking Ability and How to Develop?

What is analytical thinking? It’s the ability to apply logical thinking to break down complex problems into smaller components in order to solve a problem. Analytical skills allow children to solve complex problems by filtering through to the relevant information and identifying patterns or trends. In fact, it’s an important skill for people of all ages in order to achieve success at school, in the workplace, and throughout life more generally.

what is analyical thinking ability


Do maths problems. Solving math problems is one of the most common and easiest ways of improving analytical skills. Math depends on logic and its problems are structured in a way that people are given certain amounts of information, and then must solve the problem by only using this information. If your child is bored with using textbooks, they can also identify math problems in everyday life and try to solve them.

Join a debate team or book club. Groups like these provide people with the opportunity to come together to discuss ideas and issues in a social setting. Often, participants will come with differing views and experiences. By participating in debate teams and book clubs, children will learn how to articulate themselves, present their perspectives, and develop responses to challenges from others.

Seek out learning opportunities. The more your children learn about the world, the more tools and information they’ll have when it comes to an understanding and solving problems. Resources include books (include a wide range of genres), newspapers, science magazines, public lectures, and community classes.

Keep a personal journal. Encourage your child to keep a personal journal. This allows them to take the time to process their day, analyse their decisions, and think about how to improve in the future. Self-reflection is a great habit to encourage early on in your child’s life.

Play brain games. This is a fun way to improve your child’s analytical skills and mental agility. Brain games encourage children to think in a logical structure, which provides an important foundation when facing more challenging problems. It’s a great way to develop their analytical skills while having fun.

Here’s a sample of some brain games below:

analytical intelligence game

Analytical Intelligence Game 1

Skills: Reasoning, Planning, Visualization

analytical thinking game

Analytical Intelligence Game 2

Skills: Logical Thinking, Planning, Sustainable Attention

mathematical mind game

Analytical Intelligence Game 3

Skills: Math Skills, Logical Thinking, and Decision Making

NOTE: Strategic video games (e.g. Clash of Clans and Age of Empires) require significant amounts of analytical thinking but also come with the risk of addiction. For children with less discipline, games specifically developed by education specialists and child development experts are the best choice.

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