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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

What is analytical thinking which is very important for everyone at any age? It affects the success of children at school, and adults always come across it in job advertisements.

Analytical thinking: The ability to divide a problem or a topic into sub-topics by deduction method and evaluate information separately. The purpose of dividing the topics into sub-topics and questioning information separately is to solve or improve the main problem by using small parts of it. Those with analytical thinking ability are good at producing practical solutions when they face with complex situations.

what is analyical thinking ability


  • If we should start from the beginning, we must say that analytical thinking skills are one of the abilities that enable us to be successful.
  • Those who have good analytical thinking skills are interrogator and tend to do research. They do not hesitate to ask questions about the norms which are accepted by the society as correct but it might be totally wrong. In this way, they see that the truth can change according to place, time, and situation, and they give the right decisions according to the conditions.
  • The best way to determine the validity of information or a behavior is questioning by analytical thinking. Otherwise, this would be fanaticism, rote learning, and etc. Societies without questioning and searching skills are also not good at analyzing abstract concepts correctly.
  • Analytical thinking skills allow us to develop reasonable solutions for the problems we face in our lives. The problem is more likely to be solved when problem-related topics analyzed one by one such as initiator points of the problem, reasons, consequences caused by the problem, solution recommendations, solution ways, and desired results.
  • Having analytical thinking skills is a pointed feature in job advertisements. Just as our social life, our business life also requires critical and solution-oriented thinking. For example, good managers have good analytical thinking skills.

To summarize:

Analytical thinking skills: It is an important skill that enables the individual to use his / her mind properly and to be successful in school, work, social life accordingly.


1- Reading detective novels.

Example: Novels like "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson and etc.

2- Watching science fiction, political or detective movies.

Example: Sherlock Holmes, Now You See Me, Shutter Island, and so on.

3- Solving math problems and numerical puzzles.

Example: Mathematical problems we have in the school curriculum or numerical puzzles such as Sudoku.

4-Playing interactive intelligence games.

Example: Interactive games that support the analytical intelligence development are like the games below. Try them now

analytical intelligence game

Analytical Intelligence Game 1

Fields Developed: Reasoning, Planning, Visualization

analytical thinking game

Analytical Intelligence Game 2

Fields Developed: Logical Thinking, Planning, Sustainable Attention

mathematical mind game

Analytical Intelligence Game 3

Fields Developed: Math Skill, Logical Thinking, and Decision Making

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Mathematics is related with the analytical thinking directly. In mathematical operations, there is a tendency to combine deductions and reasoning. That is why solving math problems develop our analytical thinking and understanding skills.

One of the most effective and fun ways of developing our analytical thinking ability is to play games. Playing strategy games and intelligence games develops our analytical thinking skills.

NOTE: Strategic video games (clash of clans, age of empires, and other similar ones) would be effective for adults, but they also have a risk of addiction. You can improve your analytical thinking skill with these kinds of games, as long as you do not exceed the daily recommended period of playing.

Pedagogical games would be the best choice instead of strategy games which have a risk of addiction for children.

MentalUP is an online application that includes intelligence games for improving mental skills of children. The games it contains are designed to increase the analytical thinking skills of children, and support children's verbal, mathematical, and visual intelligence development, and develop their attention and memory. Those effects have been observed and it is certificated by the Mental Health Center as a PEDAGOGIC PRODUCT.

MentalUP is often preferred by adults as it automatically determines the most suitable games for the intelligence potential of users, and its effects on adults have also been observed. Of course, this application is more effective on children as they show better improvement on mental development compared to adults.

MentalUP Intelligence Games: Try It Now

As we have mentioned above, reading detective stories improves our analytical thinking ability. In the same way, detective-police movies trying to solve a case are also kind of exercises in terms of development of analytical thinking ability. We also remind you that reading is more effective.

For example, you might be wondering why teachers recommend to students Dostoyevsky's famous novel Crime and Punishment. The reason is it contributes to analytical thinking ability.

In this article, we answer some questions like "what is analytical thinking, what it brings to people; how to develop analytical thinking ability?" We will continue to share new articles that aim adding value to the lives of instructors, parents and children. Follow MentalUP BLOG.
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