The Most Favorite Telling Time Games For Kids

Time concept is an important topic for children to learn during their early childhood. You can teach them the fundamentals of time by using telling time games and relevant gamified exercises.

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If you don’t know how to find out the most favorite telling time games for your children, you don’t need to worry about it. Because we’ve prepared the top ten popular telling time games for you, you should just decide what your kids want to play and start to have fun together.

Don’t forget telling time games are also very helpful for kids’ cognitive development. They boost children’s attention, logic, and math skills. When they start to understand the time concepts, they can become better at visual recognition and processing information in a short time.

Top 10 Fun Telling Time Games

When you want to teach your kids time concepts, it is important to choose suitable telling time games according to their age and level. You can easily use our list of telling time interactive games that are appropriate for children from different age groups.

1. MentalUP Brain Games

It is fun for parents to play with their children and help them to understand the basics of the outside world. But it might be hard to teach them some topics such as time concepts.

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Sometimes, you don’t have enough time to prepare the game or activity materials. And this can be disappointing. But you don’t need to worry about all of these kinds of problems. Thanks to telling time online games, your kids can learn the time whenever they want.

The certified learning games app MentalUP is here to make your job easier. You can use its online telling time games below with peace in mind. Because MentalUP has a no ads policy. These games will boost your kids’ cognitive skills when they are learning time concepts.

Fun Clock

Fun Clock

This attention game will both help your kids to learn time and improve their logic and memory.

Tricky Time

Tricky Time

You can use this fun game to develop your children’s math ability and teach them time concepts.

MentalUP offers children 150+ brain games and 240+ fitness exercises along with free online telling time games. You can prefer the games according to their ages, levels, and field of interest. ⏰

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2. Paper Clock

The second option in our list is one of the most popular and easiest telling time clock games. You can use it to teach small kids time concepts by only using a couple of materials.

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To play this game, you should use a big piece of paper ideally, but you can prefer paper’s size according to your needs. After you have the paper, the other important thing is colorful crayons and all the ornaments you can find out. They will make the game more fun.

Don’t forget to choose them together with your children and include them in the process. When you complete making the paper clock, you can start asking questions to your kids. This game is very helpful for them to learn how numbers also mean minutes.

3. Plastic Eggs

Plastic Eggs is a little more complicated telling time game. So, you may want to play it with second or third-grade children. But you can also adapt it to kindergartners if you wish.

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To play this game, you need plastic eggs. You can easily find them in stationery, or you can prepare the materials together with your children if you want. This activity is among the most entertaining interactive telling time games and can be played with a group of kids.

After you have the eggs, you should draw analog clocks on one-half of the eggs and write time on the other half. Then, you need to separate them and let your kids match the eggs. This fun game is very beneficial for your kids to develop their logic and critical thinking skills.

4. Time Bingo

The fourth alternative on our list is Time Bingo. This telling time game can be both played at home or classroom. Its rules are simple, and almost all the kids enjoy playing it.

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To play this game, you need to have bingo cards. If you prefer to do them together with your kids or let the children prepare at school, it will be more fun. Because you can customize the cards according to the kids’ demands, they will be very happy to do this activity.

Time Bingo has the same rules as regular bingo. You can teach children the hours, minutes, half, or quarter hours by using the cards. As in the other card games, this game will also help your kids to improve their memory, attention span, and concentration skills.

If you prefer to prepare smaller Time Bingo cards, you can take them wherever you want and let your children develop their time skills by having fun with their friends. Moreover, it is important to remember that the game is suitable to play on your family game nights.

5. Math Game

If your children have a hard time with math and time concepts, we have good news for you. You can support them with this fun telling time game that will skyrocket their abilities.

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Entertaining and simple telling time math games help your kids enjoy math. This way, they can understand that math isn’t their nightmare, and time skills can be improved in a short while. This game is appropriate for elementary school kids.

To do this activity that is among cool math telling time games, you should prepare a big piece of paper, crayons, and math cubes. Then, you need to draw an analog clock on paper. But you should include both the hours and minutes on it.

Math cubes will separate the hours and minutes. So, children can easily show the time. You can ask them different questions and make the game more entertaining by using the game, which is among the best problem-solving activities for kids. This math telling time game helps your kids to understand that the timeline is forward.

Fun math games are among the best companion for kids who need a little support to develop their skills. You can use these kinds of games to help your children to be more successful at school.

The certified app MentalUP offers children lots of brain-boosting math games, math puzzles, math riddles, and math jokes. Kids can use them to improve their logic, counting, geometry, and math skills.


6. Frosty Clock

Frosty Clock is among the most fun clock telling time games. You can also develop your kids’ creativity with this activity when they are learning different time concepts easily.

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To play this game, you need an analog clock that is shaped as a snowman. You can find it out as prepared from stationery, or you can prepare it together with your children by using proper materials. Also, you need cards that show time.

After you have the clock, you should set the time and ask your kids, “What is the time?”. Then, they need to find out the matching card. Don’t forget you can prefer any other shape as the clock according to your kids’ wishes.

This telling time game can be played with groups of kids. This way, it functions as a competitive game. These kinds of competition games help children to learn time and improve social-emotional skills at the same time.

7. Dance Game

Dance game is among the simplest telling the time interactive games. Children can play it at home with their friends, or it can be used in the classroom to let them be more active.

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If you need an active game to teach kids time concepts, you can definitely benefit from dance and music. To play the game, you need colorful clock sheets. These can be prepared by yourself or bought off the shelf.

After you have the sheets, you need to pass them to the kids. All the players should draw time on their clocks and leave them. Before turning on the music, don’t forget to give the kids pencils and blank paper.

When you turn on the music, children will start to dance freely, and they need to prefer a clock sheet when the music is turned off. You need to determine the time they have and let them write what they see on the clock sheet.

8. Hula Hoop Clock

If your children love to play outside, we have good news for you. Because the eighth game in our list is taolired for them, you can help them to understand time with this outside game.

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To play this game, you need a hula hoop and colorful chalks. The game needs to be played in an outside space such as a backyard or park. First of all, you should put the hula hoop on the floor and draw a fun analog clock.

Then, you should demand the kids to hoop the hula hoop. When they drop it, you need to draw a time on the clock by taking the hula hoop, and you should ask them, “What time is it?”. The children who answer right have one point.

You can continue the game how much you want to have fun together with them. This game both develops their time skills and helps them to be more active. You can always use these kinds of gymnastic games to blow your children's steam off.

9. DIY Watch

This game is all about imagination. You can use it as an opportunity for a family activity or teach kids time management. It is one of the most popular telling the time games.

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To play this game, you need different arts and craft materials. You can buy them online, in a stationary store, or you can use the materials you find at home if you want. The important thing is to prepare the materials beforehand and tell your children to make a watch.

After you have the materials, you need to draw a draft that is suitable for your kids. Then, you can do the analog watch together with your children. When you complete it, you need to organize your kids’ schedules and let them do their tasks by using their watches.

10. Coloring Game

The last game on our list includes coloring. So, you can use it if your children love painting. Don’t forget that these kinds of games for telling time boost your kids’ hand-eye coordination.

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To play this game that is suitable for both kindergartners and elementary students, you need lots of clock sheets that show different times. Also, you can draw the clocks by yourself to make the process funnier. Children like do-it-yourself projects.

When you have the sheets, you should give them to your children and ask them to paint the clocks however they want. This way, they can learn time concepts and improve their creativity and cognitive abilities at the same time.

This game can be played with groups of kids at home or classroom. You just need to give them clock sheets and different colorful crayons. If you want the game to be more complicated, you can ask the children to paint time periods with different colors.

Why ​​Are Telling Time Games For Kids Important?

  • Interactive telling the time games help kids to learn time concepts and time management. This way, they start to organize their lives and understand the importance of time.
  • You can support them in improving their counting, math, and logic skills by playing telling time games. These games are very helpful activities for kids to develop and have fun at the same time.
  • Kids need to train their left and right brains with proper exercises. Teaching telling time games might be one of the best brain-boosting exercises that will develop children’s fundamental abilities.
  • You can prefer the most appropriate telling time games according to your kids’ age and level. Also, you can adapt these games to your children and support their development with easy activities.
  • Telling time games not only help your children to learn time concepts but also improve your kids’ memory, concentration, attention, and focus abilities. Because they are entertaining, your kids will not be bored.

When it comes to children’s developmental process, you need lots of different sources to support you. Also, these sources should be safe for your kids. 👏

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