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Last Update Date: 05 November 2019

We will first talk about concentration exercises that are effective both for adults and children. Make sure that you go through the methods at the bottom of the page after checking out the attention games below.

visual attention exercise


Improves Visual Attention Skills

sustainable attention exercise


Improves Visual Recognition and Short Term Memory

divided attention exercise


Development of Divided Attention and Concentration Skills

Even what you are doing now (you are reading this article) is an exercise to improve attention span because it draws your attention. The underlined previous sentence gives us a clue about the reason and the solution to attention problems. Now, let’s give our full attention here.

Attention Development

Do the following situations seem familiar to you?

  • Having difficulties to focus in classes.
  • Not being able to listen carefully,
  • As a result of attention distraction, missing the main topic,
  • Forgetting the places where you put your things,
  • Missing details and making simple mistakes,
  • Due to concentration issues, wasting a lot of time on simple tasks,
  • Unwillingness to take on assignments that require concentration.

You see these kind of indications around you and those people have similar concentration problems. Is that right? If it is, we have some good news for you. You can overcome concentration problems by doing exercises! So, what are these attention exercises?


Mental development occurs by improving brain just like muscle development. Thinking actually means improving the brain. Therefore, in fact, we improve our brain very often in our daily life. As you can guess, we can overcome diseases such as distractibility, lack of attention, and concentration problems by doing attention exercises.

Solving a mathematical problem or watching a fascinating action movie can be considered as an attention exercise in daily life. However, a mathematical problem may not attract your attention enough; that’s why you may not focus on the problem and maybe distracted. In comparison, an action movie may attract a great deal of your attention. So, watching an action movie can be counted as a good attention exercise. Similarly, it is possible to use some games or toys to treat concentration problems of children (Example: Tangram, puzzle, toy blogs etc.) In the same way, adults can play games to do attention exercises.

Try Out MentalUP Attention Exercises

MentalUP Attention Exercises are created by game designers, academicians and scientists.MentalUP brain exercises are scientific and there are dozens of exercises that are suitable for all the users at any age. In addition, MentalUP improves attention span and develops visual-verbal-mathematical intelligence, analytical thinking skills, and problem solving abilities. These exercises can also be used by adults to improve concentration.

MentalUP is available on your phone, tablet or pc. Children love MentalUP. They learn through play with MentalUP. You can try MentalUP for free now. MentalUP will give you some important tips to improve attention skills.

MentalUP Attention Game: Try now

Tips to Improve Attention Span in Educational Institutions

Attention-based learning disability is one of the most common diseases in children. This is why, elective classes such as Intelligence Games are added to the curriculum in many schools by the National Education Centers (for the primary education students). For instance, many private schools use MentalUP Brain Exercises Games in order to support improvement of attention span of students. (See: Treatment for Lack of Attention )

Games are some of the most powerful tools to improve concentration and they also treat different mental skills of children. Therefore, we specifically focus on the games in this article. Surely, there are different techniques to improve concentration and they are not only limited with the games.

If you want to read a bit more about this topic:


Concentration can be described as the ability to direct your attention in accordance with your own will. In other words, it is the ability to control attention.

Problems related to concentration are observed in two ways.

  1. Concentration problem in the case of hyperactivity and continuously taking new actions
  2. Concentration problem in the case of being unconcerned, unwillingness and unable to focus on any subject properly.

As well as analysing different concentration tips, we need to think about the overall mental health of the children who experience concentration problems. The children who have difficulty in concentration may struggle at school and in their social relationships. However, negative feedback can lead to more serious problems. Concentration exercises should not be as a reminder to children of their problems.

How to Implement The Techniques to Improve Attention

Attention gathering problems are usually noticed at school age. However, sometimes parents suspect that their child may have attention problems during the preschool period and they may get some professional help. After that, children may receive preschool attention exercises. Preschool attention exercises are followed by tips to improve attention span at the school age. In fact, these exercises are not only to treat the deficits but they can also be used to improve brain power.

We have mentioned the importance of interest and willingness as some of the concentration tips. In order to focus on something for a long time, it is necessary to preserve attention. When you focus on something for a long time, your brain will be forced to perform exercises to improve itself. In order to preserve attention, you may;

  • Try to provide a quiet studying environment for children with concentration problems as they can easily be distracted by external voices.
  • Being successful is a source of motivation. If your children have some difficulties with playing games, the tests they are trying to solve, or the concentration exercises they are performing, remind your children their previous achievements. Also, support them by mentioning the importance of completing a task.
  • The place where the activities to boost attention span is performed should be free from any distracting objects. For instance: Keeping unrelated toys on the table where the activities to boost attention span are performed will reduce the benefits of the activities.

Concentration techniques may vary according to the age. However, most of them will help in to treating attention problems almost at all ages.


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