Sometimes, we cannot achieve our mental concentration and attention span while working on a task, paying attention to details, or even reading a book. Our interest dissolves quickly, and this can affect our success.

There may be many reasons for this condition, but low brain concentration abilities are the most common factor. Let's check what we can do to increase paying attention skills and mental concentration.

What Is Mental Concentration?

Mental concentration is the mental effort you put into a subject you are interested in or any topic you are trying to learn. Mental concentration is often confused with attention skills or attention span. However, attention span is the time to give your brain concentration on a task. Measuring your attention span is possible with focus tests and attention span tests.

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Attention Span & Concentration Tests

Attention Test

Attention Test

Can you spot the differences? It’s not as easy as it sounds to find the small differences between these images!

Attention Span Test

Attention Span Test

Follow the illusionist’s moves carefully to track the ball. You need strong concentration skills to track the ball!

Concentration Test

Concentration Test

Can you overcome the mess by using your concentration skills? You need a keen eye to find these objects!

Focus Test

Focus Test

You need to focus if you want to pass this test. Don’t let these delicious candies distract you with their colors!

Concentration Test Online

Concentration Test Online

This attention concentration test is tailored to measure and boost your visual attention skills.

Short Attention Span Test

Short Attention Span Test

If you wonder how to test attention span, you can use this attention span quiz without hesitation.

Focus Test Online

Focus Test Online

When you need an entertaining focus test game, you can use this alternative and have fun.

Attention Test Online

Attention Test Online

This ​​challenging attention span test game is suitable for both kids and adults of all ages.

Attention Tests & Attention Exam to Boost Concentration

1. Egg test: One egg is hidden between the rabbits in the picture. Let’s see if you can find the egg.

Egg test
Egg test answer

On the bottom left corner, there is an egg that looks like an ear. Could you find it easily, or was it harder than you think?

Either way, MentalUP can strengthen your concentration and attention skills! You won’t believe how fast you can solve these questions after playing MentalUP every day.


2. 4-Leaf clover test: Find the 4-leaf clover between the piglets in the picture.

4-leaf clover
4-leaf clover answer

There it is, right next to the yellow piggy on the top!

You may think it was impossible to find it, or maybe you want to solve more challenging tests? The award-winning app MentalUP is what you need! Download it and discover the thousands of levels according to your performance!


3. Find the cat test: There are dozens of owls in the picture. One cat is hidden among them. Find the cat.

Find the cat
Find the cat answer

Here, kitty kitty! Cats don’t have beaks. The only animal without a beak is the cat on the left bottom corner!

If you’ve solved this question easily, your visual attention skills must be on fire! But if you couldn’t see it until now, don’t feel sad about it. The games of MentalUP are developed to improve your cognitive skills, including attention!


4. Find the letter test: Can you see the letter in the picture?

Find the letter
Find the letter answer

There is a capital M letter. If you can see this, you have a strong attention span!

You can develop your attention span with MentalUP! All the gamified exercises of MentalUP are fun and scientific.


5. Find the number test: Can you see the number in the picture?

Find the number
Find the number answer

If you see number 4 in the middle, you’re nailing this focus test!

You may think you need to improve your focus skills, and it’s true for everyone! With thousands of levels of MentalUP, you can practice according to your performance.


6. Hidden panda test: Do you see the hidden panda in the picture?

Hidden panda
Hidden panda answer

A big panda is standing in the top right corner. If you’ve found it, well done on your concentration skills!

Concentration skills are necessary for every aspect of our lives. To achieve greater success, maximize your abilities with MentalUP!


7. Hidden heart test: Can you see the heart hidden among the snails?

Hidden heart
Hidden heart answer

The heart is at the top left corner. If you’ve found it, you're a detail-oriented person!

Do you know your cognitive skills can be much stronger? Play MentalUP’s hundreds of attention games, and surprise yourself with your progress!


8. Hidden panda between elephants: There's a panda hidden among the elephants. Can you find it?

Hidden panda 2
concentration test 8

The panda is standing on the right side. It was a tough test! If you have found it, congratulations on your long attention span!

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You can also get the printable version of the Mental Concentration and Attention Span Test.

Why Is Measuring Attention Span Important?

It is important to measure attention skills with the attention test because it directly affects success in life. As mental concentration improves, attention span also increases.

It is especially beneficial to increase the attention span and mental concentration in children because it is a factor that directly affects the learning processes of children who are in this intensive learning period.

As a child can spend more time and effort listening to the teacher or learning about a new topic, his/her success will improve. The most effective way to achieve this is to measure the attention span with the attention span test and to manage this process according to the results. This can help them to be more successful in exams such as the Math Kangaroo.

Attention span concentration test

How to Measure Attention Span?

There are many different ways to measure attention time. Some of these are qualitative tests, and some are quantitative attention span tests. While qualitative attention span tests use attention check questions and their explanations, quantitative attention span tests mostly measure the participants' responses based on their senses. These methods are also used as a short attention span test.

Apart from these, there is also the assessment of attention to detail that you can easily apply on your own in daily life by using simple brain puzzles like concentration pictures or quick tests.

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How to Measure Attention Span of a Child?

A child's attention span can be measured with the online attention span test of MentalUP or other online attention tests. These tests have an informational purpose only. Visiting children specialists is required to get scientific results from psychometric assessments.

How Long Is My Attention Span?

People wonder how long their attention span is, and online attention span tests can be helpful to measure this. With the MentalUP’s popular attention span test, every age group can determine their results and keep improving them by playing focus and attention games of MentalUP daily.

How to Test Attention Span?

Attention span can be measured with quantitative and qualitative tests. For detailed information, please check the “How to Measure Attention Span?” section above.

How to Measure Attention?

There are many attention tests online you can benefit from. MentalUP’S attention test is one of them and a very popular one to determine your attention, concentration, and focus levels. These online tests have informational purposes only; that’s why you need to visit specialists for detailed and scientifically approved results.

What Is My Attention Span?

Attention span can be measured with lots of attention tests you can find online. Taking an online attention span test would be helpful if you want to test yourself and improve your attention span level with attention games and exercises like the ones MentalUP offers. Remember that these tests are for fun and not scientific. To get scientific results, psychological techniques and assessments are required to measure attention span.

How to Test Concentration?

Online concentration tests, like a well-known concentration test of MentalUP, help you have fun while testing your concentration. If you think you or your kid have some mental concentration problems, these tests are beneficial to try yourselves. Still, you should remember that visiting a specialist is necessary for accurate results.

How to Measure Concentration of a Person?

People can take some quantitative and qualitative tests. A specialist can lead you to take the one that is more useful in every person’s specific situation. The online results, like MentalUP’s concentration test provides, measure a person's concentration, but these results are not scientifically approved. It’s beneficial to check your abilities and take action if you think you need to improve them with concentration games, exercises, or visiting a psychologist.

How to Calculate Attention Span?

According to the specialists, there is a formula to calculate attention span by age: For kids, their attention span is about two or three times longer than their age. For example, a kid who is 4 years old has an average attention span of 8 to 12 minutes.