Are you ready for the challenge? In this section, you’ll face best brain puzzles which will test your logic and reasoning skills!

Word Brain Puzzles

Word brain puzzles help you to develop your focus and fluency. If you like crosswords, you will definitely love these. Don’t forget they are suitable for both kids and adults.


Fun Puzzle Question

word brain puzzle

Peter's father has five sons. The names of four sons are Fefe, Fifi, Fafa and Fufu respectively. What is the name of the fifth son?

You need to be very careful when you are solving this one. So, you should think twice before answering.

Peter's father has five children, and four of them have already been named above.

Of course, the fifth son is Peter himself. It is a tricky one, isn’t it?

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Find The Thief

fun brain puzzle

Can you help the police find the armed robber? The robber was in blue pants, a straight-striped hat, and a mustache. Unfortunately, he stole a watch! Find the thief now!

You need to look at the details closely to solve this one.

Lou’s hat is decorated with zigzag (not straight) stripes. Lo couldn’t hold a gun because of his look. La’s mustache “looks” down. Lee’s hand is bandaged so he couldn’t steal the watch.

So, Liu is guilty.

Mind teasers that have a story are always more fun to solve. If you like these kinds of questions, you can start to do mental exercises with them regularly.

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Mind-Blowing Words

brain teaser puzzles with answer

We have a mission for you. Look at these words. Because you need to tell us something. Do you think what the special thing is about these words?

Before you answer this puzzle question, you need to look at the letters of the words. Because the key is in there.

Did you find the trick?

These words are pronounced differently when the first letter is capitalized.

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Visual Mind Teaser

mind teaser

Just focus on this puzzle question! Then answer carefully!

You bury me when I am alive, you dig me up when I die.

What Am I?

If you use your imagination and think out of the box, you can find the right answer quickly.

Could you do it? Great!

The answer is to be a PLANT.

Are you a creative person? Awesome! Because we have lots of questions for you.

Ready to have fun when you train your brain at the same time!

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Challenging Brain Puzzle

brain puzzle

Do you like to challenge yourself? Then this hard brain puzzle is appropriate for you!

Will you tell us what you can catch but not throw!

Let’s start with the things we can catch but not throw! As you understand, it can’t be tangible!

Hint: Think about your childhood before answering it!

Yes, the right answer is to be COLD. Do you remember how you catch a cold?

Of course, it is impossible to throw it!

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Delicious Puzzle Question

puzzle question

Our next question can make you hungry! It will be really entertaining to solve it!

How can two people fairly share a cake with a single knife cut?

We are sure that you could find the right answer! But let’s explain it anyway!

The first person begins by dividing the cake into two pieces.

Then the second person chooses which piece they will take. This means both sides will be satisfied.

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Missing Letters

letters puzzle question

The “X” in each word represents a number of missing letters. Figure out the missing letters and uncover each word.

Hint: For each question, the missing letters form different words that have something in common.

If you have trouble solving this word puzzle question, you can try to use a paper and pen. This will make your job easy.

Let’s look at the confusing words together and solve this mystery. Our words need to be like that respectively: Weighty, Potentate, Network, Canine, Honey.

It is time to compare your answers with the right words!

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World Tour

 mind puzzle

To find the right answer of this question, you should use your basic knowledge of the world. We hope that you are familiar with the big cities in the other countries.

There are eight names of the world's capital cities. Each phrase contains the name of two cities. Can you unscramble them and figure out what they are?

Did you prepare your answers? Then, let’s begin!

When you scramble the letters in the phrases, you can acquire these cities:

Beijing, London / Berlin, Moscow / Rome, Tokyo / Madrid, and Paris.

Now, you can tell us which one you want to see most!

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Crossword Brain Teaser Puzzle

brain teaser puzzle

Our next question is a crossword brain teaser puzzle. If you are creative and like to play with words, you will love this one.

Begin at one of the corner squares, move clockwise around the perimeter, and finish in the center square to spell a nine-letter word. You must fill in the empty squares with your own letter.

Because this mind puzzle is a little tricky and confusing, you can try to paint on paper. If it isn’t possible for you to solve it anyway, we suggest you write all the letters one by one. This way, you will find the right answer eventually.

The letters you should use are “R” and “N” to create the word “CHRONICLE”.

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Easy Mind Puzzle

mind puzzle

Now let’s continue with a easy and entertaining mind puzzle. You can use this one on your game nights, bedtime funs, or family competitions.

What goes all around the world but stays in the corner? Your answer time starts! Be quick!

Did you find the right answer? Awesome! We know that you can do it!

The right answer is a STAMP. Because it travels the world on the corner of our letters as you all know.

It is really funny, isn’t it?

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Picture Puzzle Questions

Picture mind puzzles help us to expand our attention span and develop our visual memory skills. You can have fun with these questions by boosting your brain at the same time.


Mind-Blowing Brain Teaser Puzzle

brain teaser puzzle

This one is among the best brain puzzles for the people who love hard questions! Can you tell us how many faces you see in this picture?

You really need to be careful when you are solving this one. Count all the faces and then answer! Did you find it?

There are seven faces in this picture. If it is confusing for you, you can look at the explanation here!

picture mind puzzle

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Find The Differences

confusing question

Maybe you will think that it is too easy for you. But we suggest not to decide now!

Try to solve it first! Can you find the 7 differences between the two pictures?

This one isn’t simple as it seems because sometimes we can’t focus quickly.

You need to look at the picture closely to find the answer. If you have an answer, now let’s see the differences together.

confusing question

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Clock Mind Puzzle

mind puzzle

It's 3:35. If the clock is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, what time will it be? ⏰

Try not to be fooled by this tricky question!

The most crucial detail to consider here is 'counterclockwise'. So, the hour hand will turn 90 degrees to rest at 12, and the minute hand will move to the right to 4.

That's why the answer is: 12:20

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Logic Brain Teaser Puzzle

 brain teaser puzzle

Two people played five hands of chess. Both of them won the same number of games and there was no draw. Can you tell us how this is possible? ♟

You should think twice before answering this question! Try to imagine the story and then answer!

This is only possible if they played with other people.

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Bermuda Triangle

brain teaser puzzle

We have a real challenge for you! Do you know 90% of the people get it wrong?

Can you find all the triangles in the picture? Don’t rush because it is a hard one to solve!

To see all the triangles in the picture, you need sharp eyes and a few math skills. When you are ready, you can tell us the answer. We are waiting!

Now let’s look at the answer and count the triangles

brain teaser puzzle answer

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Mathematical Operation

brain teaser puzzles with answers

We have another math question for the people who trust themselves. To solve this one, you should move exactly three matchsticks and correct the equation.

Don’t forget you can do it by using three alternative solutions. You just need to find one!

Try to move three matchsticks and correct the equation as the question asks you. But if you are really sure of yourself, you can find out all three solutions!

The result will always be the same, but the value of the equation changes. Let’s look at the three answers that are true!

brain teaser puzzles with answers answer

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Complicated Diagram

puzzle question

In this puzzle question, we have a different diagram. You should crack the code to solve it. Look at the figures and tell us what the next diagram in this sequence should look like!

Don’t forget the next diagram needs to represent the number 84.

As you already see, the numbers in this diagram are pushed together, and they are overlapped slightly.

Because the sequence leaves off at 70, the next diagram needs to look like 84, and we can create this as in this picture. It is time to compare your result with the right answer.

puzzle question answer

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Paradise of Birds

Mind puzzle

Do you like animals? We love them, too. So, we’ve prepared a cute puzzle question for you that includes fantastic birds.

Look at this pal and choose the correct shadow of the bird!

To understand this question, you should try to compare the bird with shadow pictures. However, you need to know what a shadow looks like before doing this.

Remember your basic physics information. In this way, you can say that the fifth picture is our bird’s shadow.

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Funny Brain Teaser Puzzles

Funny brain teaser puzzles are one of the best ways to spend quality time developing. You can enjoy these puzzle questions with your kids and improve together.


Funny Mind Puzzle

mind puzzle

Now we have a crowded picture for you. Just the people who have sharp eyes can solve this mind puzzle!

Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite! Let’s spot the sleeping baby. 😴

Don’t forget to blink your eyes and continue looking carefully!

Did you find her? Great! We have fate in you! You can see the sleeping baby here!

mind puzzle

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Animal Brain Puzzle

brain puzzle

This brain teaser puzzle will blow your mind! Everyone sees different animals in this puzzle image. What about you?

Look at the picture and tell us how many animals you can see!

You should count all the animals you can see.

There are 16 animals in this question! But if you miss a couple of animals, you don’t need to worry! Let’s find out the others together!

brain puzzle

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Geography Question

mind puzzle

The animals in the picture have a question for you! Which continent do we live in? Can you find the answer to this tricky brain puzzle without any help?

When you look at the animals in the picture such as a koala, kangaroo, or ostrich, you can easily understand where they live.

But you should remember your basic geography knowledge!

The right answer is to be Australia!

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Easy Brain Puzzle

brain teaser puzzle

We have an easy question for the people who like cars!

In which direction the car is moving? 🚙 If you want to solve this one, you should walk on thin ice!

Well, sometimes you need to think outside of the box to find the solutions of brain teaser puzzles 😅.

Let’s talk about the trick of this question! The car is not moving. Because it has no wheels.

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Fun Balls Puzzle Question

puzzle question

How many moves are required to transport the balls from the tube I to tube III if all the balls must remain in the same order? Describe each move. 🎱

Note: Name the balls 1, 2, and 3 and the tubes I, II, and III.

You should make the following moves, respectively:

3. ball to II. tube, 2. ball to II. tube, 1. ball to III. tube

1. ball to III. tube, 2. ball to III. tube, 3. ball to III. tube.

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Simple Mind Puzzle

mind puzzle

In a game of Tug-o’-War, Oliver and John easily won over Thomas and Jacob. When Oliver and Thomas were a team, they could barely pull Jacob and John.

When Oliver and Jacob played in a team against Thomas and John, the game ended in a draw. Can you name each person from strongest to weakest? 💪

This is a complicated brain puzzle, so you should plan the solution by thinking carefully. Keep in mind that if you use your logical skills, it will make your job easier.

The solution to this mind puzzle will be Oliver > John > Thomas > Jacob

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Crowded Family

brain puzzle

In this fun brain puzzle, there is a happy family. Let’s meet and get to know them.🎱

You have to gather information about them because you should tell us how many people there are in this family.

Hint: In this family, there are two parents and six sons. Each son has one sister.

Maybe you can start by painting a family tree. In this way, you can have more fun and find the right answer quickly.

Did you respond? Then, let us explain! The right answer is nine.

In this family, we have a mother and a father who have six sons and a daughter.

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Veterinary Question

puzzle question

Do you want to be a veterinary for one day? Great!

You should weigh our cute animals and tell us the weight of a dog, a cat, and a rabbit! Start working because they are all so hasty!

To solve this question, you need to look at the picture and write down the facts you have. In this way, you can have a quick solution.

The answer is 27 kg. Because Dog is 17 kg, cat and rabbit is 10 kg.

The animals will thank you for your help!

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Packing Up

brain puzzle

Do you like packing up things? We have an important mission for you.

There are 5 bags with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 balls inside and two sizes of boxes. Put the bags into the boxes in a way that the big box has twice the number of balls.

You should find out all three ways of doing so!

To solve this question, you need to form an equation as you are asked.

If your answers are ready, let’s look at them together!

You can put 4 and 1 balls into the smaller box while you put 5, 3, and 2 balls into the larger box.

You can put 3 and 2 balls into the smaller box while you put 5, 4, and 1 balls into the larger box.

You can put 5 into the smaller box when you put 4, 3, 2, and 1 balls into the larger box.

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Square Problem

mind puzzle

We have random matchsticks in this mind puzzle. They are waiting for you to order them.

Can you move four matchsticks to form three squares?

Don’t hesitate to move all the matchsticks to reach the right answer. We have enough time, so you should be brave and determined.

If you make up your mind, we can look at the right answer together. When you see it, you will understand that it is easier than it seems.

mind puzzle

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Logic Brain Puzzles

We have many different questions for kids and adults to improve. But if these are not enough for you, look at our Online Logic Games & Puzzles, where we have dozens of fun logic games! If you are a senior, you may enjoy the Free Brain Games for Seniors page.


Logic Puzzle Question

puzzle question

Sophie and Caroline made arrangements to meet at a cafe at 2 p.m. Sophie thinks her watch is 25 minutes fast, although it is 10 minutes delayed.

Caroline thinks her watch is 10 minutes slow, while it is 5 minutes soon. What will happen if they both aim to arrive precisely on time? 🕖

It is a very funny logic puzzle question. Imagine the story and enjoy your time!

Sophie will be 35 minutes late. Caroline will arrive at 1:45 P.M, 15 minutes ahead of time.

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Hard Puzzle Question

puzzle question

Six neighborhood children — Leisha, Benito, Delia, Charlotte, Weldon, and Zina— were measured yesterday. Weldon is taller than Delia but shorter than Zina.

Leisha is taller than Benito but shorter than Delia and Weldon. Benito isn’t the shortest. Can you list the kids in order of height from tallest to shortest?

You might need a pen and paper to solve this question. You can also make a painting when you are trying to find the right answer.

Did you have an answer? The time is up! The answer is Zina, Weldon, Delia, Leisha, Benito, and Charlotte, respectively!

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Crazy Lions

puzzle question

Now we have a funny picture for you! You should look at these crazy but cute lions to find the same ones! Tell us the right answer and help them to go to the forest!

Did you find the answer? Are you sure of it? Then, it is time to face the facts!

The third and fourth are pairs! Because they are all the same. If you look at them closely again, you can definitely see it by yourself!

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Brain Teaser Puzzle

brain teaser puzzle

There are mysterious treasures here! We are very curious about what is inside them, but we have a problem! We need a proper key!

Find the right lock for the key, and help us! Be quick! 🔐

It was a great brain teaser puzzle for treasure hunters! Also, you can use it to develop your kids’ imagination! Try to tell a story before you solve the question!

The key fit only the lock of chest number 4. Now, we can look at the treasure!

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Let’s boost together!



Tricky Dilemma

brain teaser puzzle

There are 12 checkers on a table that arranged as shown. Four adjacent checkers can be united in a square. Including the one outlined, how many possible groupings are there of four checkers that form a square?

This puzzle question is a real dilemma. You need to be very careful when you are solving it. Did you have an answer?

The right answer is to be six groupings. If you can’t understand the logic of it, you don’t need to worry because this question is a hard one. Let us explain.

mind puzzle

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Hungry Dogs

mind puzzle

In this puzzle question, there are hungry dogs. They need your help.

Look at the picture, make a calculation and tell us which one will drink the milk first!

Along with good logical skills, you also need good observation skills to solve this brain teaser puzzle.

If you look at the image closely, you will see that all other pipes are blocked somewhere or the other, so dog no.2 is the only one who will actually get to drink some milk.

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Eyesight Test

 brain puzzle

Be ready for an interesting test! Please look at the picture first for a while.

Then, you should say what number you see! Colorblind people see different numbers. You can understand whether you have it or not in this way.

Do you know whether you have Achromatopsia or not? Let's test it! You’ll learn soon.

There is no right answer to this question, but if you aren’t color blind, you should see 29. Those with a red/green deficiency will see the number 70.

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Colorful Owls

mind puzzle

We have colorful owls in this brain teaser puzzle. You can think that it is kids’ stuff, but don’t forget it is a tricky one.

Now it is time for you to find two identical ones! Be careful not to be fooled.

Did you spot which owls are identical? Think twice before answering!

The right answer is 10th and 12th. Because they are the same. If you look at all the cute owls, you can see others are a little different.

Both adults and kids love to solve puzzle questions by spending quality time with their loved ones. If you are one of them, you can benefit from our expansive compilation.

MentalUP offers you hundreds of fun brain teaser puzzles that are designed to improve your memory, attention, and logic.


Puzzle Questions For Adults

Puzzle questions for adults are very helpful for them to improve their attention span, avoid absentness and develop their logical abilities. You can use our best mind puzzle compilation to have fun and make your daily life easy.


Honeycomb Mind Puzzle

mind puzzle

This time, we have a fun puzzle question for you. You need to spell out a two-word place name by traveling from each other along the lines.

Don’t forget you can go through each circle once, and the answer is a statuesque location.

Did you have an answer? Awesome! Let’s look at the question together.

If you implement the instructions in the question, you will find out about Easter Island.

Easter Island is a special territory of Chile. If you are interested, you can do a search!

Do you like geographical puzzle questions? They are one of the most popular puzzle questions that are both funny and developing.

MentalUP has lots of these kinds of questions that you can choose according to your interests and level! Don’t postpone your own improvement!



Naughty Numbers

brain puzzle

If you like sudoku, you will love this brain teaser puzzle!

Can you order our naughty numbers and complete this puzzle question? Don’t waste any time and start to work because you have a lot of work!

If you don’t already realize the trick of this puzzle question, let us help you!

Each number in the hexagons is the sum of the two numbers below it, and you should complete the brain puzzle according to this tip!

Are you ready to see the answer? Look at the right answer and compare yours!

mind puzzle

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Hard Enigma

brain teaser puzzle

There is an important enigma that needs to be solved. Can you help us?

You should crack the code! There are three exact numbers to open this lock!

Don’t hesitate to use a pen and paper when you are trying to crack this code because it is a challenging one.

The right answer is 718.

From Clues 1 and 2 we know that only 5 is not in the code. From Clue 3 we know that 1 and 7 are part of the code. From Clue 4 we know that 8 is also in the code.

Maybe it has been hard for you to solve this question, and you feel a little disappointed. It is natural, but you don’t have to feel like that.

Ready to change and empower! MentalUP will give you a chance to boost all your mental abilities and skills.



Red Ribbon

mind puzzle

Do you like colorful ribbons? Super!

We have a 100-meter piece of ribbon. If it takes one second to cut it into a 1-meter strip, how long would it take to cut the entire ribbon into 1-meter strips?

Maybe you think it is easy as pie, but you are wrong. So, don’t answer without being sure!

The right answer is 99 seconds or 1 minute and 39 seconds. When the 99th cut is made, the remaining foot does not have to be cut.

Many different brain teaser puzzles with answers are waiting for you to solve. When you need to have fun by spending quality time, you can relax, start solving them and enjoy your own time. It will be a big opportunity for you to develop!



Hard Brain Puzzle

 brain puzzle

We have a hard brain puzzle for real geeks. Your math skills will be very useful in this question.

Let’s begin! Can you look at the picture to find the value between A and B points?

If you find the right answer to this question, you will be a winner! Because it is a hard question, don’t be disappointed if you can’t solve it!

The right answer is 7.348. You need to solve it by using your basic math knowledge! Don’t forget it is a mathematical problem!

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If you do exercise regularly, you can be a math genius on short notice!



Funny Question

mind puzzle

We also need to have fun because our daily lives are stressful enough.

So, we have prepared an entertaining brain puzzle for you. Look at the picture and count all the dogs! We are waiting for your answer!

Did you count all of them? Are you sure how many dogs there are in the picture?

The right answer is to be 19. If your answer isn’t right, you can try to count these cute dogs again!

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Let’s try together! You will see the difference!



Cat’s Problem

puzzle question

Our cute cat has a problem. Can you help?

Place the balls into the empty slots, solve examples and write the numbers!

You need to calculate perfectly to solve this brain puzzle. Don’t forget to double-check after you have the answers.

If you are curious about whether you are right or wrong, let’s look at the picture below!

mind puzzle

When you solve mental exercises daily, you will boost your problem-solving skills.

Keep in mind that this will help you in your whole life. MentalUP is here for you to develop your memory, logic, and focus!



Math Question

mind puzzle

We have a numerical mind puzzle for you. This one is a little challenging.

Can you tell us which number will be placed next?

If you find out what the next number will be, you can be proud of yourself.

The answer is 44. To calculate this, you should do math operations as here:

Column1: [(7×4)+1]-11=18. Column2: [(8×5)+2]-12=30. Column3: [(9×6)+3]-13=44

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Colorful Squares

brain puzzle

Do you like mind blowing puzzle questions? Then, this one is just for you.

Look at the picture and count the squares. You can be sure that it will confuse you!

Did you count the numbers of the squares placed in the given picture? Great!

The right answer is to be 6. If you don’t understand how it is possible, let us explain with colors!

mind puzzle

You can train your brain and increase its speed. You just need to use our gamified learning exercises. They will entertain you, so you won’t even realize that you are studying.



Invisible Panda

puzzle question

There is a confusing picture in this puzzle question. But there is a panda which is disguised in it.

Can you find the hidden panda in the image?

We hope you find it because the panda needs your help.

If you can’t find it, you should try again. Give time for yourself and don’t rush.

Now it is time to see the right answer.

mind puzzle

MentalUP is an intellectual learning environment that is appropriate for kids, teens, adults, and even seniors. You can use it to develop, have a good time with your loved ones and test your skills.


Brain Puzzles For Kids

Brain puzzles for kids are one of the most effective ways for them to develop their minds. Thanks to these questions below, they can boost according to their learning styles and have fun at the same time.


Fruits and Veggies

mind puzzle

Mad fruits and veggies are waiting for you to play. Let’s look at them together!

Can you find ten differences between these two pictures?

Find the difference brain puzzles are one of the most fun questions. You can print this and solve it with crayons if you want.

When you finish, we will show you the differences in a detailed way.

mind puzzle

Kids always need support when their developmental process. MentalUP is a suitable app for them because it is safe with its no ads policy.

Help your children to grow effectively, track their progress with skill analysis reports, and compare their scores with their peers.



Missing Letter

brain teaser puzzles

If you want to study vocabulary by increasing your fluency, we have a fun way to do this. Word exercises like this one are always improving.

Can you fill in the blanks in this puzzle question?

Did you look at the options? We have the letter “W,” “N,” and “M.”

But you have to complete the word in a meaningful way. So, the right answer is “M,” which forms the word “Mushroom” as in the picture.

You can develop your kids’ vocabulary with fun word games. When they start to do these learning exercises daily, they will have higher grades in their school classes.

Guide them to find the right way. You can start to use MentalUP by joining its 10 million users.



Maze Escape

mind puzzle

Escape games are among the favorites of children. Are you ready to join a fun race? Your time begins now. Try to find the way out without hitting a dead end!

To escape from this maze, you should act smart. If it is hard for you to find the way, you can use a pen after printing this image.

Let’s see whether you can escape from this maze or not together.

mind puzzle

Online educational exercises and activies are easier to reach. Don’t forget children love to use technological tools in the modern world.

So, you can provide them safe learning environment with the MentalUP app, which will develop your kids’ attention, math, logic, and thinking skills.



Brain Twister

puzzle question

Do you like brain twister questions? Great!

We have a tricky one for you. A man shaves several times a day but still has a beard.

Who is he?

You should be creative and use your imagination to find out the right answer.

Don’t forget to look at the picture and say your answer.

The right answer is to a BARBER. It is funny, isn’t it?

Logical thinking and problem-solving skills are very important for our children. These abilities prepare them for their future life.

You can find lots of brain twister questions in MentalUP to have fun with your kids and see their improvement by yourself.



Find The Link

brain puzzle

Are you good at observing around? Then, you can probably find the links between stuff easily. We have a challenge for you.

Can you figure out how each of these is related?

You should look at the pictures and think about the words in detail to solve this puzzle question.

When you analyze them, you can see that the words for all three images are anagrams of each other. Let’s see again: PETALS - PLATES - PLEATS

Do you want to have fun with your kids by helping them to develop? Awesome!

You are invited to one of the most effective learning apps for children! Keep in mind that MentalUP also provides different boosting games, activities, and exercises for adults.



Hidden Words

mind puzzle

In this magical messy room, there are six hidden words. If you have sharp eyes, you can see all of them.

Can you tell us these words?

We have fate in you. Did you find all the words? Let’s look at these tricky words and find their whereabouts.

1. “Cord” Behind television on the cord. 2. “Tiles” on bathroom tiles. 3. “Straw” on the straw broom. 4. “Mirror” on Mirror. 5. “Cat” on cat’s tail. 6. “Couch” on the couch.

If you like game nights, you definitely know that you need different and interesting sources. MentalUP is an extensive source that you can use for all of these purposes.

Look at hundreds of fun games, activities, and exercises that are designed according to different interests to enjoy!



Complete Houses

brain teaser puzzle

Can you show us how good you are at visual brain teaser puzzles by finding the missing part for each building?

Don’t forget all the people in the houses are waiting for you to complete the roof. Then, they will move to their homes.

To complete all the roofs with suitable parts, you should look at the buildings closely. In this way, you can match them easily.

After you find out and write your answers, we will solve the question together. Are you ready? Let’s see how you should do it!

mind puzzle

Memory and matching brain teaser puzzles develop kids’ mental skills. If they need your help at school, you can suggest MentalUP with peace in mind. It is a safe learning environment and allows you to track your children’s progress.



Magical Heart

puzzle question

Are you ready to concentrate? Great! We have a magical question for you.

Can you find the magical heart among these cute and colorful elephants?

When you are solving this mind puzzle, you don’t need to rush because it is a really confusing question. Take your time and find the heart. We believe you!

If you have an answer, we can show you the magical heart!

mind puzzle

If you have a hard time solving these kinds of puzzle questions, you may need a supportive tool. MentalUP is here for you with brain-boosting games, mental exercises, and educational activities for kids.

You can start by solving all the suitable puzzle questions and continue by playing fun games to improve.


Challenging Mind Puzzles

If simple brain teaser puzzles aren’t enough for you, our challenging mind puzzle compilation will satisfy you. Be ready for mind-blowing exercises! You will even have a chance to prove yourself with these brain games for adults and children!


Staircase Question

mind puzzle

We have a staircase question for you. You need to do proper calculations to solve this one. Let’s start!

Can you tell us what the missing number will be?

Proceeding up the staircase, the numbers form a logical sequence. What number belongs on the top step is up to this sequence.

The right answer is 840 because each number is found by multiplying the number that corresponds to the number below.

When you need to develop your math and counting skills, you can benefit from MentalUP’s gamified learning games.

They will improve your logic, memory, focus, and math skills at the same time. Don’t you want to train your brain with fun games?



Possibility Problem

brain puzzle

If you can solve this, you can will be a real winner! Are you ready to prove yourself?

You need to move just two matchsticks and find out the lowest possibility. Tell us what is the lowest possible number you can make!

After you try all the possible ways, you will find out the right answer!

Don’t hesitate to use paper and a pen because it is a very challenging brain puzzle.

The right answer is 9118.

Do you know that you can boost your brain with one of the most entertaining apps? Then, you might have never heard of MentalUP.

You are invited to this popular educational space where you can improve yourself by having fun at the same time! Don’t forget it is appropriate for different age groups.



Confusing Numbers

puzzle question

Our next question is for math nerds. Do you think that you are a real genius? Then, let’s start!

Look at our image and fill in the blanks. Confusing numbers are waiting for you!

If it is hard for you to solve this one, you can try to find the right answer by using paper and a pen. It will make the process easier.

The right answer is A = 6. B = 10. C = 18. D = 33

When you fill the empty boxes with these numbers, you can see that it will be a perfect equation.

Maybe you think that you can’t increase your IQ score because you are an adult, but it is wrong. MentalUP certified app is designed for all people of different ages to develop their logic, memory, and concentration abilities.

The only thing you should do is to solve brain puzzles and play boosting games. You will see the difference soon.



Question For Geniuses

brain puzzle

We have a hard question for the people who are sure of themselves.

Look at these six boxes. You should use your logic and find one box which can’t be closed.

When you are ready, you can tell us your answer!

In this brain puzzle, you need to study the colorful balls in the boxes. In this way, you can understand which one can’t be closed.

The right answer is 6. box. Because the balls don’t match with each other. If you have the right answer, you can be proud of yourself!

MentalUP is an educational app that offers lots of brain puzzles for you. You can solve these questions to train your brain.

The more you work on yourself, the more your skills will be boosted. Don’ neglect yourself!



Letter Equation

brain teaser puzzle

Now, we have a different question for you. This one requires you to use both numbers and letters.

The important thing is to understand the equation. Crack the code and tell us which letter replaces the question mark!

The missing letter in the last box is Z. You should denote each alphabet to the corresponding number.

For example, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on. Now you will find that the center digit is actually the product of the letter equations.

Is it hard for you to match the letters with numbers? Then, you need to develop your strategical thinking and decision-making skills with gamified learning exercises.

You can use MentalUP whenever you want from your mobile phones, tablets, and computers to improve your mental abilities.



Water Problem

mind puzzle

You may think these kinds of problems are for school kids, but when you start to solve this mind puzzle, you will see that it is harder than it seems.

You should analyze the tanks and tell us which tank will be filled first!

If you track the water flow’s direction, you can understand which tank will be filled first. Did you decide how to answer? Awesome.

The right answer is Tank F. We knew that you could do it!

Is it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long time? You should expand your attention span and develop your visual intelligence.

MentalUP provides hundreds of alternative exercises for you to do this. Let’s boost our logic, focus, and memory skills together.


Easy Brain Teaser Puzzles

Easy brain teaser puzzles aren’t just for kids despite the common mistake. Both adults and kids can solve these questions to develop themselves by having more fun. Are you ready for this challenge? Your time starts now!


Smart Monkeys

brain puzzle

In this question, we have different fifteen monkeys. But the two of them are identical. Do you trust your eyes? Let’s check together.

Can you find the two similar monkeys?

If you look at the monkeys closely, you can see the differences. Don’t answer before thinking twice because they can trick you.

The right answer is 5th and 13th because they are identical.

You can test your skills, improve them and track your progress by comparing the scores with your peers. If you are interested in self-development, you can definitely try MentalUP. It is appropriate for kids, teens, adults, or seniors.



Secret Map

brain teaser puzzles with answers

Do you like pirate stories? Great because we have a real story for you.

Our absent-minded pirate has lost his treasure map. Can you help him to combine the pieces of his map?

The pirate wants to reach the golds as soon as possible. So, he has asked for your help. We hope that you can restore the old map and find the treasure.

Let’s look at the right answer to compare yours with it!

mind puzzle

All the people, from toddlers to seniors, need to develop their mental skills to the end of their days because life is a progressive process.

If you need a companion for this, MentalUP will be very helpful. You can train your brain with its fun games, exercises, and activities.



Coffee Cups

puzzle question

We hope that you like drinking coffee or tea because our next question is about cups. There are three empty cups in this mind puzzle.

You need to put in your lateral thinking cap and place ten sugar cubes in three cups such that every cup will contain an odd number of sugar cubes. Can you do it?

Now it is the explanation time. Pour three sugar cubes into the first cup and third cup. Then, you need to pour 4 sugar cubes into cup 2.

Now, the first cup got three sugar cubes. The third up got three sugar cubes. You should put the first Cup into the second Cup for it to have seven cubes in total.

Tricky questions amuse us by improving our mental skills such as logic, attention, and memory at the same time. If you like these kinds of mind puzzles, you can join the MentalUP family, which includes ten million users.



Elegant Lantern

brain puzzle

Let’s look this picture together. Because we have a mission.

We need to do lanterns as in the image by using these options. Can you help us?

Did you find the answer? Then, you can tell us from which one you can make this elegant lantern! It is time to learn whether you are right or wrong.

The right answer is 5. When you use it, you can have an identical lantern.

Parents want the best for their children. If you need a safe tool for your kids to develop, you are so lucky. MentalUP is designed by academicians for this purpose.

Don’t forget it is chosen by teachers as one of the most effective learning apps. MentalUP is a multi-awarded educational app that provides kids with safe boosting exercises.



Symbolic Question

mind puzzle

Do you like math symbols? Then, you can answer this question easily.

Look at the image and tell us which math symbols this rebus identifies!

Keep in mind that you need to understand the symbolization for solving this one.

This is the bar graph that represents the numbers 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9, 2, 6, 5. Now let’s try to remember our basic math knowledge from school classes.

We know the value of pi is 3.14159265. So, the right answer is Pi.

The problem-solving ability helps all the people through their lives. This means that you should improve it by exercising regularly. MentalUP’s brain teaser puzzles are created for this purpose. You can support your kids with these fun questions.



Movie Time

brain puzzle

Do you like watching movies? Great!

We have a question for you. Can you tell us which movie it is by looking at the image?

As you see, there are twelve eggs, an angry bird, and men in this picture.

When thinking about the movies that can be related, we understand that the right answer is 12 Angry Men.

After you find the right answer, don’t forget to watch this interesting movie with your loved ones.

Creativity is very important for children. They need to use their imagination to understand what they want in their lives. You can help them with entertaining puzzle questions. They will love our alternatives that will train their brains.



Old Clocks

brain puzzle

It is very funny to look down on all the things. Now, you need to use your imagination and guess what this clock will look like from the right top.

Find the right top view among the options in the picture.

When we are trying to guess the right top view of this clock, it is important to be careful about details.

If you can think out of the box, you will find the right answer in no time.

The right answer is to be option 4.

Do you know MentalUP determines the weak and strong brain activities with gamified tests to help the kids to develop their abilities?

You can see how they train their brains with daily fun exercises. It is very easy to use and safe with its no ads policy. Don’t forget to track their progress with detailed reports.



Green Parrot

mind puzzle

Our next question is about one of the most rare species in the world. There is a green parrot in this beautiful rainforest, and you need to find it.

Help our scientists to determine where the parrot is because they are too tired to search.

Could you spot the bird in the picture? Awesome!

Let’s try to be careful; otherwise, we can scare it. Now it is time to mark the bird’s spot silently.

mind puzzle

If you feel stucked in your daily lives, it is time for a change. MentalUP will help you to have fun and boost your mental skills. In this way, you can start to be more confident and overcome obstacles easily. Don’t waste any time!


You can use MentalUP, which is one of the best puzzle apps for both yourself and your children. Thanks to its fun brain teaser puzzles, learning activities, and educational exercises, it is very easy to develop. 💥

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