Trick questions and answers or brain teasers can improve our brain functions besides can help us think differently. We’ve selected the best brain trick questions for you to ponder over!


Mind Trick Questions

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Brain Trick Questions

Tricky questions are a fun way to make your brain think outside the box. And now, we have something for kids! However, it is hard to answer these trick questions for adults, too. Let’s try it!

Brain Trick Questions With Answers


Trick Questions Quiz

Sometimes we all want to test our abilities and boosting our self-confidence. Brain trick question gives us a great opportunity to do that. You will be surprised by the results when you constantly train your brain. 😯 🧠

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Tricky Picture Puzzles With Answers


Math Trick Question

Math Trick Question

There is an 8 hiding there. Can you find it?

If you’re familiar with math trick questions, this must be a piece of cake for you.

Math Trick Question and Answer

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Number Trick Question

Number Trick Question

What should replace the question mark?

Okay, it was one of the hard trick questions. Let us explain the answer.

It's a lever in the car with numbers on it. You guessed it, right?

Exactly! It’s a gear stick. So the question mark will be replaced by the letter ‘R’.

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Tricky Picture Question

Tricky Picture Question

How many triangles can you count in this shape?

You need to think out of the box while trying to solve puzzle tricky questions like that.

There are 13 triangles in this funny trick question.

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Trick Questions Maths

Trick Questions Maths

Can you solve this?

The answers are respectively 9 and 11.

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Tricky Puzzle

Tricky Puzzle

Can you find the correct piece?

Correct answer: Piece number there.

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Tricky Logical Question With Answer

Tricky Logical Question With Answer

The dogs are pretty hungry. Which one will drink the milk first? 🐶

Along with good logical skills you also need good observation skills to solve this riddle.

If we see the image closely, you will see that all other pipes are blocked somewhere or the other, so dog no.2 is the only dog who will actually get to drink some milk.

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We hope you like our best trick questions and answers. There is always more tricky logical questions and puzzles in our app.

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