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Last Update Date: 05 November 2019

We are living in a time of constant change and technological advancement. While improving our lives in many ways, technological progress also presents many distractions. Some of these distractions may cause or alleviate focusing or concentration problems.

It is also possible to use technology as a solution to this problem (in order to improve concentration). Before covering concentration problems, let’s take a look at the basics and start with "What is concentration?”.

solving focus and concentration problems


Concentration: Focusing on something without being affected by internal and external stimulus and keep doing it for a while without any distraction.

Attention deficit occurs when someone isn't able to gather attention and maintain it. Nowadays, this situation can be considered as quite normal and it is possible to overcome.


Nutritional and sleeping disorders are among the strongest causes for lack of concentration and focusing problems. It is also possible to experience concentration problems depending on genetic factors. Technology is one of the biggest factors for focus problems and attention deficit.

Today's technology can cause lack of concentration and focus problems. This happens because of all the voices that we constantly hear as an external stimulus, such as social media notifications, clock alarms, SMS notifications, call notifications. It's getting harder to concentrate on something because of these entire stimuli. After a while, we lose the ability to focus and that's why we start to face concentration problems even while we are working in our quiet offices.

Although technology may seem like preventing us from focusing and concentrating, it is mostly related about our choices. Likewise, we can improve our ability to focus and concentrate by taking advantage of technology.


There are many factors that may lead to concentration problems, in other words attention deficit, but there are also multi-step solutions for them. If you make sure that you follow the list below carefully, it is going to help you to overcome focus problems and improve concentration.


How to overcome concentration problems?

Concentration Techniques (Focus Techniques)

  1. Doing regular brain exercises ( MentalUP Brain Exercise Games, Puzzles, Intelligence Games, etc.) has very strong concentration enhancement effect.
  2. Healthy eating habits provides improvement of concentration.
  3. Consistent and full sleep provides power of concentration and reduces the attention deficit factors.
  4. Sports and other forms of physical activities improve the ability to focus.
  5. Concentration game


    Improves visual attention, visual memory, visual scanning.

    Focusing game


    Improves prolonged attention, visual recognition, short-term memory.

    Focus and concentration exercise


    Improves divided attention, reaction control, focusing

  6. Developing personalized techniques for how to improve focus, making a to-do list, and doing only one thing at a time have a concentration enhancement effect on people.
  7. Prescribed medications by expert psychiatrists for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can cure focus problems and similar attention problems. (Medical treatment may be advised for concentration problems, but it should be supervised by an expert since the drugs for the treatment may have some serious side effects.)

These techniques for improving focus as mentioned above are common ways for the managing concentration problems with or without medication. These 6 techniques are very effective in dealing with concentration problems. You can also measure your progress with various concentration tests and exercise reports.

Improve Your Concentration with Attention Games

Playing games is definitely the most fun treatment method to improve your concentration. Some of the games that adults or children often prefer to have a positive effect to improve concentration. The importance of the games have been often emphasized as it is much easier to focus on a work that you are enjoying. Even psychologists, psychiatrists, or child development specialists strongly recommend various brain exercise games as a treatment like medications. You can take the advantage of the game to improve your concentration skills.

Improve Concentration with MentalUP Brain Training Games

Now it is time to increase our existing potential. The unique MentalUP exercises developed on the basis of how to improve focus - concentration techniques. Both children and adults are able to perform exercises to enhance concentration and you only need about half an hour a day.

As you know, MentalUP is developed by the academicians who are specialized in their fields to keep cognitive abilities in a balance and improve the potential of intelligence. You can discover the fun and exciting MentalUP brain exercise games > MentalUP Concentration Games: Try Now