Are You Addicted to Technology: Solve This Test to Find Out!

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Last Update Date: 12 February 2020

Do you think you are not that depended on your computer, tablet or smartphone; playing games, shopping, checking emails, watching videos, surfing on the internet or using social media? Well, think again! It turns out 1 out of every 4 people are addicted to the internet and technology even if they are not aware. So let's find out how addicted you are to the internet on your daily routine!

With this technology addiction test, which you can apply for your child or for yourself; you will find out how dependent you are. Please read all of the questions carefully and mark the answer that best expresses you. Before selecting an answer, consider how often you encounter the mentioned problems.

technology addiction test


Which of the following sentences best describe you? Click on the ones that you think “Yes, that’s totally me!” Complete the test, see the results and recommendations instantly!


NOTE: The content of this test has been compiled from the users diagnosed with technology addiction. The test is intended only to give an opinion: There is no definitive provision or official validity.