Memory Improvement Techniques


In psychology, memory is defined as the ability to process and store information in the brain, recall and use that information when it is needed. Memory can also be called as the storage of the human brain. Human memory has the potential to be improved with memory techniques and is very large storage without boundaries. Especially children's memory has the potential to improve very quickly and effectively.

Memory Improvement And Strengthening Techniques

Memory improvement does not mean expanding the total storage area; it is development of the capability of the storage. Below you can read about the methods to improve memory and the stages of memory development.


Imagining / Visualizing Technique

The human brain can store visual information easier than any other type of information. You may have difficulty keeping the name of a street in mind, but you would not forget the image of the street easily. If you listen or read something that you do not experience by yourself, it is still possible for you to make this information permanent in your mind by visualizing. When you want to teach your children something, let them imagine. This method is often used in schools to support learning.

If you were able to put your hands inside the screen while reading this article and pick up the sentences you wanted and put it in your pocket, which ones would you take? I think you would take this last sentence in your hands and put it in your pocket to use it elsewhere.

Did you imagine for a second while you were reading the orange sentences above; you put your hand into the screen and picked up letters, words, and sentences? If you have imagined, then it is very likely for you to remember this article in the future again when some memory techniques are discussed.

Regulating Sleep And Dietary Habits To Improve Memory

Sleep is important not only to improve memory, but it is also very important to meet all sort of needs of our bodies. Well, what kind of sleep are we talking about? Uninterrupted and good night sleep is one of the best ways to support improvement of memory both for children and adults. Since sleep is an integral part of attention and concentration processes, it directly affects memory because attention is the first step to long-term strong memory. If we do not pay attention, we cannot memorize what the teacher says. Likewise, we cannot see the details on a picture if we don’t pay attention.

Food to Improve Memory

Our eating habits play an important role to improve memory. Here are some food that improves memory: walnuts, lemon, carrots, dairy products, pomegranates, fish, eggs, whole grains.

3- Brain Exercises For Memory Improvement

Brain exercises are very good for better memory. We need to perform associating, grouping, and other similar tasks that are important concepts for memory. You can check out the brain exercises below to improve your memory skills.

spatial memory

Find The Squares

Development of Spatial Memory, Short-Term Memory

visual memory exercise

Find The Animals

Development of Visual Memory, Sustained Attention

auditory memory

Birdy Voices

Development of Visual Memory and Decision Making Process

MentalUP Memory Games are developed for children but can also be used by adults for memory development. MentalUP Memory Games support development of memory. MentalUP is a scientific product and supports cognitive development of children through fun memory exercises. You can support development of memory of your children with the daily 30-minute memory improvement games.

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MentalUP Memory Game is not only for memory development; it also supports development of logical-reasoning, attention-concentration, visual-verbal-digital intelligence. Do not forget to check the scientific and fun memory improvement games!

4- Memory Improvement by Grouping or Association Technique

We are likely to remember the order of something sometime in the future. This could be an event or the way that a task is performed. The association method is mainly based on memorizing something by making an analogy with existing knowledge. Match items, numbers, words etc, with other concepts. The association method is a good learning and teaching method for children.

We can use the grouping technique to have a long term memory about different events or objects. For instance: If we need to keep a list of names in mind such as cars, pots, wheels, spoons, cups, and brake pedal, our brain records car, wheel and brake pedal as a group. And it records kitchenware as a separate group. In this way, you can make groups in your mind according to common features of the objects. For example, you can make groups of things with common initials, common colors, and common areas of use. Throughout your educational life, you can practice such learning techniques. Grouping makes it easier to remember the information you have recorded in your brain.

Mnemonic Method To Improve Memory

The method to memorize difficult things by supporting your brain with simple concepts in which we have already memorized is called mnemonic. It is a method that is often used by the tutors in schools. We can use this method to memorize a list of things.

Mnemonic Example: Here is mnemonics for the order of the planets orbiting the Sun: “My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles”.

  • My = Mercury
  • Very = Venus
  • Excellent = Earth
  • Mother = Mars
  • Just = Jupiter
  • Served = Saturn
  • Us = Uranus
  • Nine = Neptune
  • Pickles = Pluto

You will no longer forget this information. Your child will not forget either ;) As you can see, memory improvement is not that complicated.

In order to support your children's memory development, you need to be aware of memory stages. The stages of improving memory are listed below.


  1. Coding and recording stage: Interpretation and recording of information by the brain at this stage. You can think of a video camera is recording.
  2. Storage stage: Storage of the recorded information in a format in which it can be used again later. If we continue with the previous example, transferring the video to a hard drive after recording.
  3. Recall stage: Recalling (remembering) process of stored information with a trigger. You can imagine as after recording a video and keeping it in a hard drive, then watching it again with 1-2 mouse clicks.

In this article, we explained the techniques to improve memory. As you can understand, ways to improve memory are easy and applicable methods. Moreover, we have also added some fun alternatives to memory improvement methods with MentalUP Memory Games.

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