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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

Before you begin to solve the visual memory test online, we recommend you to read the brief information about the most preferred visual memory test online in the world.

What is Visual Memory Test?

Visual Memory Test Online is the tests that measure the ability of a person to hold any kind of visual image in mind and the ability of a person’s spatial perception. Some of the Visual Memory Test Online is based on measuring performance, while some of them are based on detecting neurological disorders.

visual memory test

In this article, we have shared information about commonly preferred visual memory tests. At the end of the article, you can test your visual memory with memory exercises!


It is a test used to measure the visual perception and visual memory ability of a person. Benton visual retention test is also applied for the purpose of detecting (interpreting) learning disorders. Appling the test is simple enough to require no expertise. However, results should be considered by experts in the field of psychology. Therefore, the Benton visual memory test is a test conducted by experts. It is possible to apply to people over 8 years old.


The facial recognition test developed by Benton et al. was accepted as the first one in this field, but nowadays, similar alternatives have been produced by many institutions.

Example: There are tests that ask for the names of people who are known by the community. We are used to see these faces and test are asked whether we remember them. If you remember, then their names are asked. Therefore, the ratios of correct answers over the total question are calculated and compared to other people participants in the test. It is a simple test to evaluate the visual memory of the participant over standards.


It is a group of test that measures visual and verbal learning skills and memory. The Wechsler Memory Scale consists of 9 sub-tests. The ones which are related to visual memory are visual reproduction and visual memory test.

Visual Reproduction: 4 different cards are shown to the participant. After the cards are removed, it is expected that the figures on the cards will be drawn by the participant.

Visual Memory Test: Participants have various colors or color cards in front of them. The person who is applying the test touches these colors in a mixed order. Then, the test taker is asked to touch the colors with the same order. The same method is also used as a visual memory development exercise.


MentalUP which was developed by the academicians and specialist doctors is not technically a test. It is an application that supports children's mental skills with fun exercises for the brain designed in the game structure, but the results of the exercises can be compared with other users and this feature makes MentalUP is a kind of test quality. In addition to this, it is also suitable for adults. Participants over the age of 18 are compared as a single group in the "adult" category, while individuals under the age of 18 are compared according to the each age separately.

Example: A 9 year-old boy has solved 20 MentalUP visual memory exercises and got x points; this score is compared with the scores of the other 9-year-olds up to the 20th exercise.

If you want to compare the results of your visual intelligence games with your peers, subscribe MentalUP now and try it for free.

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