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Last Update Date: 19 December 2017

Memory power is an important skill effecting the school success of children and business life of adults. Moreover, it should not be forgotten it also affects both all children’s and all adult’s social lives.

More powerful memory means more successful relationships.

We did not mention the visual memory training techniques in one of our articles about Techniques for improvement the memory because we think that the topic about visual memory will be more useful to mention separately. In this article we shared the visual memory techniques in detail.

what is visual echoic memory how to improve


Visual memory is the ability to memorize and recall information which is expressed in words when it is necessary. Visual memory in human has the ability to shape even abstract concepts. Let us explain this which is known as the mind's eye:

When we see a concrete object, we can memorize it as it is and we do not need to force our imagination for that. When it is said "a chair", you may imagine one of the chairs you have seen before in your mind with 4 legs, a sitting and reclining place. Thus, we use our visual memory, but we do not have to force it.


What kind of visual do you imagine in your mind when you say "excitement"? Because excitement is an abstract concept, our mind creates the visual for that according to itself. When we think about the word of "excitement", we remember and visualize one of the memories in our mind among the one that we are excited while we were experiencing it.

Every word has a respond in our minds.

That’s why visual memory is also called photographic memory.

The answer for the question of "What is visual memory?" must have shaped as a composition for the readers in their mind. It's now possible to remember that "visual memory is a composition includes chairs and excitement." This is one of the visual memory techniques.


Let’s look the visual memory training techniques in detail.


People who have very good visual memory are like a recording video camera. They can memorize everything they see. On the other hand, people who think that their visual memory is weaker often complain about that they cannot remember other people’s name or faces. Also, these kinds of people mostly cannot memorize roads during travel or words after they read something. It is also necessary to remember the situations in which visual memory may be linked to spatial perception and attention. You can teach your children the following visual memory training techniques.


Techniques to Remember Faces:

If you cannot remember a person you see only once in a different environment when you see him/her the next day again, then there is something wrong about your first meeting. This may be because lack of attention and lack of purpose. The most important factor that will make it easier for you to remember a person's face is to know why you are interested in that person. If he/she is not very important to you, then it is possible for you to forget easily.


You can strengthen your visual memory by placing the people you see in your mind. Example: You can name the technician Steward who has come to your office to repair an electronic device as "superman" when you memorize the face of him. If you think that your air conditioner breaks in cold weather during winter and Steward will repair it, this makes it easier for you to remember his face.

Another way: Looking at people’s faces very carefully and seeing the details. If you see the details like big ear, cute nose, big lips, blue eyes, large fore had, pointed chin etc., it becomes easier to remember that face.


Techniques to Remember Names:

As far as remembering names is about the verbal memory, it is also about with visual memory as well. Even if a person's name does not create any image in your mind, you will eventually remember the written form of the name on a paper. So, you will be transforming the word into a visual, but this is a weak method.

The best way to keep names in mind: To find the meaning of the name or the first image that the name brings to your mind. Example: You may think Minion Bob with his Teddy bear, in order to keep the name ‘Bob’ in your mind. When you make a fiction for the name "Richard" and you say "A Rich man who lives in Ardoch took a deep breath ", remembering the name can be easier. Because the more interesting and nonsense the photographic composition you create, the more likely it can be remembered.


Techniques to Remember Places:

 Have you forgotten the place you left your car in the car park of a shopping center? We can associate with different places that we remember for this kind of situations we face many times to overcome this problem. Those with good visual memories are very good at this. For example, you parked your car at a place behind many cars. If the car park was a chess board, could you have parked your horse to a place where your horse could come there with the first L-shaped move? It's easier to get your horse from the place you put  Or your elephant..

Developing Visual Memory with General Techniques

You can strengthen your visual memory by performing exercises such as MentalUP Memory Games, which force memory and keep your brain fit. MentalUP includes various memory games and exercises such as remembering maps, images, patterns, and remembering letters and numbers.

You will level up in every success.

Moving to the next level allows you to take further challenge and improve your visual memory in the next attempt.


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Echoic memory is the ability to recall voices and consecutive voice instructions instantly or when they are necessary. Play "Bird Voices" game to test your echoic memory. Bird Voices Game that performs echoic and visual memory tests may be very easy in the first levels. In the following levels, it will be very difficult for you. People with echoic perception problems are not able to effectively use their echoic memory. Not only those with echoic perception problems may have difficulty keeping the guidelines in mind, but also healthy individuals may also have difficulties. Exercising would be the right choice to improve echoic memory. You can play intelligence games that require following instructions. MentalUP Brain Exercise Games includes following direction based games. Try MentalUP for FREE.

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