Intelligence types define people’s learning styles as well as the other things in their life. If you want your kids or you to learn more effectively, you need to understand this concept and use the best teaching strategies accordingly.

Auditory learning style is one of these types and it requires to be better aural skills. When you ask “What is an auditory learning style?”, we can say listening is the most important thing for this style.

But you need to know auditory learning style strategies and auditory learning style characteristics for going deeper.

Now let’s look at auditory intelligence in a detailed way with auditory learning style examples to tell the difference among learning types better.

Auditory Learning Style Characteristics

The auditory learning style that is also known as auditory intelligence is very important in terms of class, work, or even daily routines for people who are auditory learners because it affects a person during every stage of his or her life.

Auditory Learning Activities

What Does Auditory Learning Style Mean?

Definition of auditory learning style is about people’s listening skills. It means that a person can learn more easily by listening. Auditory learners tend to listen and contribute to discussions.

If you have a child who fits auditory learning style characteristics, you need to understand your child’s needs and support him or her according to auditory learning style examples such as appropriate activities and tips.

Auditory intelligence can be measured by perception speed, interpretation, and recollection abilities as in the description of auditory learning style. Bu understanding your kids’ style you can develop their intelligence and boost their skills.

Auditory Learning Style Characteristics

You can find the most common characteristics of auditory learning style below. In this way, you might understand whether you are an auditory learner or not. Also, keep in mind that the question of “is your child’s learning style auditory?” will be answered now.

  1. They are successful in following voice commands.
  2. They are more successful than other people in retaining verbal information.
  3. They can follow multiple voice instructions at the same time.
  4. They can maintain a conversation while engaging in a visual or physical job.
  5. They are strong debaters and presenters.
  6. Their diction is good.
  7. They do not have difficulty in expressing their feelings and thoughts.
  8. They learn to play instruments easily.
  9. They are skilled in socializing and establishing a dialogue with others.
  10. They are comfortable and impressive at public speaking events.
  11. They enjoy talking to themselves in their daily lives.
  12. They lose their concentration easily sometimes.
  13. hey really love listening to music and they listen to music all the time.
  14. They read with whispering lip movements.
  15. They love to sing even in crowded places.
  16. They can’t concentrate in noisy environments.
  17. They are generally extroverted people.
  18. They prefer verbal praises.
  19. They love to argue, discuss and argue.
  20. They listen carefully and talk with their eye on.

You need to know your intelligence type to learn easily. But before you start to work on this topic, you should understand the learning style concept first. đź“š đź“ť

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Strengths of Auditory Learning Style

Auditory learning style is related to a person’s intelligence type. As in the other learning styles, we can talk about auditory learning style advantages and disadvantages.

auditory learning style

First, it is important to say that the awareness of a learning style and intelligence type empowers you. After that when you understand it and start to act according to this, you can benefit from auditory learning style strengths in your whole life.

In this context, you need to know that auditory learners are good at explaining their ideas out loud. They can recognize the tone of voice instantly when someone is talking. They are skilled at doing presentations orally.

Also, they are unafraid to speak in crowded places. They can follow verbal directions better than other people. They are good at group studies and storytelling. They can solve complex problems.

If you are an auditory learner, you should definitely be aware of your strengths and use these advantages to be more successful in all the stages of life.

Auditory Learning Style Disadvantages

As the auditory learning style give you some advantages, it has some disadvantages, too. But don’t worry about it because if you are careful and understand these, you can overcome the weaknesses of the auditory learning style easily.

auditory learning disadvantages

For you to cope with the challenges of the auditory learning style, let’s talk about these disadvantages. First of all, auditory learners are more tend to distractions. Sometimes it is hard for them to focus and concentrate.

Also, when the task includes writing and reading, they can have a shorter attention span. Because this is one of the most common symptoms of dyslexia, you can try to use an online dyslexia test to have a better understanding. To come through this, you can give more breaks. Because they like singing and talking, auditory learners might distract other people.

Last but not least they can’t detain the information unless there is an aural expression. If you are careful about these challenges, you can be more effective. Therefore, it is important for you to keep these in mind.

Auditory Learning Style vs. Visual Learning Style

Around 30 percent of the world’s population are auditory learners. When we look at learning style verbal vs auditory, it is sure that there are some differences. Auditory learning style implies people who are good listeners that learn best by hearing.

uditory Learning Style vs. Visual Learning Style

Although verbal and auditory learning styles are similar with a couple of nuances, visual learning is much different. Unlike visual learners, auditory learners have an easier time understanding spoken directions than written ones.

Exceeding the auditory learners, approximately 65 percent of the population is visual learners. Visual learners are also named spatial learners who learn best through reading or seeing pictures. They can understand and remember things they see and picture them in their heads.

The most prevalent learning style of the U.S. population is visual learning, so we can say that auditory learners are rare. But the most important thing is to understand your style in this regard.

So far, we have explained the meaning of the auditory learning style and characteristics that auditory learners have in common. Now, let us become more familiar with the top study techniques and strategies for people who are auditory learners!

Auditory Learning Style Strategies

After you understand your learning style, you need to be more aware of strategies for auditory learning style. Let’s look at auditory learning style study tips that will provide you to be more successful in your life.

1. Listen to Classical Music

Listening to music is very helpful for auditory learners. When they listen to music, they can concentrate more easily.

classical music

However, because they tend to be distracted on short notice, lyrics can bother them. So if you try to listen to classical or instrumental music according to your interests, it will be more beneficial for you.

When you start to study, work, or even do daily activities such as cooking or cleaning, if you listen to that kind of music, you can increase your attention span. Keep in mind that almost all the auditory learners prefer background music as opposed to silence.

Even if you don’t like classical music, you can try to use headphones for listening to white noise or turn on a little light music in the background while you are doing something.

2. Record Lectures

Getting to know the study tips for an auditory and auditory learning style will be very helpful for you to be more successful. Because auditory learners can be effective when they are listening, you may not remember the short verbal lectures or speeches.

recording lectures

To overcome this problem, you can record lectures in the class or work and listen to them again when you are at home. If you try to jot down everything you hear, you will tend to be distracted more.

In this context, the auditory learners need to record during someone is talking. Next time, you can prefer listening to the speaker carefully other than writing notes and recording the speech. This way you don’t miss anything and process the information in a detailed way as you need.

3. MentalUP

Technological developments provide all the people with lots of different opportunities according to their needs. As an auditory learner, you can benefit from these and improve yourself with music apps for kids such as MentalUP.

MentalUP educational app

MentalUP offers you lots of aural games in terms of your intelligence type that will boost your listening skills, focus, and concentration. In a short while, you realize that your abilities are empowered after you start experiencing.

Giant dwarf

Giant Dwarf

This fun game is all about learning and reacting as fast and accurately as you can. Let’s try!



Learn the name of the instruments, sounds, and how they look. This game is perfect for those auditory learners.



Can you remember the bird names, sounds, and images at the same time? Learn about birds with fun auditory learning activities for kids.

audio numbers

Audio Numbers

Looking for auditory learning ideas? With simple arithmetic skills, this game can become a math amusement park for aural learning!

Because MentalUP’s concentration games are tailored for all age groups from toddlers to adults, you can use the app both for yourself and your kids together. Keep in mind that it has also tracking and reporting features that will help you to see your progress.

4. Read Aloud

When you start to read aloud, you can learn the things you heard in your own voice in a better way. This strategy is beneficial for all people but it is very important especially for auditory learners.

reading aloud

Because of the fact that auditory learners like to listen to verbal lectures and speeches when they have a task to read in a long session, they feel trapped. If your kids don’t like to do their homework that requires lots of concentration, you can help them with this strategy.

Try to read out loud all the tasks to do and become the experience more fun. In this way, you can retain the information effectively. Even you can use goofy sounds and a mirror to look at yourself by doing it more interesting.

5. Talk Through Problems

You can use auditory learning style tips to make your life easier. It is important for auditory learners who don’t like being silent and digging into their own thoughts. Due to this feature of them, sometimes they can have problems in deep relationships.

solve problems by talking

Maybe you can see your kid or your close friend, who is an auditory learner, doesn’t be able to solve small problems. Then you can help your children by providing them to talk through these issues.

This strategy will help both you and your kids in social environments. For implementing this tip, you can come up with a scenario you need to solve, talk through problems with pros and cons. Then you will definitely have a real solution.

If you don’t do this alone you can prefer speaking with a coworker, trusted friend, or a family member. Don’t forget to help your children who have an aural intelligence by offering them a safe environment where they can discuss freely.

6. Repeat Facts With Your Eyes Closed

Auditory learners tend to be distracted by visual and verbal stimulants. Therefore, it is better for you to repeat the facts that you need to learn with your eyes closed. When you close your eyes, you can avoid all the distractions.

eyes closed thinking

This strategy will help you to focus and think clearly. Also if your kid has a hard time memorizing things, you can support him or her with technique. Don’t forget all the learning styles aren’t appropriate for all people according to their intelligence types.

If you don’t push yourself or your children with the wrong study tips, it will create a safe and free space to learn. In this way, retaining and processing information will be much easier. Avoid pushing and give a chance to auditory learning style strategies.

7. Sit In Front of The Room

If you want to get rid of unnecessary stimulants and concentrate on just the thing you need, you should prefer sitting in front of the room where there is a group of people. This will help auditory learners to listen carefully and focus more easily.

sitting in the front

You can find a proper place to sit and get the other people in the row behind. In this way, you will also hear every word of the lecture or speech to remember. Keep in mind that sitting in front of the room won’t prevent you to join discussions.

When you sit in front of the room, listen to the lecture or speech carefully and join the group discussions, you will recognize that you feel more comfortable. You can implement this strategy in your daily life that there is a need to be among crowded people.

How Can I Improve My Auditory Learning Style

The best auditory learning style activities are those that require following and remembering audio instructions.

These exercises are often similar to games. In fact, this game is the most common method used for auditory and emotional intelligence games for children with similar exercises.

So, here are 8 auditory learning style ideas to boost your children’s auditory intelligence:

1. Follow Voice Instructions

There are many different ways to give instructions. Here we will give you a gamified method to improve auditory intelligence that requires some colored blocks that can also help visual intelligence.

colored blocks

You need to provide the following directions to your child:

  • Get the single red block and place it next to the single white block.
  • Now make these instructions increasingly difficult.
  • Get the single red block, place it on the double yellow block with the single white block.
  • Place the double yellow block on the triple green block. Then place the single white block on the double yellow block and make a ladder.

This way, you can change the difficulty in increments.

2. MentalUP

If you are curious about how to develop auditory learning style easily, you need to be sure that technological tools can be very beneficial for both you and your kids. Ads safe boosting apps like MentalUP provide auditory learning style children with lots of opportunities such as effective music games for kids.

Keep in mind that all the games and exercises in MentalUP are designed by experts. This is a very appropriate way that you can have fun and improve your auditory learning skills together. In a short time, you will see the difference by yourself.

MentalUP’s entertaining games support the development of children’s attention, aural skills perception, auditory memory, listening abilities, verbal intelligence, and logic skills. Also, you can look at is my child gifted checklist to learn more about your kids.

Keep in mind that there are lots of options according to age and learning style type so you can boost in a way whatever you need by working on your interests. đź‘Ź


3. Determine the Direction of a Sound

In this game, there should be several people standing around your child as in right, left, front, back, or diagonally across.

blind man's buff

When your children close their eyes, one of the people around them must clap their hands. If your child correctly predicts the direction of the clapping sound, then they earn one point.

Adults can try the same exercise. This way, you will both have fun, as well as strengthen your child’s auditory intelligence skills.

4. Practice Mental Imagery and Visualisation

This exercise is very beneficial for kids' auditory learning style. To improve your child’s auditory memory, describe a specific object and ask them to picture it in their mind. Then, ask them to draw the depiction on a piece of paper.

mental imagery practice

For example, ask your child to draw a bird with long feathers and a big beak, placed on the corner of a table with a broken leg.

In this case, there are no details left to the imagination of your child. The table they’re going to draw must have a broken leg.

The bird on the table should be in the corner, not in the middle. This bird must have long feathers and a big beak. Your child should depict this exact scene on paper.

This is a very powerful auditory intelligence exercise that will also support the development of visual intelligence.

5. Utilize Intelligent Technologies

It is possible to support the development of auditory intelligence with fun digital games played on smartphones, tablets, or computers.


We can include this in examples of auditory learning style for toddlers and other people from all the age groups such as children and adults. There are lots of alternatives but it is very important to choose the right tools.

For example, you can download the MentalUP Brain Games for your child. MentalUP uses artificial intelligence to automatically determine the correct difficulty level of the exercises for each user so that both kids and adults can enjoy the app.

6. Recognize Natural Sounds

There are lots of activities for the auditory learning style. Trying to recognize sounds from nature – such as birds, dogs, cats, thunder, running water – is among the best exercises for children.

natural sounds game

It is also possible to gamify this method and it can be performed even when walking down the street. Ask your child to name the sound they just heard. Applaud and congratulate your child if they can name the sound correctly.

In this way, your child will focus on sounds and will try to determine their source. This type of focusing and interpretation will improve their auditory perception skills as well as their concentration.

7. Perform Musical Activities

When you want to find a way how to improve your auditory learning style with interesting activities, musical exercises will be among the top choices for both kids and adults.

musical activities

Auditory learners enjoy listening to and creating music. Therefore, playing musical instruments, listening to music, accompanying songs, and other musical activities will help boost your children’s auditory intelligence.

Also, you can try this fun activity for your own skills or you can enable your kids to develop their talents with the appropriate musical intelligence activities for kids.

8. Join Book Clubs

Although now people are less tend to read books, joining book clubs is one of the best activities to boost auditory learning skills.

book clubs

Maybe you are curious how to enhance your auditory learning style by joining a book club but actually you need to keep in mind that auditory learners don’t like to read stuff on their own. Especially online book clubs can be perfect for this purpose.

When you join a book club or support your kids to do this, reading books will be much entertaining. Discussing the topics and reading out loud will provide you and your kids to develop aural skills.

Careers for Auditory Learning Style

People who have strong auditory intelligence and auditory learning style can be more successful in these occupations.

  • Teacher
  • Attorney
  • Psychiatrist or therapist
  • Guidance counselor
  • Customer service professional
  • Musician
  • Sales professional
  • Sound engineer
  • Translator
  • Wedding planner
  • Speech pathologist

Is Your Child's Learning Style Auditory?

If you are curious about your or your kids’ learning style then learning style quiz verbal spatial auditory kinesthetic is just tailored for you. Before you start to get to know the tips and activities that are appropriate for you, you can test yourself with a learning style test.

In this way, you can understand your intelligence type and learning style. After that, you will benefit from the proper activities, exercises, strategies, and tips according to your features. Keep in mind that this affects your whole life.

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