17 Fun Music Games for Kids to Develop

Music games for kids offer numerous benefits, such as fostering creativity, and sparking kids' interest in music. If you are looking for effective music and rhythm games for kids, you're in luck! In this blog post, we'll take a journey into the world of cool music games for kids. Let's get the party started!

Audio Numbers

Audio Numbers

You can support your kids’ aural memory skills with these kinds of music math games for kids.

My Instruments

My Instruments

Computer music games for kids like this one develop their visual and aural memory at the same time.

Audio Letters

Audio Letters

You can help your children improve their sustained attention with these kinds of online music games for kids.

Giant Dwarf

Giant Dwarf

These kinds of online music games for kids are beneficial for kids’ divided attention skills.

Favorite Online Music Games for Kids

Online music games for kids are a great way to utilize technology constructively. Here are the top music games for kids to play online, which can transform their screen time into a beneficial and educational experience.

1. MentalUP Music Games

MentalUP is the ultimate app offering hundreds of music games online for kids of all ages. It offers a rich collection of musical intelligence games that help kids improve their visual memory, aural memory, focus, and attention.

online music games for kids

The music games for kids within MentalUP not only contribute to their musical intelligence but also help them learn new subjects, such as numbers, letters, and words while singing along to the songs.

Plus, MentalUP can be used on any PC, tablet, or smartphone, making it one of the best resources to feed kids' interest in music wherever they are and whenever they want!

You can support your kids' musical intelligence along with their cognitive development with MentalUP! As an innovative learning app trusted by world-leading universities, MentalUP offers kids a safe learning environment. 🙌

It also features adaptive algorithms that continuously test kids' skills and provide them with games and activities tailored to their needs, interests, and skill levels. Start using MentalUP right now and let your kids engage and learn at their own pace! 😎


2. Pinkfong Baby Shark: Kid Games

This is one of the most fun and free music games for kids, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. The app is filled with the popular “Baby Shark” song in different versions, along with fun games.

music games for kids online

Kids can watch and sing along to “Baby Shark” in Halloween, Christmas, ABC, and more themes, as well as play games, such as coloring, playing piano, and brushing the shark’s teeth.

3. My Singing Monsters

This is one of the most interesting music games for kids online. It is a fun and engaging musical simulation game suitable for kids aged 8 and up.

music games online for kids

The game allows kids to collect and breed different types of monsters, each with unique sounds and personalities. This way, kids can create their monster orchestra by placing the monsters on various islands and listening to them sing in harmony.

4. Classics for Kids

Classics for Kids is a great way to introduce classical music to elementary school kids through fun music games for kids. It is a website that features interactive games, podcasts, videos, and quizzes.

free music games for kids

Through these games and activities, kids can learn about musical instruments, musical periods, musical styles, and musical terms. They can also listen to famous pieces of classical music and stories about composers.

5. Theremix

This is one of the most popular learning music games for kids who are curious about how sounds work and want to experiment with different sounds. It is a web-based game that allows kids to play a virtual theremin.

fun music games for kids

Kids can control the pitch and volume of the theremin sound, as well as choose from different sound effects and backgrounds. It is a great alternative for feeding their sound recognition skills and is suitable for kids of all ages.

6. Super Simple - Kids Songs

If you are looking for a source of music and dance games for kids, you can check the Super Simple app. It is a free app that features a wide variety of games, songs, activities, and resources suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.

general music games for kids

The app offers a collection of original songs and classic nursery rhymes made simple for young children. It also includes famous shows, such as Finny The Shark, Carl’s Car Wash, The Bumble Nums, and more.

7. Duet Cats: Cute Popcat Music

This is one of the most entertaining and easy music games for kids. It is a musical rhythm game where kids can control a pop cat duo and feed them with falling food. Plus, the game is suitable for kids of all ages.

computer music games for kids

Through playing the game, kids can enjoy remixes of popular songs with cute cat sounds, customize and decorate their cat tower, collect various kitty cats, and play with their voices.

8. Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast

If you are looking to play music games for kids that’ll help them learn how to play piano, you should check out the Simply Piano game. The game features mini-games, interactive lessons, and real-time feedback to enable kids to learn easier.

music and rhythm games for kids

The app is suitable for kids of all ages and playing levels, whether they have piano experience or not. Kids can learn everything from reading sheet music to playing with both hands, improving their technique, and practicing playing songs they love.

The Best Interactive Music Games for Kids

Interactive music games for kids allow kids to explore rhythm, melody, and musical concepts and enhance their cognitive skills. Let’s take a closer look at the fun music games that provide an interactive experience.

9. Music Memory Games for Kids

Music memory games involve remembering musical patterns, melodies, or rhythms, and they challenge children to develop their auditory memory by recalling sequences of sounds and notes.

music math games for kids

If you're looking for music memory games for kids, you can consider trying learning apps that offer games. Need a fun and effortless way to support your kids' memory skills? Look no further!

The scientifically designed learning app, MentalUP, provides kids with hundreds of memory games in various categories, including matching, card, and board memory games. 👪 ✨

These games enhance kids' concentration and sustained memory, which translates into success in school and beyond. You can join MentalUP’s 10 million users worldwide right now to accelerate your kids' learning journey! 🌍


10. How Many Instruments Do You Hear?

If you are looking for general music games for kids that’ll help them identify the sounds of musical instruments, they can try playing this game. It is highly beneficial in helping kids improve their musical ear, memory, and vocabulary.

interactive music games for kids

How to Play

To start the game, search online for songs specially designed for the game. You can have kids listen to different genres of music, such as classical or rock, and count how many instruments they hear in each piece. Kids can also name the instruments they recognize.

11. Just Dance Now

This is one of the most fun music games for young kids. It is a popular video game that lets kids dance to their favorite songs using their smartphones or screens. The game provides an engaging experience while developing kids' motor skills, coordination, and rhythm.

cool music games for kids

How to Play

Firstly, access the game through its website or an app store. Kids can browse through a rich catalog of songs and choose the ones they want to play. Then, they can follow the on-screen coaches to learn the dance moves.

12. Draw the Music

Draw the Music is one of the most effective music practice games for ADHD kids as it provides a sensory experience. It helps kids explore their musical creativity, imagination, and experimentation.

music games for kids to play

How to Play

You'll need to provide your kids with some paper and crayons. Then, put on some music and ask your kids to draw what they hear. They can use different colors and shapes to represent the instruments or rhythms. For example, they can use zig zags for the drums and squiggly lines for the guitars.

13. Freeze Dance

This classic party game is one of the most entertaining music and rhythm games for kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers. Plus, it provides kids with physical activity and social interaction.

music memory games for kids

How to Play

Play a song that your kids enjoy and ask them to dance along to it in any way they please. They must freeze in their position when the music stops and remain still until the music starts again. Anyone who moves while the music is off is out of the game. The last person standing wins.

Engaging Classroom Music Games for Kids

Now that we've explored the best online and interactive music games, let's shift our focus to some games for the classroom that can serve as great icebreakers for kids and provide them with fun experiences during classes.

14. Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel is a great group game for providing kids with an entertaining experience. It is great for promoting social interaction, motor skills, patience, and musical awareness. Also, it is suitable for kids of all ages.

music and dance games for kids

How to Play

Have the kids sit in a circle and give them a parcel wrapped in multiple layers, with a gift in the middle. Ask the kids to pass the parcel while the music is playing. When the music stops, the kid holding the parcel unwraps one layer. The game continues until the last layer is unwrapped and the prize is revealed.

Looking for some fun and beneficial games to support your kid's school success? MentalUP is here to help! It provides kids with 150+ cognitive development games tailored to their needs, interests, and grade level. 🎵 🎨 🎲

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15. Animal Dance Party

If your kids are tired of music board games for kids and are seeking a more interactive way to socialize with their friends, this game is perfect for them. It's an engaging game that allows them to imitate the movements and sounds of animals.

music reading games for kids

How to Play

Start with upbeat music and have the kids dance freely. Then, call out an animal for them to interpret its dance moves. Encourage them to make animal sounds, adding extra fun and creativity to the game.

16. Finish That Song

This is one of the most fun music games for kids that promotes active listening and creativity. The game is suitable for kids of all ages and great for them to practice their memory skills.

easy music games for kids

How to Play

Choose a familiar song that students know and sing it, abruptly stopping at a certain point. Ask students to complete the missing lyrics by writing or singing their answers. Repeat the process with different songs, allowing all students to participate.

17. Musical Chairs

Blending music, movement, and strategy, this classic music game is great for elementary kids. It enhances their attention, decision-making, and spatial awareness skills while also promoting their musical ear.

music board games for kids

How to Play

Arrange a circle of chairs, with one less chair than the number of participants. Play upbeat music, pause it at random intervals, and have the children quickly find an empty chair when the music stops. Remove one chair after each round. Continue until one player remains seated, who will be the winner.

Benefits of Music and Rhythm Games for Kids

Music games offer numerous benefits for kids’ brain development. Here is an in-depth look at the benefits of music games for kids:

  • Enhance cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills
  • Develop fine motor skills through the coordination of hand-eye movements
  • Improve hand dexterity and finger agility
  • Enhance auditory processing skills and promote active listening
  • Boost self-expression by allowing kids to explore different styles and rhythms
  • Encourage social interaction when playing with friends or in a group setting
  • Build confidence and self-esteem as children learn and master new musical skills
  • Provide a sense of achievement and satisfaction when completing challenges
  • Promote a sense of rhythm and timing, which can benefit other areas of life
  • Offer an engaging way to relax, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being
  • Introduce kids to various musical instruments and genres
  • Enhance listening skills and help develop an ear for music, which can lead to future musical pursuits

We've run out of suggestions for music games for kids. However, if you're looking for games to keep your kids entertained and stimulate their minds, you can always check out MentalUP games. 😇

MentalUP is the ultimate app for supporting kids' brain development! With colorful graphics, personalized learning plans, engaging games, and performance-tracking tools, it offers a fun and effective learning experience for children of all ages. 👏

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about music games for kids, here are the most commonly asked questions about these games, along with their answers.

What age group is suitable for music games for children?

Music games for children are suitable for a wide age range, typically from preschool to early elementary school years.

Why do you need music games for the classroom?

Playing these games in the classroom can enhance learning by promoting engagement, fostering creativity, and improving social interaction among students.

Can music games for children be played on mobile devices?

Yes, music games for children can be played on mobile devices, providing a portable and convenient way to engage with music and rhythm. Some examples of mobile music games include MentalUP games, My Singing Monsters, and Duet Cats.

What are the most fun music activities for kids?

Some of the most fun music activities for kids include singing and dancing to catchy songs, playing Musical Chairs, and engaging in games like Finish That Song and Animal Dance Party.

Musical games are highly beneficial for kids' cognitive development. Still, as a parent or teacher, please keep in mind that you should diversify the games and activities your kids are engaged in to support their development in the best way possible.

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