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Publish Date: 18 April 2022

Memory related brain games are very healthy for all the people’s mental skills. But Dementia patients need a little bit more support in this matter. You can provide them with play these kinds of games and do mental exercises regularly.

games for dementia patients

It is very important to choose the right games and activities that can help them because they can be more sensitive than the other people. We’ve compiled the best games for dementia patients. You can use these games, activities, and exercises with peace in mind.

Online Games For Dementia Patients

Especially, card games for dementia patients, and memory games for dementia patients are very helpful for them to train their brains. You can also use these kinds of online games easily. Let’s check our list!

Puzzle Game

Puzzle Game

This puzzle game is a fun alternative to improve the visualization ability of dementia patients.

Memory Cards

Memory Cards

Easy card games for dementia patients like this one help them to develop their memory skills.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Matching games for dementia patients like this one support both visual and verbal memory.

Memory Game

Memory Game

You can diminish the negative effects of short-term memory loss with this entertaining game.

Also, you can improve their mental abilities with logic and word games for dementia patients. Try these popular games to develop and have fun at the same time.

Logic Game

Logic Game

Easy games for dementia patients like this one boost their comparison and planning skills.

Tricky Colors

Tricky Colors

You can use this game to empower dementia patients’ divided attention and reaction control.

Word Generator

Word Generator

Mind games for dementia patients like this one support their vocabulary and verbal fluency.

Let's Find It

Let's Find It

This language game is very beneficial for dementia patients’ focus and conceptualization skills.

It is very important for dementia patients to keep their minds alive and well. To do this, you can always use appropriate brain games and exercises. The academically approved MentalUP brain training app is here for you with all its sources. 🌈

You can help dementia patients with lots of games and puzzles for dementia patients that MentalUP provides. Also, don’t forget you can keep track of the score with detailed skill analysis reports and compare them for more detailed knowledge. 🎮


15 Fun Activities to Help Dementia Patients

Other than computer games for dementia patients, there are different activities and exercises alternatives that you can use. Check out our compilation and choose the most suitable games for dementia patients at home.

1. MentalUP Brain Games

MentalUP brain training app works as an improving and supportive tool with hundreds of memory games for seniors. Both dementia patients and older people who want to boost themselves can use it.


Online brain exercises are always easier to be reached. Therefore, you can always prefer to benefit from an expansive virtual source like the certified app MentalUP.

Because MentalUP has hundreds of game alternatives and brain exercises for memory in it, you may choose the one to play according to your interests and level.

Thanks to these online mind games, dementia patients can play suitable math, memory, logic, and focus games, or they can simply prefer to try mental exercises such as tangrams.

2. Sudoku

Sudoku is among the best and most suitable math games for dementia patients. Because this game helps to develop their logic and memory at the same time.


When dementia patients start to exercise with Sudoku on a regular basis, their strategical thinking skills, long and short term memory is empowered.

Because it is a single-player brain game, they can spend their leisure time by solving Sudoku. You can encourage them not to give up even if their answers are wrong.

3. Bingo

Bingo is a very entertaining game that can be played with a group of friends. In this way, the cognitive game Bingo both supports dementia patients' mental health and their interactivity.

bingo game

Older people are more familiar with the game that has been played for years. We can say that it is among the most popular easy games to help the cognitive skills of dementia patients.

Bingo is especially helpful for dementia patients’ long-term memory. It improves socialization and provides cognitive stimulation in an effective way.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that this game develops their diminished eyesight and dexterity. It is improving in terms of eye-hand coordination and motor skills.

4. Crossword

Crosswords are also among the oldest games that can be used to both have fun and develop. In this sense, it may be a good alternative to games for elderly dementia patients.

crossword puzzles

This brain exercise is appropriate for alone times of dementia patients have. They can entertain themselves by solving a crossword on a daily basis.

Because it is a word game, it helps to support older people’s verbal fluency, expand their vocabulary, improve attention skills and recall forgotten words.

It is more suitable for dementia patients who are in the early phase of this disease. But you can prefer to choose easier word games or riddles for other patients.

5. Jenga

Jenga is another game alternative that is appropriate for older people. Because it has just a few rules, it can be included in the group of simple games for dementia patients.


When you need a game to play with your whole family, including elders, you may prefer to play Jenga that is very boosting for especially eye-hand coordination.

This game is also helpful for strategical thinking skills, planning, and social interactivity. We can say that if dementia patients play it regularly, their neural connections will be developed.

6. Puzzle

All kinds of puzzles are appropriate for dementia patients. These entertaining mental exercises are also among the most fun games for brain exercises for stroke recovery and dementia patients that you can use. They will help the seniors how to memorize things fast.

puzzle games

Different puzzle games that are chosen according to the field of interest can help dementia patients to stimulate their brain. In this way, the negative effects of the disease diminish.

You can use word or number puzzles and classical ones that are designed to develop the mind by preferring them for the patients’ conditions in peace of mind.

Don’t forget regular practice is more useful for memory. You might also choose to set a goal such as completing a puzzle in a week. This will be more motivating for the patients.

7. Music

As we all know, music heals the soul. But it is also a common fact that music develops our brain cells by engaging them. You can use its healing effects on dementia patients.

istening to music

Not only listening to music often but also trying to play an easy musical instrument will be supportive for older people. You can sign them up for a course where they can socialize.

Also, you may prefer to benefit from music therapy that is designed especially for dementia patients. This will be a very fun and developing activity for them to join.

8. Writing

Other than all the suitable games and toys for dementia patients, different activities and exercises such as writing can be very helpful. It may also remind them of their memories.


Writing a daily journal or diary helps people to be aware of themselves. This activity will be relaxing and improving for dementia patients. But it is important to be consistent.

In this process, you can encourage the elder ones to continue writing even if they don’t remember some words or routine habits. In time, they will feel more comfortable.

Working with words and writing something no matter how short or long it is will improve their focus and expand their horizon. Also, they can express their feelings more easily in this way.

9. Drama

Starting with an art activity such as drama is among the most efficient exercises for dementia patients. You can think that it is one of the best brain games for dementia patients.


Maybe drama or performing a show seems very difficult for a dementia patient. But it works as a therapy and you can prefer a suitable elder theater course to enroll them.

When they try to memorize the short texts, their memory will be boosted. Also, it will be a very interactive group activity for them to feel good among their peers.

If it isn’t comfortable for them to be in a crowded place, you can always try to do this activity that is one of the most fun free games for dementia patients in your home environment.

10. Gardening

Gardening is a very soothing activity for almost all people. Even if you have a small garden or a suitable place in your house, dementia patients can try this activity easily.


This activity is done in nature boosts self-esteem and confidence. It is also supportive of the mood. Because dementia patients may have mood swings during this process, it will help them to feel calmer.

Gardening develops attention span and increases it on short notice. It will be an appropriate activity for all elder people, especially dementia patients by making them feel more positive about both themselves and the environment around them.

Along with brain games for dementia patients, you can try to evaluate them with mental tests such as short-term memory loss or concentration tests. In this way, you can expand your horizon about the situation. 👨

In MentalUP, you can find out lots of different mental test alternatives. Also, you can have a look at the related blog posts such as brain-boosting foods or brain development methods and prefer the most suitable approach to use. 🍒 🍏

Keep in mind that when you have a road map, you can more easily implement and develop it. After this process, you may prefer to get help from a medical specialist according to your findings. 💪


11. Walking

If it is not suitable for the dementia patients in your family to do just mental activities, you can always try to give them a chance for physical games for dementia patients.


Walking, especially if it is outside will become a daily routine for dementia patients shortly. When they are walking, they will forget their condition and focus on the outer world.

In this way, they start to be more healthy both mentally and physically. The muscles can weaken because of old age, so elder dementia patients need to work their muscles regularly.

It is important for you to keep in mind that dementia patients need a proper companion when they are walking. But you should try not to feel them incompetent during this.

12. Reading

Reading is another suitable option for dementia patients. This activity is good for neural connections, eye-sight, and verbal fluency. It will be best to do it on a daily basis.


You can also transform this activity into a different and social exercise because interactive games for dementia patients are really helpful for them to develop.

If you try to have book club sessions with elderly people, it will support them. But it isn’t appropriate or easy for you, you can prefer to read something to them and ask questions.

Moreover, another alternative is audiobooks. When dementia patients feel weak or bad, they don’t want to read. Then, you can use audiobooks for bedtime.

13. Card Games

Easy interactive games for dementia patients are more appropriate because if you push them harder, they can feel uncomfortable or incompetent. You always need to avoid this.

card games

Keep in mind that there are lots of alternatives for card games such as online versions, single or multi-player options. Playing card games for dementia patients is both fun and improving

Especially concentration card games develop dementia patients’ logic, memory, and reasoning skills. When they do it regularly, their brain activity is boosted effectively.

If it is possible, it will be better for them to play card games together with their friends. You can organize game nights and let them feel free in a comfortable environment.

14. Scrabble

One of the best activity alternatives for elderly people who need some mental support is to play simple board games for dementia patients. Scrabble is among the best examples.


Because some board games and card games for kids are also suitable for adults, you can play them together as a whole family including older people. It will make them happier and diminish some cognitive dysfunctions.

Scrabble’s rules are very simple, so it won’t be hard for dementia patients to play. Moreover, it is important to say that this game improves logic, vocabulary, and focus at the same time.

15. Dominoes

Dominoes is one of the other examples of the best group games for dementia patients. Because it is an old game, it will be easy for elderly people to play and have fun.

dominoes game

This game can be played alone or with a group of people. It is very helpful for planning skills and eye-hand coordination. Also, it develops visual scanning abilities effectively.

Because the game doesn’t require a complicated thinking process and a high level of concentration, it is appropriate for almost all elder dementia patients.

You can empower dementia patients’ visual and echoic memories thanks to Scrabble. It is important to use easier words and don’t have a time limit in this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games are good for dementia patients?

You can prefer almost all the cognitive games for dementia patients. Don’t forget the rules need to be simple and it is important to create a safe environment for the game.

What board games are good for dementia patients?

Board games for dementia patients shouldn’t be complicated. Games like Scrabble, Risk, or Monopoly can be used according to the patients’ conditions and interests.

What type of games are recommended for dementia patients?

Especially, puzzle games for dementia patients are very helpful. Also, you can prefer card games, board games, or even sensory games for dementia patients that are suitable.

What are the best games or activities for dementia patients who are very active?

The games for patients with dementia can be chosen from different alternatives that are also appropriate for other people. But walking or gardening can be more suitable for them.

MentalUP provides hundreds of different free online games for dementia patients. Because they are safe and boosting, you can prefer whatever you want for peace of mind. Don’t forget to use its detailed reports to keep track of your development. 👏

Also, it is important to remember that the multi-awarded educational game app MentalUP doesn’t only include these games. It offers 150+ games and 240+ fitness exercises that are suitable for all people from different age groups. 🏆