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Last Update Date: 05 March 2019

Brain training is necessary for individuals to learn to stand on own two feet, overcome physical and mental obstacles, and be a productive and useful member of society.

In this post we have discussed the following topics.

  1. Stages of Cognitive Improvement / Neural Development
  2. Brain Training Methods
  3. Brain Games
  4. Brain-Enhancing Nutrients
  5. Brain Exercises and Brain Boosters
  6. Recommended Books for Brain Training
Ways Of Boosting Brain


The first organ to develop during pregnancy is the brain. One of the last organs to complete its development is also the brain.

  • When does neural development begin?

    Neural development starts during the third week of pregnancy. The first mind development techniques for the child start with the mother's attention to her own health during pregnancy.

  • How long does the human brain continue to develop?

    Cognitive improvement develops fastest between the ages of 16 18 years old in males and 15 to 17 years old in females. It’s not unusual for a person to complete neural development at 17 or 18 years of age. After this age, brain development slows down significantly until around 30 years old. At this point, cognitive improvement is practically impossible even with brain techniques. However, it’s possible to preserve the brain’s mental power so people should continue to keep their brain healthy and active throughout their life.


This is a particularly relevant topic for toddlers, children and young adults, who undergo the majority of their brain development throughout these years.


Eat the Right Food:

  • Eggs help cells to repair themselves and increase the functionality of the brain by providing a source of vitamin D.
  • Yoghurt is a source of tyrosine, which provides memory development.
  • White meat, such as salmon, provides omega-3 and strengthens memory and the immune system.
  • Walnuts and hazelnuts strengthen the nervous system of the brain, which improves concentration.
  • Red meat is high in iron, which plays an important role in the brain development of children.
  • Potatoes, strawberries, grape juice, soya, and oat products containing keynutritients for brain development.


Play Games and Exercise:

  • This includes sports for adults and play for children Participating in sports and play speeds up the blood flow, which increases the amount of oxygen carried to the brain.
  • Brain games are one of the most effective brain boosting techniques for both children and adults. Intelligence games such as sudoku, chess, mangala, and MentalUP(See: Mental UP Brain Exercise Games) are fun and effective ways to boost brain power.
  • Quality sleep is very important for neural development. For babies, uninterrupted sleep at night (called REM or Rapid Eye Movement) is very important for brain development.

The brain boosting techniques above are part of daily life. In fact, practising these techniques is not extra work for us to do.

If you’re looking for specific mind development methods, let us introduce you to MentalUP Brain Exercise Games:

MentalUP is an online app with a library of brain games to improve memory, attention and concentration. It was developed by academics and child education specialists. MentalUP Brain Exercise Games have been added to the education curriculum of many private schools.

Currently used by more than 200,000 families, you can download MentalUP for free trial or subscribe to the full version.

MentalUP Brain Exercise Games: Try Now


Embark on a brain workout with these books:

  • Brain Building: Exercising Yourself Smarter - One of the most popular books to increase intelligence is Brain Building: Exercising Yourself Smarter by Marilyn vos Savant.

  • Brain Building in Just 12 Weeks - Another great option by Marilyn vos Sanat is Brain Building in Just 12 Weeks.


There are no such thing as brain-enhancing medications, although many people confuse this with prescription medications to help improve attention and focus. These medications should not be used unless specifically prescribed by doctors or psychiatrists. Attention-based medications (usually prescribed to treat ADHD) should not be seen as brain training medications.

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