Left Brain vs. Right Brain: How Can You Tell If
You Are Right or Left Brain Dominant?

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You Are Right or Left Brain Dominant?
Last Update Date: 06 March 2020

The human brain is one of the most critical organs in our system. It controls all of our emotions, thoughts, and actions. With nearly 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections, we still have so many mysteries about it that remain to be discovered.

It is known that our brain is divided into a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere and both sides affect different areas in our lives. The most relevant information we have is the Left and Right Brain Dominance Theory, which was first found by the psychobiologist and Nobel Prize winner, Roger W. Sperry.

Left and right brain dominant

The Left Brain and Right Brain Theory

According to the theory, people are either left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant, which means that one side of the brain is more active and dominant in controlling our cognitive skills and activities.

In general, if a person is more analytical or methodical, they are considered to be left-brain dominant. On the other hand, if they have a creative or artistic personality, they are said to be right-brain dominant.

Left brain dominant Right brain dominant

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” — Albert Einstein

Multiple Intelligence Theory vs. Left Brain and Right Brain Theory

With the rise of the multiple intelligence theory, some have speculated that left and right brain theory is a myth. It has been argued that being left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant does not have a significant impact on our cognitive skills or actions, and intelligence cannot be measured by the IQ tests.

According to Brittanica, the knowledge we have so far on the left and right brain dominant specifications are based on a study testing split-brain patients.

However, a two-year analysis made by a team of neuroscientists has clarified that left and right brain dominance theory is actually real. It can also work together with multiple intelligence theory. Whether you are a left-brain dominant or a right-brain dominant person, as you improve each of your weak brain skills, this affects the balance of all your brain activities.

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How Can You Tell If You Are Left Brain Dominant or Right Brain Dominant

Oxford Academic Journals claims that children become right-brain dominant at the age of 3 or 4. On the other hand, left-brain functions become fully active when children are about 7 years old.

We mentioned the abilities of left or right-brain dominant people in our “Right Brain and Left Brain Characteristics” blog post. In addition to the categorisations of left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant people’s brain activities, there are more accurate ways to specify your brain’s dominant part.

Here is a visual IQ test, which is also called the right or left brain dominant test.

How to Develop Right or Left Brain Capabilities

The brain works best when both sides are activated and improved. If your right and left brain are both involved in learning and activities in a well-balanced way, this will bring you success.

Thus, supporting the development of both sides of your brain no matter whether you are a left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant person will offer you healthy cognitive improvement.

Here are some basic exercises for a well-balanced brain:

  • Learning how to play an instrument will activate the left and right sides of your brain.
  • Juggling requires hand-eye coordination and forces both sides of the brain to work.
  • Games like MentalUP will help to improve both sides of the brain.
  • If you are left-handed, try to write with your right hand or vice versa.
  • Solving math problems activates both sides of your brain. The more complex the problem, the more it activates your hemispheres.

You can find more suggestions on different kinds of exercises on our “Right Brain and Left Brain Characteristics and Development Methods” blog post.

Are All Left Brain Dominant People Also Left-Handed?

That’s another question we always get when it comes to left and right brain dominance...

In general, 70-90% of people are right-handed, and it is mainly because of their genetics. However, it is observed that especially kids are able to learn to use “the other side” while doing some sports like tennis or baseball.

According to theconversation.com, our brain’s right hemisphere controls the left side of our body and vice versa. Around 95% of right-handers are observed to be left-brain dominant. However, most right-handed people depend more on the left side of their brain for speech and language. That means, there is no certain research, data or statistics on right-handed people being left-brain dominant or left-handed people being right-brain dominant.

A General Last Look at Left Brain and Right Brain Dominance

Despite there being a huge difference between the two sides of our brains, they don’t work independently or separately from each other. The different parts of our brain are connected with tiny nerves that create an information path.

Our brain is so adaptable to change and we are continuing to recognise its abilities and capabilities. The fact that someone has a left-dominant brain doesn’t mean that the right brain doesn’t work. Whether or not you are performing a creative action, you receive inputs from both sides of your brain separately and also together.

If you want to improve your brain skills, doing daily exercises will help a lot. Scientific and educational brain games and apps like MentalUP first test your brain activities and then give you daily challenges to strengthen your weak cognitive skills: Try MentalUP Now.