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This online IQ test includes 50 questions in 5 different areas and must be taken in a quiet environment. Please make sure you’re ready before the starting IQ test.
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  • Our free online IQ test evaluates 5 different intelligence skills: memory, concentration, logic, visual, and verbal skills.
  • Each part is instructed clearly so the test is easy to apply for both children and adults. Plus, each skill is evaluated in only 60 seconds, so it's actually a very quick online IQ test.
  • After the IQ test is completed, you can get the results and compare them with your age group to improve your or your child’s skills with more fun and effective brain exercises.

What Is IQ?

IQ is a measure of an individual’s reasoning ability which is assessed according to how well someone can utilize information and logic in order to answer certain questions or make predictions.

What Is an IQ Test and How to Test IQ?

IQ stands for intelligence quotient, and an IQ Test measures the intelligence level of individuals based on their cognitive skills. It is one of the most popular tests worldwide because so many people wonder how to check IQ level, and free IQ test options like the MentalUP IQ test allow them to get their IQ levels.

The IQ score can be calculated with the formula of IQ = (intelligence age/actual age) x100.

Here is a short list of the most common IQ tests (intelligence quotient test), other than MentalUP’s online IQ test that you or your children may want to take:

What IQ Test Types Are There?

People may wonder if there are different IQ test types, and for sure there are many of them!

Every individual can find different offline IQ tests available, just as many free IQ test assessments online. These IQ tests have content that varies according to certain metrics. For example, the content may vary depending on whether it is used for children or adults.

For detailed information about the types of IQ tests, you can check our IQ Test Guide.

NOTE: This online iq test has been created for only informational purposes. A real IQ test can only be carried out in a special environment, with expert guidance and reliable proven tests.

If you want to learn your and your children’s IQ level, you need to prefer a real IQ test like Stanford-Binet, Wechsler, and Leiter, which are some of the best iq tests conducted under expert supervision. For this reason, the tests you find on the internet by searching "take an online IQ test" or “free iq test online” may not give realistic results.

MentalUP isn’t a platform for just taking free iq test online but an intelligence exercise application tested by the Mental Health Association and certified as a pedagogical product. One of the most important features is that you can view your scores in graphs and compare them with your peers’.

MentalUP does not give you your IQ score. It offers you a similar IQ test which compares your mental skills with all users’ and your peers’. Moreover, it provides you with reports in 5 different areas separately, which are attention, memory, visual, verbal, and logic skills.

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What Is a Good IQ Score?

Typically, it is hard to say what score is good or bad for IQ tests because every IQ test has its scale to measure intelligence.

For example, the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale has a range from 40 to 160. Over 110 is accepted as a high average, so it can be considered a good IQ score if people get +110.

For getting the most accurate result, it would be better to follow the instructions of the specific IQ test you take and consider your result with its score table.


How to Know Your IQ?

If you wonder how to check iq level, free iq test samples like MentalUP’s iq test for free can be very beneficial in giving you information about iq levels. For a professional and realistic result, please visit an expert.

Am I a Genius?

When people want to learn how to measure iq, they also wonder if their scores are high enough to be a genius. Even though it is not a professional term, after taking an iq test free online or a scientific IQ test, you can analyze your result according to the test's score table.

How Can I Improve My IQ?

According to the researchers, IQ level is open to improvement but it would only be minor progress for adults. But children have advantages because they still can train their minds and increase their cognitive skills.

Developing working memory, eliminating stress factors, and challenging your brain with apps like MentalUP are essential for that aim.

Who Has the Highest Iq Ever?

According to the recorded IQ scores, Ainan Celeste Cawley has an IQ of 263! In Guinness Books of Records, a magazine columnist, Marilyn vos Savant, has the highest IQ score, with 228. The scores are variable according to the different tests.

What Kinds of Questions Are on an Iq Test?

Everyone wonders, “what is my iq” but not every iq test can calculate the IQ level. A successful IQ test has to be designed with logic, verbal comprehension, and perceptual and mathematical reasoning questions. The question may contain anagrams, vocabulary terms, and pattern recognition to test all the abilities.

Is Free IQ Test Accurate?

Free iq test results usually aim to give you a score. Even if these scores have informational purposes, people should remember that those iq tests are for fun in general. For scientific and the most accurate results, IQ tests should be taken in a scientific environment with specialists.

How Can I Find Out My IQ for Free?

MentalUP IQ Test is one of the most popular online IQ tests for free. If you wonder how to test iq level for free, every age group can take the free IQ test of MentalUP to find out their IQ scores.